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6584th Solar Auxilia Cohort


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Primus Jenkin

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Imperial Army


6584th Solar Auxilia Cohort




Matias' Own







The newly formed 6584th Solar Auxilia Cohort known later as Matias' Own, originated from the Feral World of Lethe. Their strict Imperial training and armour mixed with their savage tribal warrior spirit made an incredibly potent mix. The Cohort's true test came during the pacification of the Aminira System.

While attached to the 255th Expeditionary fleet the 6584th Cohort was charged with leading the assault onto the Colony world of Corris. Though the local government and militia were easily pacified and brought under alignment with Imperial rule an unsuspecting enemy rose up around them. A local infestation of Orks which had grown out of control during the Campaign had risen up, different to most greenskins the Orks of the Aminira System had a more savage and reckless approach and ruthless slaughter began as the Campaign of realignment on Corris ended. The Capital City Corris was overwhelmed with refugee relief aid and mop up efforts of the Militia forces loyal to the Governor. It was during this time the first Ork raid began, striking the local Militia garrisons and waystations that were lightly defended by Militia forces that surrendered to the Imperial invaders. Cohort Marshal Matias Tiberius of the 6584th Solar Auxilia Cohort, led his forces in a brutal assault against the marauding Orks, crushing the roaming Warbands before the conglomerated into a Waaagh! that could threaten the entire sector. Personally leading from the frontlines, Cohort Marshal Matias had earned the respect and unwavering loyalty of his Cohort as he slayed several Ork Warboss' in single combat.

Recent Events:

The 6584th returned to the Aminira System with the 255th Expeditionary Fleet in Operation: Molten Storm. During the Campaign they fought Marauding Pirates, Traitorous Legions and Militia forces and Rogue Mechanicus detachments.

Command Structure:

Cohort Marshal: Matias Tiberius

Tribune: William Bonebreaker

Sub-Commander: Jacob "Tank Hunter" Lethe

Tercio Alpha

Primus: Jenkin

Tercio Bravo

Troop Master: Detlev Bloodworth

Combat Reports for I-ARMY-2546


The Aminira Campaign
Aminira Campaign Ribbon.png 326.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Aminira system, known by the 255th Expeditionary Fleet as the fifteenth world to be brought to ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Aminira Campaign~Operation: Broken Arrow 556.009.M31 System Wide Loyalist
The Aminira Campaign~Operation: Molten Storm 326.009.M31 System Wide Traitor