Hunting the Warboss

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 312.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Helix Cluster
System: Kaloran System
Planet: Oligos
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Army:Ork Mobs of Warboss Orbaz Deffklaw

Battle Summary

The Situation

Now having a secure landing zone on Oligos, the elements of the XXI Company under the Company Herald call in further reinforcements to the system. Repairing the damage done in the heated battle with the Orks of Orbaz Deffklaw and promoting new Astartes to fill the gaps of the Veterans lost in the initial conflict, Herald Akkad leads his forces in a hunt for the canny Warboss to ensure that the landing zone is sufficiently protected from Xenos attacks while the fleet gathers the precious nutrient-rich plant life of Oligos. Joined by Terminus Reaver Squad lead by Sergeant Kaspar Valter and Solarian Heavy Support Squad under Sergeant Deklan Enkidyan, Akkad's forces push out into the wilds of their chosen island, seeking out the hiding place of the Ork warlord.

Having escaped the unexpected assault by the Legionaries of the XXI Company, Orbaz Deffklaw rejoined the fleeing boyz of his occupation force and retreated back to their primary base on the planet. Pulling together as many of his mobs as possible in the short period of time (with considerable amounts of shouting), Deffklaw turned to his advisors, such as they were, and eventually came to the conclusion that Oligos was indefensible against the sudden human invasion. However if he could reach the nearby planet of Kaloran he would be able to beat enough heads to gain a force strong enough to come back and destroy those who had dared enter his domain. With this decided, Deffklaw ordered his Meks to prepare a vessel for the trip to Kaloran while he held off the incoming Astartes forces.

With the stage set, the two forces clashed once more...

The Battle

Not wanting to wait, and deciding that the best defense was a better offense, Deffklaw sent his Boyz out to meet the incoming Astartes while he and his Meganob bodyguard followed up behind in their Battlewagon. Careening out of the Orkish base on primitive Trukks, the Ork boyz opened fire on the Terminators of Anvilus Squad in the hopes that enough spent ammunition would see some of the veteran warriors taken down. Despite the severe rain of shoota fire that poured down on Anvilus Squad, not a single bullet pierced their heavy armour and they continued forward undamaged. Meanwhile the rest of the Ork forces proceeded to move into position in preparation for the incoming Legionaries

Returning fire as they trudged forward the Terminators waited patiently for Ancient Elijah to move up in support, the Dreadnought's assault cannon tearing apart one of the lightly armoured Trukks and spilling the Orks within out onto the ground, at which point the Volkite Culverins of Solarian Squad lit up the cool morning, decimating the Ork Mob and sending the survivors fleeing for the dubious safety of their base and Warboss. With this threat neutralized Anvilus Squad opened fire on the second Trukk racing towards them, the plasma blasters wielded by the specialist members of the squad causing the vehicle's combustion engine to detonate in such a spectacular fashion that several of the occupants were killed instantly. Lumbering forward the Terminators prepared for assault, however they were not able to reach their foe before the Orks could regather their wits and counter attack.

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