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Global Heresy

This location is the target of the Phase 2 Global Heresy campaign.

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Suggested Game Style

Phase 2

Kaska'Irilis avoided much of the early fighting in the Harkarialis system. Death Guard and Raven Guard forces have been reported fighting on the research stations orbiting the planets and there have been reports of legionnaires infiltrating the Palace City of Elsah.

Phase 2 suggested games are:

- <1000 point zone mortallis games. These can represent fighting in the tight streets of the cities, under the cities in the great complexes, the space station or even the research stations.

- Games using the shatter strike scenario from book 1, page 154. Once again the Endless Forest or Bloodthirsty Flora rules can be used as in phase 1.

Remember other games still count. :)

The initial battles fought on Kaska'Irilis were small in scale. The southern palace cities were taken quickly leaving the loyalist forces to regroup within their hastily made bastions. The rest of the action featured swift strikes on the the training outposts in an effort to take control of arms and ammunition or to hold a staging position for when reinforcements arrive.

The suggested game types for the first act of the battle for Kaska'Irilis are:

- <1500 point Strategic Raid missions. These can be found on page 176 of Conquest. Additionally the Endless Forest or Bloodthirsty Flora rules can be used if playing outside the palace cities to represent the depth of the great forests or the dangerous animal life that lives there.

- Games in which one player takes a Garrison as represented by the Castellan Force Organisation chart as a form of siege, or take these rules even further if you wish.

In each of these examples Loyalist and Traitor forces can take each role, there are areas of the planet that are held by each side.


Kaska'Irilis is a temperate world dominated by polar ice caps and dense forest, the remaining surface area is either open plains or deep blueish seas. A huge variety of life can be found across the world from shoals of chameleonic fish to lone great ape like predators that stalk the southern hemisphere forests. Where these lifeforms used to dominate the environment they now exist as remanents scratching out space where they can find it between the training encampments and live fire fields.

Five great Palace cities are spread across the world, these serve as the main training and administrative bases with huge sprawling barracks, storage and vehicle depots set outside their already crowded walls. Further to these much smaller forward operating sites allow for environmental and special forces training.

At the opening of the hostilities on Kaska'Irilis the palace cities of Coralantis, Elsah and Kir Kuldar are held by the loyalists with most of the traitor uprisings being held in place or seemingly put down.

The cities of Daemeris and Shairan can be classified as traitor held, fierce pockets of loyalist resistance dig in hoping for reinforcement.

The Harkalialis-Primaris Naval Yard is an everconstant image over the prime palace city of Coralantis where the Planetary Governer is seated. Sharing the orbit of Kaska'Irilis are a number of research stations. At the start of the war this appear to be all loyalist held.


Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 2.87 x 1025 kg

Density 5.43 g/cm3

Composition 28.3% oxygen, 25.8% iron, 21.1% silicon, 14.6% titanium, 10.3% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 15.00 m/s2

Escape Velocity 16.80 km/s

Period 20.43 hours

Axis Tilt 30.96 °


Type Dense breathable

Pressure 155.35 kPa

Composition 75.2% nitrogen, 21.9% oxygen, 2.0% argon, 1.0% carbon dioxide, trace other gases


The five great houses of Kaska'Irilis had employed 95% of the population before compliance was bought to their world. Each member of the houses was offered a position of relative importance within their own palace city, the heads of the family achieving a military rank while the majority of the lesser family members being placed within administrative roles.

Many of their work force were inducted into the ranks of the Imperial army, a small portion were tasked to work as guides within their environments as it was quickly found that the local fauna and flora could cause issues that proved easiest to avoid or overcome via the local knowledge offered.

There will still areas of the deep forest that were dark enough to harbour small bands of 'free' people. They existed by hunting upon the animals that dwelt there and on small raids of uprotected Imperial resources.


The era before compliance on Kaska’Irilis was uneventful which is remarkable in it’s own right when compared to many other Imperial worlds across the galaxy and even when compared to it’s sister planets and moons in system. Both seas and plains were home to a variety of Fauna and Flora that provided a surplus of fine dining that become much coveted by those in system that had access to on the most bland and functional of food stuffs.

