Hawcinus Sub-Sector

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+++Warp jump complete...
...Entering Hawcinus Sub-Sector...
Sector Governor... Betalis...+++

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The Hawcinus Sub-Sector is a relatively stable zone, having been pacified through Compliance quite early on in the push into the Australis Ultima Sector. The major of the systems were largely uninhabited with only a small collection of Ork Empires in the Rimward edge of the Sub-Sector; while these worlds are still under attack those which had human settlements were liberated and are under Imperial protection while the governorship at Betalis raises additional military forces.

One anomaly with the Sub-Sector is a significant tract of space Coreward which has been Quarantine by order of the Administratum. At this point the stable warp routes to the area are under heavy patrol of Imperial forces. A number of these patrols have been reported in the neighboring systems in greater frequency since the Heresy occurred.