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Dark Angels 23rd Order, 4th Chapter

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Legio I

Legio Name:

The Dark Angels Legion




Barachiel's Host




User:Ryan El'Jonson



Command Staff

Chapter Master Barachiel-

Among those who were in command prior to the discovery of Caliban, Barachiel was held in little regard, with no major achievements to his name and his host achieving relative mediocrity amongst the ranks of the 1st Legion. To say that they were mediocre, however, would be a vastly incorrect inference, as being Astartes they were still some of the most heroic beings in the Imperium. Taking part in the purges of many minor Xenos species, Barachiel began to make a name for himself after the arrival of the Lion, his Gene-Father and Primarch. Quelling anti-Imperial rebellion and slaying great Xenos beasts, his name came to be synonymous with compliance, as by his sword many enemy warlords have been put to death. At the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, Barachiel, utterly loyal to the Lion although one of the few remaining Terrans at his side, and his ebon hosts were eager to wreak havoc on the traitors that had fallen from the Emperor’s Light, and found themselves at the forefront of Lion El’Jonson’s battle-lines. Whether this is by coincidence or the result of the Lion’s tactical genius is not known, although it is clear that they are definitely where they belong, as the traitors came to know the mailed fist of Caliban. After the battles of Thramas, Barachiel has been sent to the Oteal System, to assist the Loyalist forces there in what is known as the 'Baylonian Insurrection,' and has only just made a beachhead.

Librarian Zakai

Zakai has received a great advantage in the early days of the Age of Darkness, as the Perditus campaign led to the reinstatement of the Librarius by Lion El’Jonson. Many, even those in Barachiel’s Host, disagree with the idea, pointing out that it is against the Emperor’s own command at the Council of Nikaea. Barachiel, however, acknowledges the tactical advantage that it gives, especially against the forces of the daemonic, meaning that Zakai has returned to the blue surplice of the Librarius, being the only one able to wield such psychic powers among Barachiel's men.

Brother Redemptor Nero

Nero, like many of the younger members of the Dark Angels, originates from Caliban. However, his origin comes not from the ranks of the Knightly Orders, but from the scores of aspirants that flocked to Aldurukh from the villages upon the arrival of the Astartes. He carries a deep emotional scar, as his father, one of the revered Knights of the Order, was brutally slain during the campaign into the wilds led by Lion El’Jonson, to exterminate the Great Beasts. It is for this reason that Nero joined the Dark Angels, as he wished not only to bring honour to his fallen father’s legacy, but also to prevent the weak from experiencing the loss that he did. He rose through the ranks of the Legion throughout the Great Crusade, and is now one of the Chaplains of the Legion, referred to as ‘Brother Redemptor’ as are all Chaplains within the Dark Angels.

Primus Medicae Raphael

The Medicae known as Raphael does not have much of a combat history to record, as he is known to occupy much more of a support role in the First Legion. A lead member of the Apothecarion, he takes on the duties of gene-seed recovery and tending to the wounded, although this does not exclude him from performing said duties during the course of a major battle. The necessity of such a role to be performed close to the front lines lead to Raphael adopting the relatively new Cataphractii pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour throughout most of the Heresy, it's near-excessive protection keeping the venerated Apothecary safe.

Moritat Raziel

The ‘Angel of Death’ as he is known by the Calibanite Jaeger auxiliaries attached to Barachiel’s fleet, is a largely unknown figure, seen as one of renown, yet also a subject of great fear. As a Calibanite, he was a member of the Order of the Raven’s Wing, which made him value the ability to survive on his own in even the most hostile of environments. Once he was inducted into the Legion, however, he did not join the bike mounted Ravenwing, instead choosing to operate as a lone killer. His preference of the Volkite Serpenta and Bolt Pistol, which he operates at blinding speeds, has led to the destruction of many large enemy formations, and those with little to no armour are quickly destroyed by the rapid bursts of his pistols. His psyche has shattered in the late crusade, the vast horrors of the Rangdan Xenocides having taken their toll on his mind and leaving him fearful of what lies beyond the light of the Astronomican. This mental toll, and his solo nature, has led to him being distrusted by many of his fellow Astartes, a common occurrence amongst those who adopt the Moritat mantle, and amongst the mortal auxiliaries he is trusted by none, although feared by many.

