Helix Cluster

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+++Warp jump complete...
...Entering Helix Cluster...
Sector Govenor... Corabie...+++

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Rimward of Savage Reach is a small cluster of stars entwined with a nebula known as the Nemesis Spiral. About a dozen habitable star systems reside in its swirling embrace, clinging to the handful of stable warp routes like a lifeline back to civilization, however they are far from hospitable to the Imperium; Loyalist or Traitor. The Helix Cluster was only just discovered by an Expeditionary Fleet mere years before the Heresy occured, at which time the route back to Savage Reach was closed off by violent Warp Storm, effectively sealing the Sub-Sector off form the rest of the Imperium. While the Expeditionary Fleet contains a mixture of both 'Loyalist' and 'Traitor' Legions, neither are actually aware of the civil raging, or, if they do, they are keeping their allegiences secret at this time.
The Corabie System, comprising of only two worlds, was almost immediately brought to heel and by default has become the Sub-Sector Governor, however it is an administrative title only, for the rest of the Systems within its 'domain' are wild untamed realms controled by Orks and other Xenos empires with a scattering of human settlements yet to be reunited with the Imperium.