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Isolated in a far flung System in a newly opened Sub-Sector, the human world of Kaloran was a backwater planet which had barely progressed to a basic industrial tech level. Ear marked for future investigation due to the discovery of vast food resources on its neighbouring planet of Oligos by an advance Imperial survey team, the Kaloran system had a single automated monitoring station which transmitted regular, insignifant data back the Helix Expeditionary Fleet based on Corabie. That monitoring station has now gone silent.

Without significant military forces or allies in the area, the planets inhabitants had no chance of repealing the tide of Orks which swarmed into the System, displaced by the rapid expansion of the Imperium's Great Crusade. What survivors did manage to escape have fled into the mountains seeking to hide themselves away as their cities burn amidst the greenskin invasion.

Cut off from the rest of the Imperium by the raging Warp Storms and desperately needing to secure a stable source of food supplies for the fledgling Sub-Sector the Helix Expeditionary Fleet has mobilised and is en route to investigate the disturbance. Unaware of the massive Ork presence their primary objective: secure Kolaran's Compliance as a staging base to allow harvesting operations to begin on Oligos.

Welcome to the official launch of the Kaloran Crusade, a Global event to replicate the battles fought by the Imperium against the Ork Empires during the Great Crusade, similar to the Ullanor Crusade. While this event will be using the Horus Heresy 30K ruleset it is primarily focused on Imperial vs Ork battles, the devastating effects of the Horus Heresy has not cascaded to this Eastern Fringe theatre of war and Great Crusade continue unabated and unified.

The aim of this event is to hold multiple games throughout the world over the same weekend, with all players using the same format and split into two faction; Orks vs Imperials. All of the participating games will have a Tournament Organiser who will record the players and the games results and send them through to a central reporting page hosted on the AUS30K.com website where the results will be compiled and outcome of the battles will determine whether Kaloran is reclaimed by the Imperium or falls to rampaging Orks.

When: 11th & 12th of April, 2015

Groups are welcome to play either on the Saturday or the Sunday, or even both days if they want to make a big event of it


Any group, anywhere in the world can take part in this event, the more groups the better!

Who: Orks and Imperials

The games will be open to all 30K army lists currently in print (although local TO's are free to apply additional restrictions) and the Ork Codex from 40K. While there was originally some thoughts to try and come up with alterantive rules for the Orks, some play testing is starting to indicate that appropriately designed lists can be competitive against 30K armies.

Points: 2,500 Orks vs 2,500 Imperial

Getting Involved:

If you want to get involved in this Global Event, please get together with your friends and start gathering interest. Nominate a single person within your group to be the TO, this person will be responsible for communicating with the central team co-ordinating the event in the lead up to the weekend and after the weekend with the result. They will (ideally) need to be reliable and have access to the internet in order to upload picture and reports etc.

Once you have a TO selected, find a location! This can be at a local Gaming Store, a community hall or even at a mates Garage, just somewhere where you can setup the tables and play your games over the weekend. If there are only a few of you then you can probabl play in normal place you have games, however if you are organising a large gathering you may need to seek out somewhere which can cater for more players than normal, remember tables, terrain and facilities.

If the players would like to have army profiles of their they will need to register an account here and then create an army profile through the links on the main page.

Players/TO Pack: Pai_mei has a fantastic players and event pack here: http://heresy30k.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3088-ullanor-apocalypse-event-in-italy/#entry61625

For those who dont have access to that forum it has been repliacted below, these are just recomendations which they have come up with after many many games of play testing between Orks and Legion.

Composition Rules for Legions, Solar Auxilia, AD Mech

For each player 2.500 point on a single standard FOC Age of Darkness.

NO Fortification allowed

Special limits for LoW as shown below

The LoW slot may be used for a single choice between:

  • Primarch (No other player may use the same Primarch)
  • A Super-heavy Tank or Walker with no more than 6 HP (Knight, Cerberus, Falchion…)
  • Up to 100 pt on Legion Relics (No other player may use any same Relic.

This is the only way for a Legion to use Primarch OR Relics.

Composition Rules for Orks

For each player 2.500 point on a single standard FOC Age of Darkness.

Special limits for LoW as shown below *

Orks armies using the Age of Darkness FoC gain "The Greenskin Horde" rule for free.

The Age of darkness FoC consists:

1-3 HQ

0-4 Elite

2-6 Troops

0-3 Fast

0-3 Heavy

0-1 LoW

0-1 (see below)

The LoW slot may be used for a single choice between:

  • Megaboss (****see below)
  • A Super-heavy Tank or Walker with no more than 6 HP (*** see below)
  • Up to 100 pt on Orks Relics taken from a single codex (Orks OR Ghazkull) (No other player may use any same Relic.

This is the only way for a Legion to use Megaboss OR Relics.

Fortification allowed to Ork Faction

  • Aegis defence line
  • Imperial Bastion
  • Wall of Martyr Bunker
  • Gork/Mork Statue (see Imperial one for rules)

++ Allowed option taken from "obstacles" e "battlements & battlefield". (stronghold assault)

++ Change any option Quad-gun with Twin-linked Deffgun with Intercept & Skyfire (same point cost)

++ Change any option Icarus Lascannon with Traktor Cannon (same point cost)

++ Change any Heavy Bolter with Big Shoota.

LoW: MEGABOSS – 225 pt

Same stat, equipement and Special Rules of Ghazkull. It loose “Prophet of Gork and Mork” but gains a 5+ Inv. Save, raised to 4+ when Waagh is launched

Additional Special Rule – Ork mobility

Battlewagon may be taken as dedicated transport for any mob (tank bursta, Lootas, Gitz…any! )that usually may take a Trukk but only if it consist of 13-20 boyz. Thees Battlewagon may take any option but Killakannon (‘cause it reduce transport space).