Processing of these foods to transport off planet was swiftly pounced upon by those members of the population who felt the desire of power as their strongest influencer. Soon land was parcelled off amongst a handful of families and animals were herded into their control. This progressed until the planet was effectively owned by the five major houses, even the forest land which homed some of the most dangerous and desirable tastes to be found on Kaska’Irilis.

By the time the IV legion arrived processing plants had been dotted around the planet and the palace homes of the five great houses had grown into city complexes. The general population either worked for them or lived in roaming forest bands eaking out survival in the shadows of the great trees, losing as many to the great predators as they manage to kill themselves.

At first the Imperium left Kaska’Irilis as it was found but the second wave of Imperial visitors had very different plans. The Great Crusade were pushing further out and supply lines were being stretched with expeditionary fleets complaining at their lack of ammo and armour. The Harkarialis System was selected as the staging point for further exploration and due to neighbouring systems having much more efficient food production Kaska’Irilis was re-designated to become a forward operating base for the Imperial army and Navy.

The leaders of the five great houses were placed within positions of authority in their own palace cities which were requisitioned to house the administration facilities for the training buildings and barracks that had sprung up around their walls. Soon after the changes were implemented on the planet surface the Harkalialis-Primaris Naval Yard was pulled into orbit the planet and a steady flow of manpower, ships and resources arrived in system. The planet was unrecognisable, huge training fields spread throughout the different landscapes of Kaska’Irilis from the ice plains of the poles to deep forest trails in which they hunted great beasts.

Small pockets of the population never forgave the Imperium for destroying their way of life, even those who had mundane jobs could still enjoy the beauty of the landscape and some of the product of their labours but under the guise of the great crusade work was paramount and the land itself paid the price.

The news of Horus’ betrayal first reached Kaska’Irilis when the remanents of the defeated armies of Isstvan V arrived in system. Their first point of call was the Naval Yard. Some came to resupply ready to strike back, some came simply because they did not know where to go. By the time the Traitor fleet arrived many of the Loyalists had moved on, those that hadn’t were thrown back into action on the planet itself as rebellion broke out across the populace. The two southern palace cities saw the worst of the rebellion, the loyalist forces outnumbered and taken by suprise had holed up deep within the old city, surviving by virtue of outstanding bravery of many and extremely thick walls.

Campaign Reports

Imperial Search....No Result

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Massacre on the Aushabti Plains 044.008.M31 Kaska'Irilis Loyalist

Prelude to war

Captain Tiberius stood surveying the relatively open plains. A distress beacon belonging to the White Scars had been traced to this area, but they were nowhere to be seen and ..→

Research station Gamma 535 630.007.M31 Kaska'Irilis Loyalist

Phanuel Karna surveyed the carnage and sneered. Pathetic loyalist scum he thought as he kicked the red robed scorched body of a Mechanicum adept. He triggered his vox link and spoke: -Sergeant ..→

Sabotage in the Underhive 775.007.M31 Kaska'Irilis Traitor

Captain Kerberos Cephalus went through is pre-battle equipment checks. Everything was ready and his paragon blade sublimely named the ‘Clever’ hummed hungry in his hand. He surveyed the ..→

The Assault on Delta Gamma 43 644.007.M31 Kaska'Irilis Unresolved

The Assault on Delta Gamma 43

Captain Phanuel Karna strode into the command bridge onboard his flagship, the Retaliator Class Grand Cruiser Angra Mainyu. All senior commanders of the 3rd ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • L-XIX-2375 defeated L-XIV-2424 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-2375 fought L-XIV-2424 resulting in a standoff.
  • A-MECH-2883 defeated Alpha Legion Insurgents a Loyalist gain.
  • L-III-2949 defeated Mechanicus (Unknown) a Traitor gain.
  • The White Scars defeated L-III-0620 a Loyalist gain.
  • The White Scars defeated L-III-0620 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-III-0620 defeated The White Scars a Loyalist gain.
  • L-III-0620 defeated The White Scars a L-III-0620 gain.