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Iron Warriors 54th Grand Company
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Legio IV

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The Iron Warriors Legion




The Immortals




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The 54th Grand Company (the Immortals) was founded on Olympia immediately after the Legion was reunited with the IV Primarch, Perturabo. The rank and file of the unit were part of the first muster from the new Homeworld, but the officer cadre were off-worlders, primarily Long serving Terrans. The pragmatic nature of the legion, further entrenched by Perturabo, rendered any cultural differences inconsequential in terms of combat effectiveness, but did play a part in shaping the Immortal’s ‘soul’. The Olympians had been raised with the legend of Perturabo told as childhood bedtime stories, they knew of his historic feats of intellect and skill, and the honour they felt at being selected to serve in his Legion was immense. However, their Olympian provenance also spared them the Decimation suffered by the rest of the Legion. The officers of the 54th had been forced to beat some of their most trusted comrades to death at the order of this stranger, Perturabo. They followed the order as dutiful soldiers but never forgot how it galled them to do so. This led to a deeply rooted, top down culture of accepting the Primarch as their field commander, but that all Astartes ultimately answer to the Emperor (who founding-Praetor Aedilos had personally served under in the Mehr Yasht campaign on Venus). As the Great Crusade wore on and attrition caused the promotion of Olympian officers to replace fallen Terrans this quirk of loyalty remained a strong undercurrent in the company.

The Olympian Rebellion

The 54th were recalled from 8 years of garrison duty for the campaign to eliminate the the Hrud. Unfortunately, during the opening days of this campaign Praetor Aedilos fell in battle. Acting command was assumed by Keion Orthus. The Immortal’s were at the Primarch’s side when word reached him about the rebellion on Olympia. The entire taskforce was redeployed to quell the uprising. The Immortal’s performed admirably during the war, notably routing the enemy in several major armoured engagements despite causing heavy civilian casualties. For his ‘admirable zeal in persecuting the enemy’ Orthus was promoted to Praetor of the 54th. He immediately requested the Company be reassigned to the 314th Expeditionary Fleet operating autonomously; this request was granted, along with a significant increase in the armoured resources of the 54th in honour of their new Praetor’s excellence in armoured warfare.

Keion Orthus

An Olympian whose rise through the ranks was steady, but not meteoric, Othrus only ever served in the 54th. He was earmarked for a command position early in his career not because of his planning & logistics skills or his battlefield acumen (these are expected of every Iron Warrior), but because of his charismatic communication skills; a rarity in the IV Legion. Orthus born a man raised to idolise the Primarch and an Astartes indoctrinated to venerate the Emperor. One of those two heroes had just promoted him for murdering his own homeworld, the other he’d never even seen with his own eyes, aloof and uncaring. The request for autonomous operations was to give Orthus, and the rest of his majority Olympian 54th time to put their recent actions behind them and contribute honourably to the Great Crusade.

The Horus Heresy

The Immortals, operating autonomously didn’t respond to the muster call for the Isstvan Campaign, and consequently weren’t present at the Dropsite Massacres. It is unknown if the mustering orders didn’t reach Orthus, or if he simply choose not to respond. However, what is known is that elements of the 54th have been sighted in several disparate locations since the outbreak of open hostilities. Grainy pict captures transmitted during or recovered after battle appear to show the Orthus’ forces supporting other Iron Warrior forces at Paramar, Phall and Hydra Cordatus, while seemingly opposing the IV Legion at Tallarn. The reports sight small numbers of Immortals seemingly working to their own agenda and performing actions detrimental to both sides during actions. There is also unconfirmed intelligence of communication between the 54th and Ultramarines 199th ‘Aegida’ company, although what that message was in unknown. The Company hasn’t been sighted at full combat strength and the most recent 134th Expeditionary Force records show that the Immortals had not suffered any significant loss of strength and had actually been recruiting during the close of the Great Crusade. Presently, there are no reports of personal sightings of Keion Orthus and his status is currently unknown.

Combat Reports for L-IV-0454


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