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Ironbeaks Talons


A Talon of Ironbeak

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Ironbeaks Talons







Having been beaten down and forced into compliance Ironbeak withdrew from Amiri, the strength of the Imperium proved too great for even the pirate lord of Aminira. With this defeat most of his crew used the chaos of the retreat to break off and abandon their brothers and sisters for the promise of glory in the Imperium of man. Yet even after a crushing defeat as such Harson Ironbeak would not be broken, all he needed was a chance the enact his revenge but such would not come swiftly.

Six months they had sat idly within the walls of their fortress on the surface of Jellar.

Silence. That was all that was... The deathworld he called home was nothing but silence, too much silence. It feels wrong to sit still but pirate, mutant or man alone against the Imperium he is not but a thorn in their side. The Imperial truth, the lies of a mortal dressed as a god! Divided was his crew of those who did not stand down, those who turned against him and those who did, followers of a coward...

But then the silence stopped "Captain". Looking down upon the figure a child in comparison yet now with his attention "Captain, our sources on Amiri have informed us that most of the citizens have broken into a civil war with the greater rebelling against the Imperium." with a sly grin the hulking mutant stands, with clear glee yet burning rage he spoke "Is that so?" Walking past his second he snarled "This will be the day I retake the meaning of the name Captain Harson Ironbeak!".

The sound it grows louder, the sound of men and women gathering there gear, heavy boots against the cold ice covered steel flooring. The sound of lascarbines being loaded, blades being sharpened, the roar of engines as tanks start once again ready to end any who stand against their might. There's dust in the air, how long have we been idle again?

Now upon balcony overlooking his crew, his tanks and ships. A slight chuckle escaped his throat as he roared "It would seem the citizens of Amiri wish to retake their freedom." A pause as the remaining crewmen turned to give him there full attention, "Allow us to drive them them to it! Allow us to remind them how they stupidity accepted the Imperial truth! ALLOW US TO SHOW THOSE DOGS OF THE IMPERIUM WHO THEY ARE!" Raising both hands to the ceiling "AND THEY ARE MICE BEFORE THE TALONS OF THE HAWK!!" With this the hanger erupted into a series of howling cheers.

Joined by his second who queries "Don't think this will end well do you?", looking to his side at his second and with a now calm voice said "No... But it might be the only road to redemption" And made way to the ship.

...Too slow? Arrived after the Imperial forces... How?

Now on the planet surface Ironbeak found one of the Space Marine captains though met with distrust accepted the aid of the mutant. The dogs so full of themselves they fail to see what is right in their face. Even in silence so many of their own lie in wait, they will tear themselves apart, but why miss the fun. Many different legions yet most not much larger then his own forces alone.... Is it quiet? The trap is set, almost there. Seeing bolters shooting yet no sound... Is it time? A cold feeling making the hair on his back stand, Betrayal! It clicked, too soon... The air now covered in a hail of bolter shots, with a heavy shove he pushed one of his crew in front of the stopped Rhino and dived there himself safe from the iron hail for now. Too many sides, looking for the rest of his crew most were able to dive out of the fire but some now lay lifeless, a miscalculation... Foes forward foes back, "Move!" he yelled slamming his fist into the front of the Rhino. Without need of further instructions the pirate moved around the side of the transport and entered the side door, followed closely by Ironbeak who only just squeezed though the opening as he ordered his forces to retre... no, ordered them to advance! Neither traitors or loyalists will not stop what is to come.

Six months was all it took to bring out the spark of rebellion in the people of Aminira, and now all that is left is to feed that spark and drive them all to hate the dogs of the false Emperor, might be fun after all...

Combat Reports for I-ARMY-1716


The Aminira Campaign
Aminira Campaign Ribbon.png 326.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Aminira system, known by the 255th Expeditionary Fleet as the fifteenth world to be brought to ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Aminira Campaign~Operation: Molten Storm 326.009.M31 System Wide Traitor