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2nd Chapter, 2nd Battalion
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"Nulli Secundus"

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Legio I

Legio Name:

The Dark Angels Legion




2/2nd Battalion







The 2/2nd Battalion of the Dark Angels have a higher proportion of Terran born marines than others. Whether this is coincidence, Praetor Raziel's discretion, or some other reason is not known for sure.

During The Crusade the 2/2nd operated under the banner of the rest of the legion and as such did not perform much of individual note until the outbreak of the Heresy, when the Lion was forced to spread his fleets to where they were needed most.

Their first major engagement as a separate force was the Baylonian Insurrection. Responding to the distress calls the fleet rushed headlong to the Imperial Seat of power in the region, only to find the palace in ruins due to the bombardment of the traitors, and being stormed by the Red Angel himself. The Ironwing of the 2/2nd fought across many planets of the system though was perhaps spread too thin to perform consistently, losing as many battles as it won and losing several high ranking officers to the blades of the traitors Lorgar and Angron.

As the fate of the Oteal system became clear the 2nd lead the rescue and retreat of the remaining Loyal Knight Households of the system, who withdrew alongside the Loyalists rather than let their engines fall into the hands of the traitors with the rest of the system. In this the Ironwing excelled, covering the retreat of the vast majority of the Loyal Knights.

Having successfully withdrawn with their allied Knights in tow, they made way to the rally point to regroup and prepare for the invasion of the traitor held Pyre system. In Pyre the 2nd assisted in the capture and defence of the refineries and asteroid belt. It was in no small part thanks to the 2nd that the Loyalists were able to secure enough fuel to push into the inner system and crush the traitors.

Following the completion of the Pyre campaign the 2/2nd has been called into the Second Compliance of Corabie to subdue the Rogue Governor. To this aim they have linked up with elements of the 2/3rd Battalion. The initial push into the system was confused, with several seemingly loyal forces falling for the governor's selfish ruse, and defending him against righteous loyalists and black-hearted traitors alike.

Notable Heroes

  • Praetor Raziel, "Prince of the Second" [Deceased: Uzgor, Oteal System]

Raziel's regal and secretive mannerisms have led some to term the "Prince" the "Angel of Mysteries". So invested is he in subterfuge one would never suspect he is of Terran stock. He is definitely his gene-father's son. Perhaps this is why he has avoided being stationed to Caliban like so many Terrans? Though who can tell the mind of The Lion?

Raziel has lead the 2/2nd to prefer a more mobile warfare than many other Legions of the era, with the Rhino forming his forces backbone more often than not.

His experiences in the Oteal campaign saw him develop his already prestigious reaction speed to preternatural levels in melee (+1 Init) and firefights (Skill: Preternatural Reactions), and to continue to fight on through wounds that would fell most other Praetors (+1 W).

Raziel's forces came into contact once more with the Word Bearers, the very same Word Bearers who had slain his second, Tamiel. Incensed, Raziel led a charge towards the Gal Vorbek who had killed his friend. However, in response to his challenge the monsters gene-father stepped forward from the Spartan. Even faced with the awesome power of a primarch, Raziel sought his vengeance. It ended as could only be expected, his death upon the ruins of the Hive cities of Uzgor.

  • Praetor Gadreel, "The Killing Blow" [Deceased: Baylon, Oteal System]

With multiple battle fronts opening in the Oteal system, "The Prince" appointed Gadreel as his Delegatus to lead the defence of Dur-Kazit while he secured the landing fields of Kych. Gadreel is known as The Killing Blow due to the immense Terranic Greatsword that he wields. It is said that he can slay almost any foe with but a single strike. In the fierce fighting on Dur-Kazit Gadreel was wounded while heroically staving off an Iron Warriors Praetor so that his companions could fall back.

Following the death of Raziel, Gadreel rose to the rank of Praetor of the 2nd Battalion, inheriting Raziel's mighty Paragon Blade.

Newly promoted, his crushing defeat of the World Eaters on Baylon saw him hone his considerable skill with a sword to even greater heights (+1WS), and improved even his transhuman reactions (+1 Init).

