Inspections 2015

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Who will you support?

Welcome to the AUS30K global monthly painting competitions, or Inspections, run within the The Mustering!

To reward the participants at an individual level the Inspections are a series of monthly mini competitions based around a certain theme in which the participants themselves vote on for a final five which are then judged, the winner receiving a great prize from Secret Weapon and an associated title. It is free to enter this competitions and while it is encouraged that you also take part in the Mustering, it is not a requirement.

For the full rules and fine print pop along here or for help on how to create a Pact or Inspection entry click here.

Interested in creating a Pact in the general Mustering event? Visit the The Mustering page.

The entry must comprise of a single squad of infantry at MAXIMUM size if there is option to add additional models. For example a Legion Tactical Squad must consist of 20 Marines.

A model (or models) with something extra representing the Faction it belongs to (i.e. a Banner, Standard, Freehand icons), the model(s) can be infantry, vehicles or even an abstract item used as an Objective marker or suchlike.

A model (or models) which have had some level of conversion on them; while a simple head swap will qualify, it may not get many votes. This also includes complete scratch builds as well.

A single Independent or Unique Character model, this also includes any HQ characters that do not have the Independent or Unique Character rule but can only be taken by themselves.

A unit which comprises of either the unit type Vehicle, Monstrous Creature or Gargantuan Creature, this includes Super Heavies, Flyers, vehicle squadrons etc.

  • Inspection 6: Engage the Enemy (November 1st – December 14th) ENTRIES CLOSED - WINNER Freddie

The entry must contain some evidence of the enemy; it can be a duel underway (or recently completed), enemy casualties or other signs that the enemy has been engaged.

All entries into the Inspections must be uploaded and linked before the end of the respective time frame. All voting will be open for the week (7 days) following the last day of the Inspection entries and final judging will be the second week following that. The winner will be announced in the middle of the following month, each Inspection flyer will have the exact dates outlined. The prize for each Inspection is a gift certificate from Secret Weapon.