Global Heresy: Cambrius System

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With the events of Istvann V still filtering throughout the Imperium the Heresy is still largely unknown to the forces within the Australis Ultima Sector, even amongst the isolated 'Traitors' who may have been seperated from their Legion for years. However even in the far reaches of the Eastern Fringe, the flames of treachery flicker. Located deep within the Sector, a single System has been targeted by Traitorous forces as a high priority and have dispatched fleets in order to secure it; the Cambrius System and its Adamantium rich mining world of Cambrius Minor.
Without the dark resources of their primary forces Coreward the Traitors strike forces were as equally hampered by the warp storms as their despised enemy and have arrived haphazard giving the Loyalists a chance to muster defences and call in reinforcements from surrounding Sub-Sectors. Already skirmishes have been reported on both the capital world and the military listening post on the edge of the system, but more is sure to come as the Legio forces amass for an assault against the main target itself.

Global Heresy Systems

Cambrius Minor

Cambrius Minor.png

Shortly after Compliance of the System, the Imperium sent hundreds of colony habitats to the world to setup an extensive mining operation, which, ever since, has been growing quite rapidly. Although ..more..

Only recently settled after Compliance of the system discovered vast veins of Adamantium winding their way through the planet. The growth of the planets infrastructure and population has been ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 8

Traitor Planet Influence: 10

Suggested Game Style: Restricted to Beta Campaigns only



Even with the relatively recent elevation to Sub-Sector Governor, Cambrius has maintained a population of around 1 Billion people scattered across the planet in well planned rural cities, allowing ..more..

A rarity in most space faring worlds, Cambrius managed to maintain a highly efficient resource management regime throughout its growth and resisted the tempation of over industrialisation or over ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 51

Traitor Planet Influence: 34

Suggested Game Style: Any

Outpost Cambrius

Space Station.png

Although largely automated, the station still houses a generous population of servitors and serfs numbering close to fifty thousand. These menials man the systems which keep the station operational ..more..

Once of the legacies of the pre compliance system Kingdoms, the listening stations are a common feature of many of the Systems in the Sub-Sector, a custom which allowed each faction to eavesdrop and ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 0

Traitor Planet Influence: 0

Suggested Game Style: Zone Mortalis, Blood in the Void or other very tight urban style environments