Gadreel has sworn to make the battalion into an extension of his fighting style, to craft the Ironwing into a mailed fist with which to strike a Killing Blow.

It was almost fate that saw Gadreel take his mailed fist to the capital world of Baylon, where his battalion would once again face Angron and his berzerker hordes. Though the Red Angel's transport was shot from the sky, the Butcher stepped out of the wreckage and made for the First Legion lines. Hoping to buy his heavy weapons time to re-calibrate, Gadreel and his command squad rushed to plug the hole in the line. The Primarch shrugged off blows that would have slain a lesser transhuman and slew Gadreel... just before barrage upon barrage of lascannons drove him down, and forced his retreat. The day was won, but the 2/2nd lost another proud leader.

  • Praetor Batariel,

Gadreel's first act following his promotion to Praetor was to appoint Batariel as his second. Batariel is of Calibanite stock, and clings to the Knightly codes of his home-world, wielding the signature Calibanite Blade with deadly efficiency.

It fell to Batariel to lead the withdrawal from the Oteal system following the loss of Gadreel. Refusing to abandon their allies in the system, he lead the recovery of the Knight Houses of Kych, guarding their withdrawal from Death Guard and <redacted>. Having secured the evacuation of their allies, they made a course for the Pyre system.

Once in the Pyre system Batariel sent a small force to occupy the prometheum refineries of the asteroid belt, and led the main bulk of the Ironwing to the Armoury of Pandora.

  • Delegatus Samyaza,

As the second of Praetor Batariel, Samyaza was sent to fortify and hold the newly captured refineries in the Bannatyne asteroid belt. Following the successful defence of the stations and capture of the umbilical cables, Samyaza reinforced the forces of his praetor on the Armoury world of Pandora.

  • Chaplain Tamiel, [Deceased: Cipaar, Oteal System]

Tamiel was Raziel's long standing second, and master of morale and discipline. Tamiel could tell a man's mind with such ease that some called him "The Perfection". Tamiel fell to the blades of the Word Bearer's Gal Vorbek while defending the Knight World Cipaar during the opening stages of the Baylonian Insurrection.

  • Chaplain Arakiel,

Arakiel has taken up the mantle of First Chaplain, and set to restoring the morale of the battalion following the loss of their two august leaders.

  • Centurion Azazel, "Master of Arms"

Azazel is a grim warrior. As the first Centurion of the 2/2nd it is said that he even trained their august Praetor. There has never been a casualty in the dueling cages under the watchful eyes of the "Master of Arms", and due to his carefully honed training regime it is said that the 2/2nd stand out even among the blademasters of the Legion I.

  • Brother-Librarian Armaros, "The Accursed"

As an initiate Amaros was chosen for training with the Librarius, and discovered that he was quite a talented psyker. He was swiftly promoted and assigned to the 2/2nd as their primary Librarian. Unfortunately his blessing became a curse after the Council of Nikaea, resulting in his swift fall from grace and demotion to battle-brother. After years of whispers behind his back and doubts about his loyalty due to his "curse", the events aboard the Invincible Reason led to The Lion rescinding the Edict and reinstating the Librarians. Amaros rose to the occasion, declaring that the curse laid upon him would become a curse for his enemies.

  • Vigilator Uriel, "The Watcher"

Shortly after the death of Tamiel reinforcements arrived from Caliban led by Vigilator Uriel and his Seekers. As a Terran, Raziel found it hard to trust these taciturn knights of Caliban, especially the timing of a unit specialised in decapitation strikes showing up so soon after his battalion's first major defeat. Perhaps there was some credibility to this as when Raziel fell at the hands of Lorgar, Uriel and his Seekers were far away having failed to achieve their objective.

  • Moritat Kokabiel, "The Angel of Stars"

Kokabiel is named for his preferred tactic of jump pack insertion, coupled with raining glowing radioactives and phosphorous on his enemies. His arrival on the battlefield is heralded by his horrific munitions, filling the sky like stars. Unsurprisingly he leads the battalion's Destroyer cadre. Kokabiel firmly believes in doing whatever is necessary to win, much to the chagrin of the Calibaintes among the I Legion.

