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151st Krieg "Grave Diggers" heavy siege regiment

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A member of the regiment in a trench on an unknown battlefield


Imperial Army





The Grave Diggers







The Grave Diggers are an old regiment with a somewhat tragic past, its nickname earned through the trenches they dig, fight, and die in. The original 151st regiment was destroyed to a man on a planet time has forgotten, fighting an alien race also lost to the annuls of time, but in wake of the Heresy and the need for new regiments and bodies for the war effort the regiment was reformed as a heavy siege regiment. Outfitted with gear and vehicles to resemble that the Grave Diggers wage wars of attrition and mass breakthroughs, they are also very proficient in defense and fortifications. They make use of mass infantry, tank, and artillery attacks, due to this they require huge numbers of men and a substantial amount of Leman Russ battle tanks, as well as many super-heavies. The regiment uses bane-blades and shadow-swords heavily, due to this many tank crews are veterans. Tank commanders prefer the vanquisher Leman as their command tank, while the standard Russ makes up the bulk of the tank assault companies. The regiment also makes use of heavily armed and trained engineer squads, not only for fortifications but for attacks, the engineers prefer shotguns and flamethrowers for their close range style of combat. The standard drill and training of the regiment relies on lasgun volleys and bayonet drills as well as training on fortification building and maintaining, these drills also focus on instilling discipline into the soldiers, as it is needed most when advancing across no mans land to almost certain death. The regiment is currently led by lord general Ludwig Von Helborg, a grizzled veteran and brilliant tactician. After a huge refit and rearmament the regiment eagerly awaits deployment to its next war zone.

Combat Reports for I-ARMY-3143


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Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility 088.010.M31 Kenuc Alpha Loyalist

Dark Angels Company "Walkers of the Black Spiral" (L-I-3539) vs. T-CUST-6140 custodes of Nemesis Wardens part of Nemesis Strike group. The Angels had arrived and secured a R&D station on Kenuc ..→