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Global Heresy

This location is the target of the Phase 2 Global Heresy campaign.

Be sure to listen to the Eye of Horus Podcast for scenarios, challenges and updates!

Suggested Game Style



'The Traitor dogs have broken down our gates, and the beasts in the deep grow more belligerent with every passing day, mighty Dogon itself has crashed into the dark side of the planet all hands lost. I call you now, all loyal sons and daughters of the Emperor, rise up! Defend this piece of the Imperium from the darkness!.' - Attributed to Goinus Sput, Overlord of Kug Arkal, nominal Commander of Loyalist forces, wide spectrum vox-broadcast. Day 66 of the Kug'Arkal invasion.

What a comeback! The Traitors in September turned the entire campaign on its head. After a scattered landing and their preliminary assaults on Dogon Station failing, the Traitors hit back. Smashing their way inside many of the primary cores, massacring any imperials they found.

Dogon Station The massive Dogon Station suffered wave after wave of Terminator assaults and bombardsments, finally destroying the power cores and sending billions of tons of steel, raw minerals, attached freighters and the sizeable population of the station in a plummeting fireball straight down into the dark side of Kug Arkal. The impact was registered planet-wide, the explosive shock shaking even the darkest galleries of the cores, sending mutant children running crying tears from their many eyes to their mothers many breasts. - This battle-zone is now exhausted. Congratulations Traitors! No more bombardments falling on your heads now!

Assault the Cores The Traitors have blasted their way into many of the primary cores, traitor units are still out in the wastes though, and many siege-battlegroups of the Iron Warriors and Death Guard legion, after reducing the fortifications of one Core, have moved on to others, massive plumes of dust kicking up as they crawl the surface of the barren world, moving to engage new targets. This battlezone is ongoing!

Deep City Invasion The surface fortifications smashed, many loyalist forces have withdrawn deep into the Cores, enacting a scorched earth policy through the richer upper levels, staging ambushes in the abandoned boulevards or going to ground in the immense hydroponic gardens. Once located, the traitors form up larger battlegroups and assault these points, trying to catch as many of the Imperials as possible before they can melt away again deeper into the Cores.

Decapitation Strikes After the Loyalist Astartes Commander was killed in battle by a Traitor Dreadnought Coven, the Loyalists have gone into disarray. The Overlord of Kug Arkal, 'Goinus Sput' has inherited overall command, however many of the Astartes battlegroups under his theoretical command are refusing to take his orders. This may be due to martial pride, hubris, or residual psychological damage from the recent dropsite massacre at Istvaan V. In any case Goinus Sput has been forced to travel to many Loyalist battlegroups in person, and try to convince them to heed the overall strategy. Traitor units are hunting him and have only missed him by a few minutes on several occasions. Specialist Seeker units of the Sons of Horus and Night Lords track him 27 hours a day.

Games which will count towards the campaign in October 2015 are:

  • Zone Mortalis games of 1000 points and Tactical Strike games, based around hunting down Goinus Sput. Traitors should endeavour to include one of the following units: Legion Seekers, Legion Veteran Tactical with the Sniper rule, Legion Recon, or a single Imperial Assassin chosen from the 40k Codex Assassins. The Loyalists must include a model (for no cost) to represent Goinus Sput. Sput, as an extremely rich planetary governor is equipped to the highest standard, and trained by the finest blade-masters of the Arkal Jannisaries. Use the entry for the Lord Marshall from the Solar Auxilia army list in Book 4 - Conquest, with any equipment you desire, as long as the model is WYSIWYG and fully painted. The Traitors win the game if Sput is removed as a casualty for any reason (collapses, plasma overheats, scattering ordinance etc).
    -GOD MODE- Use the Cold Void & Poison Air rules from HH Book 1 - page 173., Also Sput can be joined by a free unit of Veletaris Household Guard with Power Axes (to represent veteran elite Janissary bodyguard.
  • 2000-3000 point games of Warhammer 30k set on the surface of Kug Arkal These games represent bigger, specialised assault and reduction units who are moving from Core to Core smashing down defences and allowing ground troops to storm inside.
    -GOD MODE- Use the Cold Void & Poison Air rules from HH Book 1 - page 173 and the Loyalists should spend at least 400 points of their army on Fortifications.
  • 2000-3000 point games of Warhammer 30k set inside the Kug Arkal Cores These games represent the Traitors hunting down disorganised bands of Imperials as they scattered deep into the cores and try to hold out or launch insurgencies. Games can be played on Ruined Cityscapes, representing the scorched earth policy of the Loyalists, on Lush jungle/forest tables to represent either the verdant parklands of the Arkal Elite, or humid hydroponic fields and greenhouse areas of the upper cores.

