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Harsh environment death world


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Chrondor System


Death World



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Type Large iron/metallic

Mass 1.63 x 1204 kg

Density 7.81 g/cm3

Composition 29.5% iron, 24.2% titanium, 23.6% oxygen, 6.2% silicon, 16.5% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 7.52 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.98 km/s

Rotation Period 15.47 hours

Axis Tilt 6.08 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 85.55 kPa

Composition 37.1% Argon, 24.6% Oxygen, 24.5% Sulfur Dioxide, 13.8% Carbon Dioxide, trace other gases




Little more than a ball of scorched rock, during Compliance, several squads of Space Marines from the Dark Angels legion were sent to investigate the planet, and found it so inhospitable even mighty Cataphractii Terminator battle plate barely helped hold the heat and highly acidic gases at bay. The expedition was recalled to their transports within minutes of setting foot on the planet, so extreme was the radiation and heat, and even then some battle brother never returned to their waiting Stormeagles. No sign of these missing brothers could be found, but combat footage from the helmets of several of the lost Marines was picked up briefly, one feed appearing to show a flash of a long, segmented, insectoid body, the other helmet picking up an object that at first glance looks like nothing more than a small hill or mountain as it flashes across the screen,, but one so perfectly geometrical the probability of its creation via natural means was improbable to say the least. Both feeds lasted for but a few seconds before a flash of green turned the images to no more than static.

Several more remote expeditions made up mostly of servitor controlled drones and landers failed to spot anything that could correspond to those final mysterious images broadcast by the fallen brothers battle helms. Mechanicum probes were sent in their thousands and scoured every mile of the planet, and although they were able to use the opportunity to comprehensively map the planet many probes were lost, and no meaningful data was gained.

Initial recordings and data collected point to this planet as always being as it now appears, a burnt husk of a planet with no signs of any human setting foot there until the Dark Angels forces during Compliance, an noted above. The difficulties of simply surviving in such a toxic, caustic environment would make extracting anything of value on this planet, of which there is nothing of note anyway on Hral-Puur, would make the exercise far from cost effective.

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