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The Righteous Blade
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Strike swift and sure, leave no foe behind

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Legio I

Legio Name:

The Dark Angels Legion




The Righteous Blade







Led by newly appointed Praetor Johannes Baas, the 41st Chapter of the 14th Order of Dark Angels are composed of recent recruits with a core of original Calibanite Knights. Johannes was trained by the Order of Caliban to hunt the monsters that lurked deep in its forests. He learned the hard way that no one style of fighting was better than another, and that everything is a weapon when your life depends upon it. Having seen many of his brothers perish at the maw of the vile beasts, Johannes feels keenly the loss of each of the men under his command. A symbol of the Chapter, several Terranic Great Swords were gifted to Johannes upon his appointment, the use of which he has granted to his senior advisors.

Johannes is a Knight of the Order and an inducted member of the Ravenwing. Never comfortable in the confines of transports, he can often be seen leading his forces from the front. Be it astride his warbike or strapped into a jump pack, Johannes yearns to take the battle to the foe as quickly as possible.


--The Battle for Eglurn--

The Righteous Blade saw their first actions as a new company on the fields of Maesta in the Eglurn system. Their engagements against the arch heretics of the Emperor's Children produced mixed results, but gained much in the way of battlefield data. A new style of combat was observed involving the fleshcrafted individuals of Fulgrim's 3rd Company, led by Lord Commander Eidolon. The weapons that they used were strange and exotic, using modified sound technology. The weapons subverted the Astartes protective measures and attacked directly their psyche.

Several training exercises were also undertaken with the warriors of the 10th Legion hosting the Righteous Blade. Ferrus Manus himself graced the field in one encounter, and Johannes was awed to see the will of the Emperor made manifest in one of his chosen sons. After being completely routed during the first exercise, the Dark Angels regathered and acquitted themselves well a second time.

--The Second Golloch War--

-The Death of Paterswold-

The 4114 were retasked to the doomed planet Pateswold in the Golloch system to assist their fellow Loyalist Legionaries. The sheer scale of devastation encountered was beyond anything they had seen previously, short of exterminatus. Hives burned at every corner of the horizon and the dead outnumbered the living a million to one. The Traitors had carpet bombed the world so extensively that the 4114's usual tactics had to be abandoned.

Notable Entities

Johannes Baas - Praetor of the 41st Chapter.

Godevaert de Jaager - Delegatus of the Chapter and second in command.

Bartelmeeus Schoonhoven - Head of the Librarius conclave and keeper of the keys.

Aelbrecht Geervliet - Chief Chaplain and keeper of traditions.

Engbrecht Dries - Master of Signals.

Marten van der Berg - Primaris Medicae, head of the Apothecary cadre.

Claes de Groot - Champion (interred in Contemptor armour).

Cornelius van het Hoff - 1st Sergeant of the 4th company of tactical marines.

Jurien Brunsman - Apothecary

Sieb Grootenboer - Apothecary

Lennert van der Gaag - Sergeant of Cataphrcatii squad Antigonus

Isaac Davenschot - Sergeant of Jetbike squad Boeman

Berg van Roojen - Sergeant of Jetbike squad Draek

Herman Grueben - Sergeant of Outrider squad Oude Rode Ogen

Henk Boonen - Sergeant of Outrider Squad Kabouter


Swarte Arent - Anvillus Dreadclaw

Vliegende Draek - Fire Rapetor

Wapen van Hoorn - Javelin Landspeeder

Gerechtigheid - Javelin Landspeeder

Vrijheid - Javelin Landspeeder

Combat Reports for L-I-4114


Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
Northern Front Ribbon.png

The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→

The Battle For Zereous

The Secrets of Vosculia


War ravages across the Eglurn system as the forces of ..→

The Second Golloch War
Golloch Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

The Golloch Cluster is a nebulous region of space containing thousands of ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~Eidolon's Folly 003.009.M31 Maestea Loyalist

The 3rd company of the Emperor's Children, led by Eidolon himself, stood ready amongst the shattered ruins of Maesta Tertius. The city had been laid to waste in the recent orbital bombardment from ..→

The Second Golloch War~Assault on Star Port EN-BE551N 164.009.M31 Gaul Draw

March - Geno Five Two

At the onset of the Heresy the Techno-archivists took full advantage of the emerging civil war. Delegations from Mechanicum agents loyal to the Warmaster had been ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Death of Paterswold 088.009.M31 Paters World Loyalist

February - Eye of Horus

Horus' great betrayal hit the rulers of Paterswold simultaneously with the news that a group of twenty industrialised worlds in the cluster's galactic north had sworn ..→

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