Additional Rules and Campaign Favours:

These units are only available in the 2000-3000 point battles above, and not available in the Tactical Strike or Zone Mortalis assassin mission listed above.

  • Loyalist Reinforcements The battle has gone poorly for the Imperials, and they are now committing the Elite Jannisary units in a last ditch defence. - If your opponent is also a listener of the Eye of Horus Podcast, and you fully paint them, you may add a free unit of 10-20 Elite Janissaries, armed as you like from the Grenadier Militia entry, in the Cults & Militias army list from Book V. Elite Janissaries count as having the benefits of the Warrior Elite and Survivors of the Dark Age provenance although they do not pay for it.
  • Traitor Insurgents Traitor forces relied upon Kug Mutant Insurgents for many of their penetrations into the Cores. Whipped into a frenzy the Mutants threw themselves at the Loyalists from inside the cores, opening the giant blast gates and allowing the Traitors easy ingress. - If your opponent is also a listener of the Eye of Horus Podcast, and you fully paint them, you may add a free unit of 10-30 Kug Mutant Insurgents, armed as you like from the Levies entry in the Cults & Militias army list from Book V. Kug Mutant Insurgents have the the benefits of the Abhuman Helots provenance although they do not pay for it. -NOTE- These Kug Mutant Insurgents start the game in Reserve and are rolled for as normal. When they arrive they will arrive using the rules for Outflank.
  • Traitor Breeding Program Bears Fruit In the first stages of the invasion, specialist Word Bearer and Alpha Legion teams infiltrated many of the Cores, they didn't linger to try and sabotage defences or assassinate leadership targets, but delved deep into the cores, manipulating the already fractious and dissatisfied mutants in the depths. Performing dread rites combined with industrial warp-craft they have tainted the gene pools of some of these mutant breeds, creating unholy beasts. - If your opponent is also a listener of the Eye of Horus Podcast, and you fully paint them, you may also add a free unit of 20 Kug Beastmen, armed as you like from the Militia entry in the Cults & Militias army list from Book V. Kug Beastmen have the the benefits of the Abhuman Helots, and Feral Warriors provenances although they do not pay for them.

Results from the battles in October will determine how the campaign proceeds in the next stages..

Listen to The Eye of Horus Podcast for more details and updates!!


'From its steaming hydroponic gardens to its darkest deepest mine galleries, Kug'Arkal is a wonder of human adaptability' - Remembrancer Tonis Alcat

Kug'Arkal seems on casual inspection to be nothing more than the lifeless and closest planet to circle the Harkarialis star, locked as it is in a synchronous rotational orbit. Optical and augur sweeps of the sunward side of the planet would support this supposition, however more powerful detection equipment aimed at the voidward side would show that the darkness of this planetoid teems with life, albeit at the whim of life supporting infrastructure and STC technology.

Outside of these protected zones, Kug'Arkal is entirely inimical to all life. The atmosphere, primarily consisting of sulphur dioxide and a large percentage of methane, hints that in the ancient past this planet may have once supported life before volcanic reactions whether by design or cosmic fate sundered the world and made it uninhabitable. The fact Kug'Arkal is tidally locked to its star is highly unusual for a non geo-engineered body, which further points to non-human interaction in its distant past.

The light side of Kug'Arkal is extremely hot, constant and close exposure to the sun baking it for hundreds of thousands of years and the synchronous orbit drawing a higher percentage of the atmosphere to this side, causing enormously powerful storms to rip across the superheated surface. To walk this hemisphere is instant death. The 'Cold Side' of Kug Arkal has not seen heat since the planet's mantle hardened and is a frozen wasteland. Liquid methane and sulfur dioxide freezing into insane forests of razor sharp crystals. In this hemisphere, it is at least possible to walk upon the surface, although with heavily insulated gear. Still, the only foreign objects out here are research stations and several grim cryo-prisons and all life on the planet is foreign and concentrated in a thin zone between the burning heat and ultra-cold of the voidward hemisphere, and tunneled deep under the ground in either direction like roots on a tree.