  • Herald Israfel, Herald of the 2nd, "The Burning One"

  • Champion Shamsiel, Champion of the 2nd, "Guardian of the Gates"

The Champion of the 2nd was in the vanguard of the assault on the promethium stations of Pyre, leading the breachers through the hordes of World Eaters and Daemons. Following the capture of the station he stayed on under the new Delegatus to secure the fuel production while the main force moved on to take the umbilical, so that the fuel could be transferred to waiting fleets.

  • Primus Medicae Raphael, "Master of Healing"

  • Forge Lord Baraqiel, "The Lightning"

  • Praevian Sariel, "The Voice of Iron"

  • Seige Breaker Samiel, "The Angel of Destruction"

Anyone who has seen the Angel of Destruction at work understands how he earned his name. Samiel was the orchestrator of the assault on the Banatyne asteroid fuel stations. While Champion Shamsiel was the hammer, he was the hand who directed where to fall.

  • Ancient Hasdiel, Contemptor Dreadnought

The venerable Ancient Hasdiel was invaluable in the tight corridors of stations in the asteroid belt, battling waves of berzerkers and daemons of all sizes.

Allied Elements of the 3rd Battalion

  • Praetor Chazaqiel, "The Shooting Star"

Meeting the forces of the 2nd Battalion in Corabie was Praetor Chazaqiel and his 3rd battalion. Chazaqiel favours riding into battle on a Jetbike, and it is this habit that earned him his nickname. As the highest ranking member of the Ravenwing in the sector he has been seconded to assist Praetor Batariel and provide rapid deployment to complement Batariel's Ironwing and Deathwing.

  • Champion Bezaliel, Champion of the 3rd.

Know as "The Shadow" for both his ability to lead his Outriders in ambush, and the fact that he seems forever fated to stand in the shadow of his Praetor's achievements, Bezaliel is also a member of the Chapters Ravenwing and accompanies his Praetor on the battlefield, providing fast moving ground support to complement the aerial attacks of the battalion's Jetbikes.


+++Baylonian Insurrection: Act 3+++

Praetor Raziel, "Prince" of the First Legion's Second battalion, once again felt the distinctive vibration as the Neutron Laser Projector beam came tearing past his position, and watched as the Traitorous Forge Lord (and the battlement he was standing upon) were torn apart at the molecular level. Just before Raziel could challenge him.

This was beginning to become tiresome.

He had yet to even wet his blade. Any enemy he approached seemed to be torn apart by either the vicious beams of the Sicaran Venator, or hyperaccellerated rounds of it's standard brother-Sicaran. It seemed no foe could escape the watchful eyes of his heavy support.

As he watched the remanining Sons of Horus being mopped up by the Pride of his Legion, he mused that as far as nuisances went, a lack of targets was far from the worst he could think of.


Raziel returned to the other end of the Oteal System, leaving Delegatus Gadreel to hold their newly conquered bastion on Dur-Kazit.

Hours later, Gadreel was desperately clashing with a formidable Iron Warrior. Things had not gone as anticipated for his defenders.

The Prince had entrusted Gadreel with two squads of veteran Legionaires in nigh-impenetrable Cataphractii armour and 2 supporting Contemptor Dreadnoughts. And yet Gadreel had walked straight into a trap. Between the Iron Warrior's Mortis Contemptor, Rapiers and Doredo there was not much left of the proud warriors that he had entered the field with.

In a desperate bid to allow some of his men to escape the carnage and report back, Gadreel threw himself at the enemy Praetor, knowing that he only needed a single blow to slay them outright, yet he could not penetrate their mighty armour. Wounded and spent, he took some comfort seeing that he had at least slowed the enemy enough for his men to withdraw, dragging his wounded form with them.

