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The Angels of Fortitude

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First In All Things

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Legio I

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The Dark Angels Legion










A suborder of Terran-born Ravenwing, under the command of Captain Erasmus Marko, who demonstrated much experience of void combat during the shadow wars of 008-010.M31. It was never determined what they were doing so far from Caliban or Thramos, but they were nonetheless a welcome addition to the Fuschal Liberation Fleet. Indeed, their lightning swift raid on Dwarf Planet T-4559-C in the Outer Reaches of Fuschal was a crucial source of information on the disposition of the Traitor fleet.

The Angels of Fortitude were the first to board the Eschaton during the engagement over Yuglenia, but it did not go well despite the complete surprise of the attack. Primary, secondary, and tertiary landing zones on the hull of the Death Guard vessel all proved untenable, and the Dark Angel forces (in Thunderhawks, Kharybdis drop pods, and Caestus Assault Rams, and on assorted jetbikes) instead had to land in the teeth of withering turret fire.

The Kharybdis and Caestus both made it to the hull mostly intact, but Marko and his terminators were then pinned down in the open in front of a Deredeo Dreadnought, while others successfully held off the Breacher squads trying to force entry into the ship.

Happily for the loyalists, once all the DA troops made it to the hull of the ship it was short work for them to storm the defenses, annihilate the traitors defending the access point, and clear a route into the depths of the worldkiller. Casualties were, however, heavy, and it is unknown if the survivors would be sufficient to reach the objectives inside the voidship.

Combat Reports for L-I-0527


The Liberation of Fuschal
Fuschal Ribbon.png 003.010.M31 System Wide Ongoing

Prelude to War

When compared to the scale of the civil war, or even to the chaos rolling ..→


Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 2 126.010.M31 Fuschal System Ongoing

The initial stages of the Liberation were an almost complete success, exceeding the most generous predictions of the attached Logi-Prognosticator of the fleet. With the Interdiction ships and covert ..→

The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 3 249.010.M31 Fuschal System Ongoing

The attack on the traitors in orbit around Yuglenia was a mixed success for the liberation fleet. While it is true the world-killer Eschaton was reduced to a burnt-out hulk, a significant ..→

The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6 625.010.M31 Empusa Ongoing

Up until the third day of the Loyalist's splinter attack on the death world, tactical prognoses were generally favourable. Some of the loyalist successes could be put down to the efforts of the ..→