Ghoststar Arc

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Ghoststar III
Ghoststar III
Ghoststar II
Ghoststar II
Ghoststar V
Ghoststar V

Ghoststar III.png

Ghoststar III

Class: Agri World

Ghoststar V.png

Ghoststar V

Class: System Capital
Hive World

Ghoststar II.png

Ghoststar II

Class: Maiden World

Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector

The governing system of the Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector is recorded on official imperial cartographic projections as Pacificus Delta sub-sector; system Pacificus Delta IV; a small number of planets clustered around a dim and dying star. Once a proud human outpost deep within Xenos space, the area was recently reclaimed during the Great Crusade, the residents of the system maintaining its original cognomen, the Ghoststar Arc. The Ghoststar Arc long-ago succumbed to a slow period of societal, economic and governmental decline resulting in the semi-feudal barbarism that now dominates the small cluster of worlds. It is a demise that has been echoed in the system’s slowly dying sun around which the seven dark worlds of the cluster drift.

Known Planets within the System

  • Ghoststar I: Deadworld
  • Ghoststar II: Suspected Maiden World
  • Ghoststar III: Agri World
  • Ghoststar IV: Deadworld
  • Ghoststar V: Hive World, Sub-Sector Governor
  • Ghoststar VI: Deadworld
  • Ghoststar VII: Deadworld