Kildrech Minor

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Kilrech Minor
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Kildrech System


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Type Small iron/silicate

Mass 6.53 x 1023 kg

Density 5.01 g/cm3

Composition 34.2% iron, 26.4% oxygen, 17.1% silicon, 11.4% sodium, 4.0% magnesium, 3.6% other metals, 3.2% other elements


Gravity 4.38 m/s2

Escape Velocity 5.25 km/s

Rotation Period 23.19 hours

Axis Tilt 12.06 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 11.74 kPa

Composition 64.0% argon, 27.5% nitrogen, 7.8% carbon dioxide, 0.6% ammonia, trace other gases

A vibrant planet with rich mineral resources and timber forests, Kildrech Minor is the systems counter point to Styx.


With less than a dozen known colonies on the planet, with very little native population which are entirely nomadic, the Imperial presence is slowly growing, approaching the four million mark. A more rapid growth is predicted to commence once mining industry is in place.


One of the three primary inhabitable worlds within the System, Kildrech Minor was only trumped by Kildrech Prime due to its physical size, being less than half the size of its larger brother. Other than that, its combination of vast natural resources, comfortable climate and regular night/day cycle made it an ideal colony planet for the expanding Imperium and is quickly destined to became a prosperous planet. Officially designated as a Colony world, the presence of a newly formed Forge World on Cerberus is likely to influence the direction of industry towards a mining doctrine in order to harness the lucrative trade potential in system.

Unable to compete with Styx on an agricultural footing, with Cerberus on a production front and having too many valuable natural resources to become a pleasure world there appears little other options open to the new planetary government which has been tasked with a hefty tithe level due to its predicted prosperity.

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