Heroes of the Host

Terminator Sergeant Arioch

Sergeant Arioch leads his squad in the every command of his Praetor, and a mutual respect has formed between them due to Arioch and his unit commonly acting as Barachiel's honour guard. While the rest of his squad wield the cumbersome power fists and chainfists, making them forces to be reckoned with against larger targets, such as the beasts of the Orks, heavy infantry and vehicles, he utilizes a single lightning claw, made to shred through anything short of terminator armour. This has proven immensely useful in the Age of Darkness, as Astartes on Astartes combat becomes increasingly more common.

Contemptor Mortis Malachi

Malachi is an ancient member of the Legion, whose internment in a Contemptor chassis occurred prior even to the reunification with the Lion. One of the first uses of the ‘Mortis’ pattern configuration, he is an expert on using his weapons on both ground and air targets, shredding infantry and aircraft alike with his Kheres Assault Cannons.

Contemptor Gideon

Gideon, like Malachi, is one of the oldest in Barachiel's host, although his internment occurred much later, under the command of the Lion. Gideon is the opposite of Malachi in temperament however, as while Malachi would sit at safe range and mow down his enemies from afar, Gideon much prefers to get up close and personal, “making the most of his situation.” For this use, he is equipped with a Multi-Melta and Power Fist, enabling him to destroy enemy armour with impunity, and smash down those who would close the distance with him.

Seeker Sergeant Barak

Sergeant of one of the elite ‘Seeker’ squads, Barak is renowned as both hunter and assassin, going back to his childhood on Caliban. As a child living on the borders of the forests, a sheer necessity for survival was the skill in killing, both of the twisted beasts from outside and from internal threats. After joining the ranks of the Legion, he quickly mastered the tactics of the Seekers, and his unit were to achieve much in the years prior to the Horus Heresy. Their combi-plasmas reaped disaster amongst the ranks of enemies, and on the onset of the Heresy they found a new use against the command figures and more well-armoured traitors.

Heavy Support Sergeant Cephas

Cephas is the anvil of the Host, an immovable rock that holds fast the Legion’s war efforts. His unit wield dangerous, ancient technology, from deep in the bowels of Aldurukh. These Stasis Missiles are great for both capture and as a support weapon, stunning their target and making it easier for their fellow Dark Angels to kill their prey.

Heavy Support Sergeant Gilead

Gilead is one of the ‘heavy assets’ employed by the First Legion, and like Cephas, his squad employs rare technology believed to date back to the Dark Age. The hailstorm of monomolecular acid rounds brought on by the unit tear down all living things who stand before them, the rounds being enough to take out even terminators with well-placed shots.

Tactical Sergeant Barukh

A more veteran sergeant to his battle-brother Guryon, Barukh is the most senior of all members of the tactical squads. He is respected enough in the Legion to have been given a prototype MkVI helm, assisting in his command abilities greatly. Like Barukh, he wields artificer-wrought armour and a power fist, helping him weather the blows of enemies and kill them quickly.

Tactical Sergeant Guryon

Guryon, though not as venerable as Barukh, is a well-respected sergeant within the host, and his martial skill is second to none. While not wielding such state-of-the-art armour as Barukh, he is equipped with the same gear, which he makes great use of tearing apart the champions of the enemy, having many notable kills to his name.

Tactical Support Sergeant Mordecai

The Dark Angels Legion utilise many unorthodox and ancient forms of weaponry, and while their use of regular plasma and volkite weapons is well known, other forms of weapon are less well known. The archaic Plasma Repeater is something Squad Mordecai put to use often, and Barachiel values the tactical flexibility and firepower such a weapon offers. The short range of the guns is seen by Mordecai as a small drawback for something so tactically useful.

Combat Reports for L-I-6111


Baylonian Insurrection
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Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 5 350.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Attempting to reconsolidate their position on Dur-Kazit the Traitors forces launches a series of offensives in an effort to retake the entire planet and maintain their control. While somewhat ..→

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