Global Heresy: The Stilling of Bharteth

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The Stilling of Bharteth

Honour Badge:

The Plague Hive


Bharteth Ribbon.png

Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 063.013.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Vesipia Sub-Sector
System: Bharteth System
Location: Bharteth

Global Heresy

The Stilling of Bharteth will allow players to be involved in a world wide 30K campaign running from January through to the end of June, 2021!

Be sure to check out the 30K Crusade Facebook page for the latest information and join the community who is shaping the outcome of the story.

All of the document for the campaign can be found in the AUS30K Documents section, from the campaign supplement booklet, the advanced 30K Crusade rules and numerous print out for tracking your Crusade forces.


For the reporting of game results go to this site and enter the password Bharteth for any games of the following format; Zone Mortalis, Centurion, Frontline, Adeptus Titanicus and Battlefleet Heresy. You only need to report the winner details; their faction and allegiance plus the game format you played.

For those who are playing the Bharteth specific scenarios and need to report on Gang Influece use the password Gang, while reports for the Psychic Beacon use the password Beacon. For both of these reports you report your own results, not just the winner. So if both players scored points, they both need to report with their Faction and Allegiance and then either the House you want to gain influence with or the number of Beacon points scored.

If you have any issues with the reporting site, please contact us through the AUS30K Facebook page.

Global Heresy System: Bharteth System



Like Enterigar III, it appeared that when Bharteth had been founded during the early days of colonisation it been done so on the ruins of a previous civilisation. Alongside scattered xenos ruins and abandoned, half operational technology, the colonists came across a concentration of monolithic ..more..



Early in Bharteth's history, the coming of a Mechanicum Explorator ship changed the direction of the planet and its people forever. Recognising the industrial potential of the planet and eager to research the caches of xenotech the, soon to become, Tolleth Conclave formed an alliance with the ..more..

Campaign Summary

Prelude to War

To accurately document how this desperate conflict started is difficult to pinpoint. Was it the arrival of the Loyalist fleet in Bharteth and the landing of the first troops? Was it, like so many other wars, an event triggered by the Warmasters betrayal? Or can blame be placed at the feet of the Imperium and their first steps on the path of the Great Crusade itself?

So instead I shall declare the cause of this campaign to be the over zealous, almost ignorant, actions of the Imperial forces fighting on Enterigar III as part of the wider conflict throughout the whole Helix Cluster. I will not digress into the myriad of war zones within that Sub-sector, as I have already submitted that treatise to be filed away in the Librarian Terra. Instead let us focus on the specific actions which took place on Enterigar III that led to a portion of the Imperial forces, both those loyal to the Emperor and those serving the Warmaster, venturing into a barely navigatable warp route leading to the far flung system of Bharteth. This incident was deemed such a threat that both factions were willing to weaken their military strengths in an ongoing conflict in order to ensure it was dealt with. Whether adequate resources were given over to this task is yet to be seen, but that an effort was made by both sides is commendable in itself.

- Teahl Feofferson, Remembrancer

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Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Non-aligned Involved In The Conflict


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