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Isolated human world currently under invasion by Orks


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Helix Cluster


Kaloran System


Non Imperial Human World



Kaloran Map.jpg

Global Heresy

This location was the target of the Phase 1 Global Heresy campaign.

Games played wanting to represent this location were played between Orks and another opponent (Loyalist, Traitor or other Ork Clans).



Type Small iron/silicate

Mass 2.09 x 1023 kg

Density 5.39 g/cm3

Composition 33.8% iron, 32.4% oxygen, 17.7% silicon, 11.7% magnesium, 4.4% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 3.15 m/s2

Escape Velocity 3.64 km/s

Rotation Period 22.37 hours

Axis Tilt 6.44 °


Type Thin breathable

Pressure 32.39 kPa

Composition 79.2% argon, 15.0% oxygen, 5.7% carbon dioxide, 0.1% sulfur dioxide, trace other gases

Kaloran is a temperate world just on the cold side of comfortable. Gravity is slightly higher than Terra norm and the climate tends toward windy days more often than not. The terrain is generally rocky with low grass, and conifers making up the majority of the large trees.
Caught in a perpetual autumn, the whole atmosphere tends toward a dour outlook, perfectly suited for its current masters who care not for beauty and spring.


There were about 2 billion people on Kaloran, spread across the many cities and towns. Exact number are now impossible to estimate as most of the population were slaughtered in the recent invasion by Ork forces displaced by the Great Crusade. The cities have been reduced to ruins and the survivors, if any, forced into hiding, fighting a campaign they are doomed to lose.

The Ork numbers are likewise impossible to estimate, with their numbers constantly changing as various trbies leave for new wars and migrating ones arrive to try and fight for a patch of dirt.


Long isolated, the human settlement on Kaloran never managed to advance past a basic level of Industry, trading with various Empires who bothered to visit the backwater and unattractive planet. Without significant military forces the planets strategic insignificance and lack of natural wealth protected them from invasion until the recent Ork migration overwhelmed the farmer militias raised to defend the communities.

Campaign Reports

Kaloran Krusade
Kaloran.png 279.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor

Isolated in a far flung System in a newly opened Sub-Sector, the human world of Kaloran was a ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Kaloran Krusade~Alpha Legion vs Madreamer's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Kaloran Krusade~Death Guard Detachment vs Stompa's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Orks
Kaloran Krusade~Emperor's Children vs Har Ganeth's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Draw
Kaloran Krusade~Epic Legions vs Urlakk's Waagh 277.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist
Kaloran Krusade~Luna Wolves vs Urlakk's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist
Kaloran Krusade~Mortarion's Death Guard vs Kakkola's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Kaloran Krusade~Space Wolves vs Squiggoth's Orks 277.007.M31 Kaloran Orks
Kaloran Krusade~World Easters vs Gretchin 277.007.M31 Kaloran Traitor
Talasa Prime I 236.007.M31 Kaloran Draw

Following the Drop Site Massacre at Isstvan V, a small force of Iron Hands managed to capture a trading ship and escaped the planet. With a good deal of stealth and cunning, they evaded the ..→

Talasa Prime II 244.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist

What began as a small initial engagement, quickly escalated into a significant firefight between the Iron Hands and World Eaters on Talasa Prime. This was primarily brought about by the eagerness of ..→

Talasa Prime III 249.007.M31 Kaloran Loyalist

Following the previous engagement, both sides were keen to draw the campaign on Talasa Prime to a swift conclusion. The Iron Hands simply did not have the resources to execute an extended campaign, ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • Raglan defeated wellington1 a Loyalist gain.
  • Raglan defeated wellington1 a Loyalist gain.
  • Raglan fought wellington1 resulting in a standoff.
  • World Eaters defeated Gretchin a Traitor gain.
  • Alpha Legion defeated Madreamers Orks a Traitor gain.
  • Stompa's Orks defeated Death Guard Detachment a Orks gain.
  • Emperor's Children fought Har Ganeth's Orks resulting in a standoff.
  • Legions defeated Urlakks Waagh a Loyalist gain.
  • Luna Wolves defeated Urlakks Orks a Loyalist gain.
  • Mortarion's Death Guard defeated Kakkola's Orks a Traitor gain.
  • Squiggoth's Orks defeated Space Wolves a Orks gain.
  • L-XII-5545 defeated L-IV-2336 a Traitor gain.
  • L-IV-2336 defeated L-XII-5545 a Loyalist gain.