The surface of the world is pockmarked with cylindrical shafts which fall to the depth of around two thousand metres on average, product of some as yet unknown process, these expose large mineral deposits, metal seams which can be followed deep into the earth.


Type Small iron/silicate

Mass 7.78 x 1423 kg

Density 4.91 g/cm3

Composition 30.1% oxygen, 20.9% iron, 19.2% silicon, 18.8% calcium, 3.5% magnesium, 3.2% other metals, 4.3% other elements


Gravity 4.04 m/s2

Escape Velocity 3.89 km/s

Rotation Period 18.13 hours

Axis Tilt 30.24 °


Type Dense reducing

Pressure 772.87 kPa

Composition 75.8% sulfur dioxide, 24.2% methane, trace other gases


'The Directorate looks down on us with pity and barely disguised disgust. If they knew what was breeding in the darkest drifts and deepest sumps they would Harrow us all without a second thought..' - Boss Garg Luss, Kug Elder.

The Directorate cares only that the minerals flow off-world and leave the mundane organisation of work forces, population control, and food supply to the individual cores and their ruling elite. Smaller cores which played out earlier in planetary history are mostly hydroponic farms now. The worker castes involved in pest control, fixing leaks, and tending to the plants. Larger cores which played out later on in time, and which had enormous entrenched worker populations of a favourable disposition are now labour and breeding centres. Food shipped in by the mag-train load, and excess population shipped away to the mine-fronts. The majority of cores are actively mined, work crews following mineral seams sometimes for thousands of kilometres and over generations before they play out and the teams are re-assigned. This work is extraordinarily dangerous and so new flesh is always required.

Due to the rampant out of control breeding in the depths of enormous played out mine operations, and the constant turn over due to industrial accidents and poisonings the population is impossible to completely ascertain. Whether is the design of the Directorate or just happen-stance is not known.

The gene-pure humans are much easier to count, as they have to be certified and surveyed to ensure there is no contamination of their biology. They number at around ten million.

A conservative estimate provided by Remembrancers on the planet put the worker caste populations somewhere in the mid hundreds of millions.


Colonisation Era up to the Crusade Era

'A jewel, a shining jewel! Minerals and STC in great abundance and quality!' - Fragment of transmission from the first Magos to set down on Kug'Arkal

It is the enormous shafts which drew the first humans to the planet. Without these already deep cut cylinders exposing the world's secret treasures, it is unlikely that humans would have bothered to claim this world at all, and it would be just another dead world, possibly home to pirates or some hidden xenos menace. However the 'cores' as they're called by the inhabitants of Kug'Arkal, were indeed coveted for their easy extraction possibilities and colonisation of the planet was begun in earnest, the riches and rewards drawing a vast fleet of colony ships and humans, tens of thousands of years before the Dark Age.

Using the fruits of human ingenuity and industry, colossal adamantium framed glassteel ceilings were built across several hundred of the cores closest to the boundary between night and day, set to channel light down into the mineral rich depths. Atmospheric generators were set up which filled these cores with life giving gasses, and made it possible for the vast worker cohorts to work tirelessly digging out the planet's bounty. Deep under the ground, mag-lev trains run on a vast network, circumnavigating the planet, linking all of the cores together, moving food, workers, and most importantly mineral ores between the cores and the massive space elevators which link up with an enormous distribution center set in geosynchronous orbit above the northern pole of the planet, named the Dogon station.

Early on in the planets colonisation, it was discovered that the planet had an abnormal magnetic signature, which meant automated mining equipment malfunctioned after extended periods of time in the depths, and so the mining operations were left to massed human workers. At first these work forces were supplied from off planet, but as some of the smaller cores started to play out, they were converted to huge vertical gardens, enormous hanging hydroponic structures, and artificial forests were established. Fed by rich mineral fertilisers and the powerful vivifying light of Harkarialis, these gardens achieved surprising fecundity. The flora imported by the early mining authority was to have a profound effect on the worker class though, and create a divergent human population over the millennia.