+++Ashes of Pyre: Phase 2, Chapter 1+++

Shamsiel was uneasy. "I thought you said this station would be contested?" he voxxed. "I am sure you will have ample chance to wet your blade Champion." Samiel replied tersely. "I do not tell you how to fight a duel, so perhaps you will not tell me how to assault a fortress brother?". Shamsiel sighed. "Point taken Seige Breaker. I just feel that it is too quiet, and I grow impatient for the enemy to show himself." He was cut off by a priority vox. "Contact" rumbled the distorted voice of Ancient Hasdiel. "It is the XIIth legion". "I told you they could not resist a choke point such as this" Samiel responded, his smirk almost audible down the vox line. Shamsiel did not reply to the ribbing, simply drew his blade, and waited for his cousins of the XII, whose roars and screaming blades already echoed down the corridors.


They had been overconfident. After the World Eaters broke on their disciplined fire and fell back, Shamsiel and his men had pursued. Almost the second they had left a cohesive position, daemons appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. In the cramped corridors, and horribly drawn out of formation, the breachers could not draw an effective field of fire, and were cut down by swarms of Darmonettes. If not for Ancient Hasdiel throwing himself at the Keeper of Secrets, there would have been no chance to withdraw. The shame of his failure burned in Shamsiel's mind. But it was ameliorated by the knowledge that they had drawn off sufficient forces for his brothers elsewhere to secure the station. "Even in death we still serve" he muttered to himself as he lead the survivors back to the rally point.

+++Ashes of Pyre: Phase 2, Chapter 1+++

"Delegatus," Praetor Batariel's voice crackled through the vox bead in Samyaza's helm. "You must capture the umbilical and hold the asteroid with what you have. The Ironwing is needed on Pandora and we cannot reinforce you."

"Yes Praetor." he replied. "I have reinforced the Assault team with squads of veterans. If the traitors come, we will blow them back into space."

Batariel seemed to chuckle. "See that you do Samyaza. Nulli Secundus." "Nulli Secundus." responded Delegatus Samyaza.

Shamsiel, champion of the Second regarded Samyaza from his side, though he had not been included on the channel he could tell the Praetor had been in touch. "Well Delegatus? What news from the Praetor?".

"The Ironwing go to Pandora, we are to hold the asteroids and retake the umbilical."

"Surely my Assault team could have handled the simple task. Why the extra troops?"

"That kind of overconfidence is why Champion. Our intel shows that the Word Bearers are en route, as are reinforcements for the World Eaters and warp storms suggest daemonic reinforcements as well."

"Ah" remarked Shamsiel.

"Yes. Ah." snapped Samyaza. "You need to focus on more than the man in front of you want to win this war Champion."

"Well, that's why you are the Delegatus, and I am the best swordsman in the company. You focus on the war, and I will focus on the man you put in front of me." responded Shamsiel nonchalantly.


Hours later the voice of Praetor Batariel came in over the vox bead. "Delegatus, report."

"We hold my Lord." relied Samyaza. "despite early losses to the Word Bearers, and a daemonic attack on the station, we regrouped with other I Legion forces and drove the XII and XVII away from the umbilical. The fuel lines are secure, and our enemy goes thirsty."

"Excellant work Delegatus. Now let us see what secrets Armoury Pandora holds." Batariel smirked, "Nulli Secundus."

"Nulli Secundus, lord." replied Samyaza, turning to organise his forces for redeployment.


Combat Reports for L-I-5246


Ashes of Pyre
Ashes Ribbon.png

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, ..→

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The Second Compliance of Corabie

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Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 1 139.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With the recall of all Imperial forces to the Trugoy System leaving the Oteal system largely defenseless the Governor based on Laigach prepared his forces for invasion from the enemy on two ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 3 216.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Maintaining the momentum from their advances in the previous stage of the Campaign the Traitors fleet secured the naval lane between Dur-Kazit and Laigach while the Loyalists continued to ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 6 388.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With both forces reaching a certain level of impasse the Campaign entered a new stage of attrition; both factions launching harassing assaults against each others strongholds in an attempt to break ..→

Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 1

As if by mutual agreement the initial attempts of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces on Corabie to secure territory and resources for their respective host hives concentrated on the Dilari ..→

Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 2

Withdrawing from the Dilari Wastelands early, foreseeing their defeat in that area, the Loyalists instead regrouped and made an early sprint for an area which had caught their attention; The Sultor ..→

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