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Cult of the Screaming Silence



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Imperial Army


44th Hekatean Fusilers




Cult of the Screaming Silence




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Divisions of the Hekatean Fusiliers fought in the expeditionary fleets of the Emperors Children, earning accolades for their determined fighting and ability to hold the line; being an anvil to the Children's hammer. The 44th Regiment were dropped on Laer alongside the XXII Millennial and the corruption that spread through the legionaries thanks to that campaign also began to take root in the imperial army regiments.

Corrupted over time, the Fusiliers became increasingly unhinged, losing some of their drill and shooting prowess in favour of head on charges Screaming at the top of their voices. They accompanied the XXII on all operations and wherever they were stationed they would corrupt the locals, introducing cults practising things learnt from Laer and recruit 'willing' volunteers from the most fanatical converts. The Cult of the Screaming Silence grew up as an amalgamation of the original army units in their distinctive blue fatigues and gold armour, with other cultists and fanatics armed with a mix of weaponry. The rely on their numbers to overwhelm foes, dragging their opponents down screaming in a flurry of blows from mining equipment, basic weapons and whatever the cultist can find/construct to be used as a weapon. When attacking they favour a headlong rush of infantry, supported by armour, all screaming as loud as possible. For them the din of battle is the most pleasant thing for them, and they strive to add to the cacophony. Even once killed the cultists continue to scream, their faces locked in an agonisingly wide position.

The remaining armoured and artillery units from the Hekatean Fusiliers are maintained with reverence by the cultists and have proven surprisingly successful at countering Astartes armour. Quad mortars are a favourite, the distinctive whining of the shells landing is matches by adoring screams from the cults as they charge forward. Their corruption and spread of Laerean practices means that the cultists are tainted in some way, often in the form of random mutations.

Combat Reports for I-ARMY-4511


The Second Golloch War
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Prelude to War

The Golloch Cluster is a nebulous region of space containing thousands of ..→


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