Remembrancers digging through the archives of the Kug'Arkal Directorate after unification have narrowed the divergence amongst the worker castes as stemming from the introduction and cultivation of a plant from the far-off Lyyndell Worlds, named simply Zut. Zut is a xeno-narcotic, in the form of a thorny succulent, it is easily grown and processed into a gel which is rubbed on the gums of a partaker. It gives a long lasting boost to concentration, energy, and awareness, perfect for humans working long shifts cutting minerals and bulldozing spoil. Zut use is widespread in certain parts of the nascent Empire of Man and has been observed under certain circumstances to pollute the gene-pool.

Over the millennia the workforce started to mutate, intergenerational Zut-abuse and the gravitational differences warped the worker casts into hardier, tougher more resilient beings. Still human but hulking and with gross yet non-uniform mutations such as extra eyes, vestigial horns, tusks, and tails. By the time of the Dark Age, the population was already monstrous yet retained their human intellect and soul. The elite ruling clasess of humans were unchanged. They lived in vast terraces encircling the upper portions of the cores, looking down on the messy hydroponic farms, dusty mine workings, and the low-breed worker castes with curiosity verging on disdain. They did nothing to arrest the slow degradation of the worker stock, as the mutations for the most part were conducive to profit and thus required no adjustment. They kept a tight reign on the behaviour of the worker castes however, and on the few occasions the gene-tainted grasped beyond their station or attempted insurgency which burned out of control, the ruling castes would abandon their terraces and void the atmosphere of an entire core in a process they call a 'great harrowing', instantly slaying all life within as they choked to death on methane and sulphur. The technology they controlled was easily able to re-seal and then re-sustain a core, importing in workers from more stable cores to throw the hundreds of thousands of carcasses into the threshing machines and fertiliser vats, and get back to the lucrative work at hand.

Each core became essentially a city state, and over thousands of years of political intrigue sometimes bordering on outright warfare, a system of government for the planet was established. A Grand Senate consisting of delegates from every habitable core on the planet was formed, and from these delegates a group of five 'Directors' were voted in forming a council called the Directorate. The Directorate is responsible for all of the security and military matters of the planet, and most importantly, ensuring that the mineral resources of the planet are ripped from its heart and funnelled into space. Anything which gets in the way of this industry is crushed by the iron hand of the Directorate, a military force of grey armoured shock troops forcibly recruited from the pure genestock of the planet at a young age known as the Arkal Janissaries.

Kug'Arkal Joins the Imperium

'A marvellous trade in extremely pure metals was discovered, fuelling industry across half a sub sector. For thirty weeks we traced the golden eggs, and acquired the goose which lays them in a single afternoon.' -Archmagos Explorator Quinos Dzarros

It was a Mechanicum fleet which brought Kug'Arkal into compliance. A sprawling fleet of ships of many patterns and displacements arrived in system and made contact with the Directorate by vox-feed. The fleet was following the flow of minerals to other worlds they had encountered and sought to secure the source. They flew into orbit around Kug Arkal, ignoring the other inhabited planets in the system.

The Directorate invited the envoys from the Red Planet to land, and during a single meeting the Directorate made direct deals with the Mechanicum. The minerals would flow and the Directorate would be provided with an enclave of Tech-Priests and Myrmidons who would both study and help maintain the atmosphere generators, the space elevators and the hydroponics operations. Several smaller sub-cults also disembarked from the fleet, these would go on to set up their own bases and enclaves, to study the planet itself and its dual populations.

The fleet waited long enough to retrieve maximal STC information from the planet before deparing once again into the void.

The Heresy - War comes to Kug'Arkal

'A planet of equals! Should we not all share in the riches our toil creates? Down with The Directorate, down with their off world allies' -Demagogue preaching to an assembled mutant work crew.

The news of the Heresy was brought to Kug Arkal firstly by a wave of swift trader ships, followed by slower mass conveyors. Confronted by system blockades in some sectors they retraced their last trade routes, offering their cargos at declining prices to previous customers. The trading cartels and independent chartists captains had seen war before, and knew that with a conflict this size brewing, they could make some big pay days by picking up munition contracts and the more unscrupulous captains knew the real profits could be made in extracting rich refugees from imminent battlefronts.

After these trade ships came Astartes vessels and small Rogue Trader fleets, some fleeing Istvaan II and V, some following pre-ordained disaster procedures, meeting up with more of their kind in hidden systems and secret locations.

