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The first region of the Centrumeh Sub-Sector to feel the Traitors' fury in the birth years of the Horus Heresy was the Waacos System. The System was, at the time, famed for both its industrial output, extensive Hive complexes and its massive space borne shipyard; Gospel. Due to this the system had proven a key factor in the supply and expansion of the Imperium, both across the Centrumeh Sub-Sector and the central part of the Australis Ultima Sector. These factors made it a prime target for attack, as the warp route access through the star system -known to many Navigators- was still yet clear of turbulence, making it a welcome avenue of escape by fleeing Loyalist forces retreating from the catastrophe at Istvaan as well as reinforcements sent from Terra and other Loyalist strongholds.

The Global Heresy Podcast League – GOSPEL - is proud to present: The Scouring of þungur Metallikos!!!!

The Scouring of þungur Metallikos is an Escalation type Horus Heresy event centered around the battle for the planet þungur Metallikos and is divided into five parts as follow:

  • June: Registration, list publication and goals. 500 points Zone Mortalis.
  • July: Escalated list, 1000 points Zone Mortalis.
  • August: Escalated list, 1500 points and Raiding missions added.
  • September: Escalated list, 2000 points, Raiding continues.
  • October: ALL OUT WAR, 3000 points Age of Darkness missions.

One winner in each Escalation phase chosen by all the Podcasts involved. To take part in this amazing Horus Heresy Global extravaganza you simply just have to commit to join into one, some or all of the escalation months. Fully paint 500p from scratch and try and get three games of 30K done for the month(s) that you have committed to.

The Global Heresy Podcast League will be supporting the event with prizes, narrative missions and story line progression. Registration to partake in the Scouring of þungur Metallikos is done at the event page. To register simply click that you will attend the event, post a list with the comment of which month it’s for and what you are planning to paint for that month. Use the comment section under the list to include WIP-photos. Please include dated WIP-photos at the beginning of each phase included with your list.

For those that don't use Facebook, please send an email to and we will arrange for you to be contacted by one of the organisers to help you register.

Battles should be recorded on and help to register can be provided, if needed.

For general chat about the event, battle reports, storyline progression, news and information please join the event group page on Facebook –

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Þungur Metallikos

Styges II.png

Þungur Metallikos is an Imperial Hive World located 15,000 light years to the galactic east in the Australis Ultima Sector.

The world of Þungur Metallikos is the only planet in the Waacos star system and itis the industrial hub of both the Centrumeh Sub-Sector and the greater region of the ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 79

Traitor Planet Influence: 51


Space Station.png

Gospel was discovered orbiting the world of þungur Metallikos during the Great Crusade by captains of the 38th Expeditionary Fleet under the overall command of Lord Marshal Nayel Reimmeron Vaxisys, whose family would go on to rule over the Hive World of Armageddon.

Gospel owns its name due to ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 6

Traitor Planet Influence: 18

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Gospel~1466594357 475.008.M31 Gospel Traitor

At the outer reaches of the Waacos system the fabric of reality ripped open and the vanguard of the Warmasters massive invasion fleet appeared; a wing of four Havoc class heavy destroyers in the ..→

Gospel~1466729096 478.008.M31 Gospel Traitor

The Iron Hands were rescoursfull, he'd give them that. Bypassing the security doors and heading directly for the data-storage vaults on his sublevel. No matter. The throne clonked and clades as it ..→

Gospel~Operation Delta 0208 473.008.M31 Gospel Traitor

The following is an intercepted transmission. It concerns the Battle for Metalikos and forces of the Dark Mechanicum during the Horus Heresy

Operation Code: Delta 0208 Post-Engagement ..→

Gospel~The Raptors strike 538.008.M31 Gospel Loyalist

"Once I had a Father, once I had brothers, once I had a Legion, now all I have is hate. But my hate shall swallow the stars themselves before it is sated."

In the dark above the ravaged surface ..→

Þungur Metallikos~1466677937 418.008.M31 8 June 2016 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

After a system wide distress call was received a small contingent of two units of Gorgon Terminators led by Delegatus Eisen Hohlkopf was teleported to an abandoned part of a space station orbiting ..→

Þungur Metallikos~1466987695 484.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

Maximilian was hungry for glory in the halls of the void station. Spurred on by Gerhardt's seeming retreat with a lone servo skull, the Delagatus was quick to reassemble his own strike team and head ..→

Þungur Metallikos~1467552345 410.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Undecided

The forces of the Dark Angels stationed near Manufactorum NH-PEP: 758-H6 catch up on a secure transmission on a disused Legion channel in the nearby swamplands. Recent reports of workers ..→

Þungur Metallikos~1467554960 486.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

The Alpha Legion have found the bunker where (someone claiming to be) Alpharius is kept Prisoner. A small rescue force under the command of Vigilator Ulmo Leng is sent to rescue their leader at any ..→

Þungur Metallikos~1467554985 418.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

Hunting for the Alpha Legion and trying to find out what they need the ancient cogitator to find the local Militia under 1st Legion command come upon a small force of Emperor´s Children and Dark ..→

Þungur Metallikos~AL Encore 418.008.M31 27 August 2016 Þungur Metallikos Alpha Legion

AL Encore

Having lost the Praetor the Iron Tenth was diminished again and put on the task to secure the perimeter of Diabolishgard and prevent the Warmasters forces from getting access to ..→

