Ghoststar V

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Ghoststar V
Ghoststar V.png
Imperial Hive world & Sub-Sector Capital


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector


Ghoststar Arc


Hive World/System Capital



Ghoststar V Map.png



Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 9.21 x 1024 kg

Density 4.92 g/cm3

Composition 38.4% oxygen, 28.6% iron, 21.6% silicon, 8.8% magnesium, 2.5% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 10.46 m/s2

Escape Velocity 12.65 km/s

Rotation Period 15.79 hours

Axis Tilt 59.75 °


Type Dense reducing

Pressure 239.87 kPa

Composition 68.5% Oxygen, 21.1% argon, 10.4% carbon dioxide, trace other gases


Hivers - 1.3 Billion Waste Nomads - Unknown (upwards of 1 Billion)

The hive-world of Ghoststar 5 houses a substantial Planetary Defence Force drawn primarily from the ash wastes that surround the abandoned hives on the northeastern continent. The nomads of the wastes are considered expendable resources whereas the populace of the (still functional) hives of the Southern lands are consumed with the production of las-crystals mined from the poisonous acid seas of the planet. The tops of these massive hives pierce the thin atmosphere of the planet where they erupt into massive starports. While the upper reached of the hives retained a reasonable degree of technology and were capable of trading with the Xenos empires surrounding them, the lower reaches of the hives and the wastelands proper had long ago reverted to a semi feudal society.


Once a pinnacle of human advancement, Ghoststar V was the site of an impressive, albeit, isolated colony long before the Great Crusade started unifying the Imperium. However the colony quickly became decadent and its ruling elite refused to share their knowledge and education with the lower tiers of society. Within a hundred generations the planet had gone from a flourishing wonder to a floundering waste world.

Its factories began to break down and rather than being efficient automated bastions of commerce began spewing forth pollution and broken products, the economy dove and the trade networks between the Hives crumbled. The farming communities devolved and became nomadic as the agriculture plains died and became acidic wastelands and finally the sun itself appeared to shun the planet as it too entered a dying phase.

When the Imperial Expedition fleet discovered the planet, the initial contact was that of a high aristocracy with dated, but still advanced technology, although they appeared unwilling to use it to its fullest extent. When the planets Compliance was quickly secured and teams descended to the lower level of the hives it was quickly discovered that the ruling class were simply masquerading, their knowledge of the technology which they wielded have long ago been lost and their people little more than serfs in a medieval like society.

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