Several weeks after Istvaan, a small fleet of ships including an Iron Hands Cruiser and several Mechanicum vessels arrived at the Dogon station and provided credentials. They had been tasked by the Mechanicum with protecting Kug'Arkal from possible invasion by traitor forces. The Directorate acquiesced to their plans and fortification of the Dogon station and many primary Cores was begun.

Now the warp has cast forth a cornucopia of traitor vessels and war is imminent, you can help decide the fate of Kug'Arkal starting in August! The Eye of Horus Podcast for more details!


'The struggle for Kug Arkal was immense, thousands of Astartes on both sides committed to the conflict, millions of tons of munitions shattering the defences of the Cores. The sky itself was on fire, as the cream of the Loyalist forces were liquified in the industrial crucible of war. The grim battles deep within the Cores themselves became brutal battles for survival, all manner of strife ensued, starvation, cannibalism and madness was rife. At the end of five brutal months, the Serpent-Eye of the Warmaster was raised above the planet, a warning to all who would stand against the traitor forces.' - Journal of Callibus Hyde, Remembrancer and proscribed traitor.

The massive campaign for Kug Arkal can be broken down into three distinct phases. Intrusion, Invasion, and Extermination. Any one of these phases had the potential to swing either way, and control for the planet was not assured until the very end of a protracted seek and destroy campaign by the Traitors.

Phase I - Intrusion

As part of the ongoing invasion of the Harkarialis System the Traitors commenced with a void borne invasion of Imperial space, followed my light intrusion and scouting attempts across most of the planets. On Kug Arkal, they attempted to infiltrate the immense Dogon Station, and inserted many small cadres and agents onto the surface of the planet itself. The purpose of these missions were to firstly see if the planet would turn coat with only coercion, and if not then to gather intelligence, sabotage the Loyalist's strength, and path-find for an invasion proper.

Within days after intrusion, Traitor spies and fifth columnists were being tracked and executed live on pict screens across the planet. Dogon Station in particular became a hot zone for conflict, vicious hit and run campaigns being led by the Traitors through the still operating station.

This phase was a disaster for the Traitors, due to the locked down nature of the Cores - armoured bulkheads and well defended airlocks and mega-lifts, the Traitors were unable on most occasions to infiltrate the cores at all. They had some success infiltrating the research stations and Cyo-prisons, causing headaches for the Loyalists but not much else. The most successful mission undertaken was a joint operation by Alpha Legion and Word Bearer Reconnaissance and Sabotage Cadres who infiltrated deep into several of the cores and succeeded in producing a tainted insurgency amongst the mutant worker class.

Phase II - Invasion

Growing impatient with the failing intrusion, and working to a timeline specified by the Warmaster himself, the Traitor Commander ordered a full scale invasion of Kug Arkal. This two-pronged invasion would smash the Dogon Station, and simultaneously land heavy forces on the surface of the planet, targeting some of the largest and more key Cores.

The ground invasion didn't go to plan however, Dogon Station was still firmly in Loyalist hands at the outset, and was able to provide coordination, communications and direct bombardments onto the Traitor landing grounds. The Traitor forces therefore were scattered and dis-coordinated from the very start. A convocation of Astartes Forge Lords and Mechanicum Adepts used STC technology to jam Traitor communications and guidance during this phase, further hampering their attempts to organise a coherent strategy.

However despite these setbacks the Traitor forces began to mass out in the wastes, whispers of some occult communications techniques being employed by the Warmaster's forces were rife and it's important to note that many loyalist Astropaths lost their lives fighting off warp sprites and ghost-djinn during this time. The Iron Hands' ranking Chaplain on the planet personally excecuting the planets Telepathica Matriarch after she became possessed by an entity of the Etherium.

Desperately the Traitors formed up and executed siege assaults on several of the larger cores. As these garnered success and the Loyalists were forced to commit more and more forces to direct defence of the cores, the Traitors confidence grew, endless landers deploying heavier and more destructive vehicles of not only the Astartes, but Traitor Solar Auxillia and Mechanicum forces loyal to the Warmaster. These forces smashed their way inside the cores, and desperate block by block battle commenced.

