Imperial Fists Fortress Overrun

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 893.006.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Cambrius System
Planet: Cambrius
Victor: Traitor
Draw: n
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict




Battle Summary

Attempting to reinforce the Loyalists position on the rapidly escalating war engulfing Cambrius, an Imperial Fists contingent commandeer one of the planetary fortresses. With only their initial landing force, comprising of two tactical sections, two recon squads and supporting elements of Breachers and Heavy Support marines; Primus Medicae Grendail, the commanding officer, requested additional support to secure the area before the inevitable engagement with Traitor forces. While a Legio Crucius Templari Warhound, the Aquilus Viator, was diverted to support the fortress, the only additional elements which could be committed to its defenses was a Contemptor Talon (already escorting the Warhound) and a squad of Terminators in orbit to be used as tactical reserves for multiple hot spots.

However when the attack came, it certainly didnt come from in the form which the 7th were expecting. Instead of facing traitor marines units, the entrenched Fists instead faced a horde of gigantic Xenos beasts normally only found deeper within the planets unihabitable zones. Displaced by other fighting or drawn by it, the beasts nonetheless saw the fortress and the Legionaires manning it as a threat and a food source, swarming towards it with a fervor unmatched by most foes faced previously.

The Fortresses defense systems roared to life, strafing the air with autocannon fire in a vain attempt to down the numerous flying creatures winging their way towards the wall and the recently arrived Titan. While inflicting wounds and grounding a single beast, the remaining creatures kept coming. The ground forces remained untouched to a large degree, the Warhounds princeps unprepared for battle so soon and their weapons unready for combat. The Breacher forces to the flank of the fortress attempting to extend the secured line with additonal void shields and ammunition reserves came under suprise attack from the ground beneath them, bypassing their defense lines all together, but they held.... for a short time.

Desperate to turn the tides the Medicae Grendail signaled for reinforcements and attempted to peel some of the attacking forces away from the front wall by teleporting the Terminator reserve force close to the creatures rear lines. However in the chaos of the battle, the landing co-ordinates were corrupted and rather then a close support teleportation arrival, the Terminators arrived far from the action and vulnerable to the deadly plasma fire produced by some of the larger ground creatures.

Within hours the fortress itself was breached, the Titan was disabled and terminators consumed. Unable to defend the walls any longer the remaining Legion forces retreated inside the citadel and sealed themselves inside, activating the distress beacon to call in emergency reinforcements. With no remaining live prey the marauding beasts turned to consuming their slain opponents before being drawn to their next feeding frenzy elsewhere on the continent.

Taking advantage of the respite the remaining forces of the 7th co-ordinated the arrival of a reinforcing cadre along with a number of Mechanicum repair crews for both the wounded Titan and the damaged fortress. Not a day latter the Fortress came under renewed attack, this time from the expected forces of the Warmaster; a strong Nightlords contingent supported by an unidentified Legion reminescent of the Raven Guard but without any markings it was impossible to confirm.

While still wary, the Warhound was brought back to operational status in time to commence counter manouvres against an enemy Titan of equal class while the Fists manning the Fortress walls commenced fire against the lesser armoured components of the invading forces. Without significant anti armour though the Fists were unable to slow the invading force and it was a short time before the walls of the commandeered fortress began to shake with impacts of incoming fire.

The Eastern wall between the tower and the gatehouse was the first to fall, crushing a dozen marines with its collapse, quickly followed by the Gatehouse itself and the neighbouring wall sections. With the belly of the citadel open, the invading forces swarmed into the courtyard and laid slaughter to the stunned marines within while the remaining armoured forces outside continued to eliminate the isolated Loyalist forces.

With no defensive position left to defend and the bulk of their offensive power neutralise the remaining, broken elements of the 3177th detachment of the Fists fell back and yeilded the territory to the enemy.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Imperial Fists Fortress Overrun~1416781244 Xenos L-VII-3177 Xenos
Imperial Fists Fortress Overrun~1416781338 L-XIX-0971 L-VII-3177 Traitor
Imperial Fists Fortress Overrun~1416781382 L-VIII-0972 L-VII-3177 Traitor

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Battle Pictures

Fort1.jpg Fort2.jpg Fort3.jpg Fort4.jpg Fort5.jpg Fort6.jpg

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