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How do I report a 'game outcome'

Skirmish Report - Pure stats, no fluff
Battle Report - Pure fluff with link to add Skirmishes
Campaign Report - Major events or long term campaigns with links to ad Skirmishes

Help with 'Interstellar Construction'

Tutorial:Sub-Sector Construction
Tutorial:Solar System Construction
Tutorial:Planet Page Construction

How do I?

Create an Army

I want to add to or edit the AUS30k Wiki

The Aus30k wiki runs on the mediawiki software currently version 1.21. This is the same wiki software that Wikipedia uses. To save a lot of duplicated information any questions around editing are best found through a google search or running through the helpfiles on Wikipedia.

Basic editing info
How to Edit
Wiki Formatting
Linking and Catagorizing
Rolling back edits - Reverting

Please do not be afraid of making edits or updating/adding content, the mediawiki software was specifically chosen to allow all users to help in the creation of the Australis Ultimus Sector - So get creating/building.
For best viewing please install the below fonts on your computer

Note: Some pages have been protected due to the critical nature of the content of those pages if you believe something needs to be updated on one of those pages please use the Talk page.

I want to Place Holder


I want to Place Holder