On Dogon Station, the Loyalist defence was so fierce the Traitors were forced to change strategy. Rather than attempting to take the station intact, they moved their fleet in to point blank range, and battered it relentlessly with ordinance. At the height of the battle, the Sons of Horus deployed teleport-attack Terminators and Justaerin Fanatics directly into the heart of the station. These heavy troops slew the power cores of the station, setting off a series of chain reactions leading to the skewing and decay of the stations orbit. The once mighty Dogon Station plumetted down onto the surface of Kug Arkal, an enormous explosion shaking every single Core across the planet and causing moderate but widespread damage.

Phase III - Extermination

The Traitor forces gaining ingress to the Cores wasn't necessarily the end of resistance on Kug Arkal. The Cores themselves were massive and deep, filled with resources and well stocked with materiel. The Loyalists were well-led and supported by remorseless Mechanicum forces including several Myrmidon Orders, the Arkal Jannisaries - well disciplined and equipped soldiers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

However, the storm of war was to slowly overwhelm the defenders. A dreadnought Coven of the Sons of Horus ambushed and executed the Iron Hand supreme commander, butchering his coterie. Iron-Father Ignatius Cardon had been a force of will amongst the Loyalists. Welding together the factions from many different legions and auxiliary troops and his death was a hammer blow. Almost as soon as his plasma cooked corpse hit the ground, the Loyalist forces began to fragment. Goinus Sput, the Overlord of Kug Arkal assumed full leadership and immediately began a continual tour of the various fronts, trying to pull the Loyalists back together. For the most part he was ignored by the Astartes and Mechanicum, only the Arkal Jannisaries had any time for him. As the situation on the planet continued to fall apart, he was hunted mercilessly by Traitor Seeker Teams and Assassins. At the chaotic end, Sput disappeared and was never heard from again.

With the Loyalists denied any overarching strategy, and the Traitors shipping more and more equipment and materiel down from orbit, the cards began to stack up against them. The Loyalists began to void the Cores, killing every living thing within them, however it was too late. The Traitors had wrested control of most of the planet, and taken the most important Cores intact. Loyalist forces began to flee the planet, taking mag-tube trains to the polar Cores and blasting off from hidden Starports. As the Loyalist forces left, the Traitors fell upon the civilian populations, butchering or enslaving at their will. Hundreds of Loyalist Astartes captured during the war were fed live into the threshing machines, screaming the Emperors name and curses against Horus as they were industrially masticated. The last act of Imperial defiance on Kug Arkal was undertaken by the last remaining Mechanicum sect on the planet. The last handful of functional Myrmidons enacting a failsafe protocol, a highly radioactive explosion incinerating their STC data and generations of biological information in nuclear flame.

The Warmaster had reached out with a fiery grip and pulled Kug Arkal to his breast.

Campaign Reports

Imperial Search....No Result

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Attempted Raven Guard infiltration of Sebkay's Command 8 November 2015 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

Following his flight from Prospero, Sebkay would attempt to consolidate his forces. Rendezvousing with his few remaining allies in the ruins of a Mechanicum Forge Outpost he attempted to repair and ..→

Barrothian Technofane Explorator Fleet Report 001 584.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist


Archmagos Zanderval glided down the station corridor upon his abeyant with his personal Castellax, Unit 841. Trailing behind them followed fifteen ..→

Barrothian Technofane Explorator Fleet Report 002 592.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist


Beach-Head Secured - Dark Mechanicum Take Docking Bay 94 584.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor


Dogon Station was a bustling free-for-all; a chaotic port ..→

Blockade attempt: Kug Arkal 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist
            • transmission via Astropathic Relay 0086557******
            • from Breacher Sgt. Teliastis, mission debrief, Command deck-Fist of Malanos******
            • My Warsmith, I am the last person expecting to ..→
Cry-prison complex 66 608.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist

In the wake of the sinister Word Bearers successful ritual in Cry-prison complex 66, on the Cold Side of Kug'Arkal - A rip was formed in the fabric of space letting the denizens of the warp flood ..→

Cryo prison 16 658.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The space wolf's present on Kug'Arkal were assign guard supply depots near cryo prison 16. The Wolves were spilt into ad-hock units to give equal amount of firepower to each depot.

Slipping ..→

Cryo prison 16 landing pads 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

In an effort to push the loyalist from the area the Sons of Horus assault the landing pad near cry prison 16. The Space Wolf force again met the Sons of Horus in battle.

