Kildrech Prime

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Kildrech Prime
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Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Kildrech System


System Capital/Knight World



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Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 4.44 x 1024 kg

Density 5.28 g/cm3

Composition 35.9% oxygen, 25.7% iron, 12.7% magnesium, 11.5% silicon, 3.8% sulphur, 9.0% other metals, 1.5% other elements


Gravity 8.59 m/s2

Escape Velocity 10.03 km/s

Rotation Period 29.10 hours

Axis Tilt 17.74 °


Type Standard breathable

Pressure 91.92 kPa

Composition 81.1% argon, 18.9% oxygen, trace other gases

Although not as lush as its smaller namesake, Kildrech Prime is a prosperous world with a rich ecosystem as well as vast mineral resources, a near perfect balance of rich industry and comfortable environment. It was for this reason that the planet was chosen to be the System capital above the other candidates who may have a more appealing climate or more abundant natural resources.


Limited to its three primary fortified hive bases, the population was rapidly expanding through an intensive colonisation program invoked shortly after the System compliance. This was further augmented by the fact that the Imperial Fists Legion have taken a significant interest in the system and have commenced a series of heavy fortifications in order to use the area as a staging point for their activities further Rimward. With the onset of the Heresy the colony ships are still arriving for the time being, often being dispatched long before the civil war erupted.


Shortly after the system Compliance the VII began construction of their iconic fortresses to maintain Imperial control and loyalty amongst the local population, which was sparse at the time, further augmenting the already fortified habitats of the Knight Lords of Kildare. However rather than moving on, the Fists established a potent garrison force led by a contingent of Templars. Rather than being a simple Imperial colony world the Legion has claimed this world as a staging point for their activities, a bastion for their forces and a gathering place for their dead. As the Great Crusade spread further and further outwards, the task of gathering and entombing their dead became ever more difficult and a series of Templar outposts were established, their task to gather the bodies of their fallen brothers and prepare them for transport them to the Phalanx or other designated place of burial.

Unlike Kildrech Minor and Styx, the native inhabitants of Kildrech were a reasonably stable society being ruled and protected by the Knight House Kildare. The Knights of Kildare are a staunch honorable caste and once the treaty was entered into they are honour bound to maintain and assist, no matter the direction it takes them.

As the tides of war engulfed the Imperium, the Templar outpost remained in place and were resolute in their purpose, to gather the fallen of the VII and protect their dominion.

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