Ghoststar II

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Ghoststar II
Ghoststar II.png
Suspected Eldar Maiden World


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector


Ghoststar Arc


Maiden World



Ghoststar II Map.png



Type Standard iron/silicate

Density 6.20 g/cm3

Composition 31.1% iron, 28.0% magnesium, 18.6% oxygen, 14.7% silicon, 7.6% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 10.12 m/s2

Escape Velocity 10.89 km/s

Rotation Period 44.55 hours

Axis Tilt 27.59 °


Type Dense toxic

Pressure 161.88 kPa

Composition 73.5% carbon dioxide, 26.5% sulfur dioxide, 0.0% nitrogen, trace other gases


Eldar - unknown (alleged occupation only)

Imperial - Currently zero, all previous colonies have been destroyed


The ruins that lie, partially submerged in the fetid swamps that cover the planet’s landmass, mark this world as one with a deadly history; Xenos and Imperial ruins dot the surface of the planet and some rest beneath her poisonous seas. While it appears that the world has been colonised dozens of times by various races including human pre and post Imperium, all attempts have been met with death and disaster.

Only with the destruction of the most recent attempt has the cause finally been uncovered. Scrambled Pict feed transmissions shows images of what can only be linked to the Xenos race known as the Eldar attacking and slaughtering the colonists before systematically destroying the colony itself. Imperial records indicate a limited number of similar encounters and such worlds have become known as Eldar Maiden worlds and are often the sites of violent encounters between the two races.

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