Korbius Station

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Korbius Station
Machanicum Repair Facility


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Echorix System


Mechanicum Space Station



Korbius Small Map.jpg
External Station map


Void stations with artificial habitable atmosphere


Can sustain a population of 5 million when manufacturing facilities at full capacity, current population <unknown>.


Station Korbius is a Mechanicum repair facility located on the very furthest reaches of the Echorix system, so far out that the light from Echorix's star is but another pinprick of light against the background of a billion other stars. Specialising in warship repair and refit, it's docks could support multiple Cruiser class ships at once and it's massive dry dock could hold all but the mighty Gloriana class dreadnoughts.

Although repair and refit of the Emperors warships was its primary purpose, Korbius Station was also utilised in many other ways by the adepts of Mars. Vast manufactorums and munitions storage facilities were in place to support the docks, with the stations labour force housed in a Hive like construct on the stations underside.

Also present were barracks and training facilities set aside for Imperial Army troops, and massive launch bays capable of housing multiple squadrons of assault craft, and fighter and bomber wings. These areas, along with the central Command Dome were technically Imperial holdings and though they were governed by Terrans rather than the Priesthood, overall command of the station was the undeniably the domain of the Tech-Priests.

The main Mechanicum facilities were in a part of the station know as “The Cog”. A massive tubular edifice, it extends both above and below the station and no man not of the Priesthood of Mars may set foot inside it. Almost a separate entity in all ways to the station itself, few enter and few leave “The Cog” and what goes on within its walls is an unknown to any but those who reside within it. That it is dedicated to research in the name of the Machine God is certain, but every other aspect of “The Cog” in an unknown.

The station is known to have gone silent shortly after the fighting begun in the Echorix system, and its status is currently unknown.


Approx Dimensions 29.54km long by 20.12 km wide.

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