The sons of Horus spear ..→

Dark Mechanicum Repel Squat Guard Counter-Strike 603.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor


Following the calamitous crash landing and subsequent ..→

Dark Mechanicum Take The Fight to The Surface 699.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor


After securing a successful beach-head on Dogon Station, ..→

First Contact 603.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

As The Shadows of Lerna begin to machinate the downfall of the Loyalist lords of Kug'Arkal, a small garrison of Blood Angels continue their patrols along the edge of the mineshaft designated ..→

Hostile Encounter: Dogon Station 627.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist

Stopping for a routine re-supply at Dogon Station, enroute to our garrison posting in the Iron Perimeter, our small away had an encounter with a group of mysterious black-clad Astartes. They opened ..→

Intervention Report: Kug'Arkal 701.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist
      • via astropathic relay node 66275scriptum12***
      • from Praevian Consul Rahim Lanarkos, acting commander***
      • I am delayed with this report and wish that we had full comprehension of the events ..→
Seizure of Maintenance Bay XC-384 666.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist

Recently arrived on Dogon Station, Myrmidon Secutor Lord Diomedax joins forces with Space Wolf Lord Kurgoth to claim valuable assets for the loyalist war effort.

High value targets identified in ..→

Siege: The Last Stand of Iron Father Radros 27 November 2015 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

++ Status Report 10.21.M31 ++ ++ Iron Father Radros - 33rd Company - Clan Sorrgol ++ We have been forced back to the mining colonies surrounding Core 17331. Supplies and armor remaining minimal. ..→

Squat Guard Push Back the Mechanicum Tide 663.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist


As night settled on the mining world of Kug'Arkal, so the ..→

Squat Guard Strike Back! 622.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist


After the catastrophic loss of the troop-ship 'Ion-Storm', ..→

The Battle for Shaft 47 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Loyalist


As the battle for Kug'Arkal escalated into all-out war, Hersir Grimnir ..→

Traitor Mechanicum Seize the Initiative 641.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor


Having smashed the Mechanicum defenders days previously, ..→

Tunnels near cryo prison16 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The Sons of Horus meet the foe the sons of Russ in the tunnels. The main battle was fought in a supply processing/ warehouse tunnel complex close to the surface. After gaining control of the ..→

World Eaters Butcher the Implacable Resolve 737.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

While the Conqueror lead the assault on Dogan station the remainder of the world eaters fleet dispersed into fast attack reaving packs. one of these packs was set under the direct command of Kharns ..→

World Eaters laughter iron hands over Kug' Arkal 718.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The Conqueror accompanied by a large World Eaters fleet translated in system at planetary zenith and proceeded to launch a full scale assault on the orbital assets of Kug' Arkal. The most notable of ..→

Zufor leads the first wave 734.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The Assault captain Zufor having been ever on the verge of madness and always indulging his butchers nails was unable to resist the temptation of assaulting the planet Kug'Arkal early. Zufor prepped ..→

Zufors Host Marches On The North Eastern Arcology 745.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

Finally having mustered his forces on the planet Zufor lead his host forward to yet another killing ground. by this tome however communications with fleet assets was intermittent at best due to the ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • Dark Mechanicum defeated I-ARMY-4889 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XIV-2424 defeated L-XII-5545 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XII-5545 defeated L-XIV-2424 a Traitor gain.
  • Dark Mechanicum defeated I-ARMY-4889 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-5375 defeated L-IX-0000 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-4395 defeated Night Lords a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-4395 defeated Emperor's Children a Loyalist gain.
  • Imperial Fist defeated Night Lords a Loyalist gain.
  • Imperial Fist defeated Emperor's Children a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-4395 defeated Death Guard a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-4395 defeated Salamanders a Loyalist gain.
  • Ultramarines defeated Death Guard a Loyalist gain.
  • Ultramarines defeated Salamanders a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-2375 defeated L-XVII-2380 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-IV-2139 defeated L-XX-4860 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVI-5572 defeated L-VI-5079 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-4536 defeated Iron Warriors Strike Team a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-4536 fought Death Guard Strike Team resulting in a standoff.
  • A-MECH-4536 defeated Death Guard & Iron Warriors Strike Teams a Loyalist gain.
  • L-X-0878 defeated Iron Warriors a Loyalist gain.