Þungur Metallikos~ASN 533.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist
Þungur Metallikos~Clash of Primarchs 418.008.M31 23 October 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist
Þungur Metallikos~Death Guard ...again 437.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

Patched up and given a new helmet Eisen reviewed the replacements given to him. Both units of Gorgon Terminators were eager to revenge their fallen brothers - though doubtful about the tactical ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Eisen restrained 418.008.M31 18 August 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

Squad Vanadium cleaning their weapons after a rigorous drill by sergeant Hohlklinge and discussing the next mission. After the scrap with the Sons of Horus the armen Hunde were retracted for refit ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Fallen from Grace 418.008.M31 11 October 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalists

After the withdrawal of the Death Guard troops the Iron Tenth received reports of traitors in Imperial Fist disguise attacking loyalist forces. The delegatus Hohlkopf send his attack bikes west to ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Joining up with the White Scars 418.008.M31 25 September 2016 Þungur Metallikos Antigones mob Traitor

Sergeant Serpicus marched in front of his unit to the deployment area 12 klicks north of Diabolisgaard. According to the mission briefing the civil unrest in the hive city was rising and with it the ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Justerin comes from just? 418.008.M31 24 July 2016 Þungur Metallikos Iron Hands Loyalist

Eisen was glad for once not to have to apply for a full set of replacements. His orders were to advance to another building set in the swampy area near the hives. Long range scans had hinted at two ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Massacre in the Forge 598.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor
Þungur Metallikos~Old enemy in new dress 418.008.M31 11 October 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

The Iron Tenth was redeployed to the outskirts of Varingaheim and tasked with securing communication arrays in a sector covered in ruins of formerly proud imperial buildings. Scouting the perimeter ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Opening the Breach 484.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

Marshal Gerhardt did not send other men to do a job that he himself was not prepared to risk his life for. He and his Huscarls had also entered boarding craft to explore this mysterious void station ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Picketing Action Against Unknown Vessel 552.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

Official record of the boarding of the Voroshilov.

517 Local Orbital Time: Long range scans discover powered down ship attempting to circumvent the partial blockade the Imperial Fists 51 10th ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Probing Action aboard Abandoned Void Station 456.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

400 hours Previously undetected Void Station on outskirts of system begins broadcasting intermittent signals.

415 Strike Vessel Zephyr sent to investigate

530 Station not responsive to ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Scimatus First Encounter 448.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

Arriving on the planet with a small expeditionary force Smiticus encounter a raving mad group of World Eaters in a command complex for traitor forces who had been taken by blood madness. Their ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Seeing Through the Lies 582.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist
Þungur Metallikos~Small trouble in big Diabolisgaard 418.008.M31 26 September 2016 Þungur Metallikos Eisens arme Hunde Loyalist
Centurion Donpades let his mind meander to the many ways to clash with an assassin deployed by the different factions in the hive world nearby. In his opinion the modified human stood no chance  ..→
Þungur Metallikos~The AL incident 418.008.M31 19 June 2016 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

Delegatus Eisen had established himself as a leader who would get his forces killed in at the first attempt. According to tactical surveys of the area the vicinity Eisen was in was clear of Death ..→

Þungur Metallikos~The Alpha Legion and the ruin 418.008.M31 24 July 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

The Iron Hand Despoilers were eager to get close to mission objective, a small ruined complex that was supposed to contain power units of immense value. In the briefing Delegatus Eisen had not been ..→

Þungur Metallikos~The Death Guard and the Promethium 418.008.M31 24 September 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist
Redeployed to the outscirts of Hivernigraad the Iron Tenth had to stop the Death Guard from taking control of two promethium wells. The cursed traitors had advanced with several units of infantry  ..→
Þungur Metallikos~The Warmaster´s sidekicks 418.008.M31 27 August 2016 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist

Death to the Death Guard

Relegated to secondary duties Eisen´s troops were transported to the satellite city of Belzebubgaard two train stations from Diabolisgaard. Moving his headquarter to a ..→

Þungur Metallikos~Unmask the Lies 598.008.M31 Þungur Metallikos Loyalist
Þungur Metallikos~War of Lies 666.009.M31 Þungur Metallikos Traitor

Skirmish Reports

  • L-VII-5110 defeated N/a a Loyalist gain.
  • World Eaters Force defeated L-XVI-0552 a Traitor gain.
  • L-III-3412 defeated L-XIX-2375 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-3566 defeated L-X-0003 a Traitor gain.
  • L-X-0003 defeated A-MECH-3566 a Loyalist gain.
  • defeated L-X-1366 a Traitor gain.
  • defeated L-X-1366 a Traitor gain.
  • L-VII-5110 defeated World Eaters force a Loyalist gain.
  • World Eaters force defeated L-VII-5110 a Traitor gain.
  • defeated L-X-1366 a Traitor gain.
  • L-X-4770 defeated L-VIII-4185 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-X-4770 defeated Dark Mechanicum a Loyalist gain.
  • L-X-4770 fought Iron Warriors resulting in a standoff.
  • L-XX-4442 defeated Mechanicum a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-4442 defeated Mechanicum a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-4442 defeated L-XIX-4371 a Traitor gain.
  • I-ARMY-4463 defeated L-XIX-4371 a Undecided gain.
  • L-XIX-4371 defeated X-ORKS-4469 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-I-1633 fought L-XX-4442 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-XX-4442 defeated L-I-1633 a Traitor gain.