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IV Legion,78th Grand Battalion
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Legio IV

Legio Name:

The Iron Warriors Legion




The Hammer of Iron






Ares Hector

IVth Legion 
78th Grand Battalion
Allegiance: Fedelitas Constantus

Ares Hector was recruited as an adolescent from during the unification wars on Terra. Thought many things are shrouded in mystery from these early days, it is believed that he originates from one of the warlike gun-tribes, blood grieves and Tek-enclaves of the Auro Plateau of Sek-Amrak on ancient Terra. Initiated into the 78th Grand Battalion, he fought his way up through its ranks by dint of excellence and stoic devotion to duty. Ares saw extensive service during the Great Crusade and by the time of the recovery of The Lord of Iron, Perturabo, had assumed command of the 23rd Expeditionary Fleet. However with the Primarchs edict of decimation the 78th Grand Battalions was one of the formations judged wanting and it suffered greatly during the purge of the Legion. Ares survived this but was punished by demotion to the rank of Captain. Following the decimation much of the 78th was sent to garrison Kaloran in continued punishment for their Primarch’s ill-favor. Like a number of IV Legion garrisons and detachments dispersed across the Imperium and all but forgotten, had become almost completely self-sustaining by the end of the Great Crusade, and when the Horus Heresy came, he and his forces was utterly ignorant of their Legion’s betrayal. However Are’s stoic loyalty to the Emperor, The Great Crusade and the Imperium was to be proven time and time again during the dark days of the Heresy. He never forgave or forgot his Primarch’s act of decimation and it was with bitter pride he fought the forces of the Warmaster and his allies.

Combat Reports for L-IV-2336


The Burning of Scandus Prime
Scandus bar.png 790.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Emperors dreams and hope are in ruin, his trust proved false, and his brightest son fallen to ..→

The Lincon Heresy
Lincon Ribbon.jpg

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan III and the galaxy plunged into civil war, confusion ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Cometh the Red Angel 890.007.M31 Lincon Majoris Traitor

In the smoldering remains of wrecks and debris in high orbit above the Urgall Depression, Horus called a meeting of the Primarchs aboard his flagship, the Vengeful Spirit. Five of the Primarchs, ..→

Sabotage in the Underhive 775.007.M31 Kaska'Irilis Traitor

Captain Kerberos Cephalus went through is pre-battle equipment checks. Everything was ready and his paragon blade sublimely named the ‘Clever’ hummed hungry in his hand. He surveyed the ..→

The Battle for Lincon Secondus 063.008.M31 Lincon Secondus Loyalist

As the fleets of the Warmasters invasion forces spread like a wildfire throughout the Lincon System. Steaming towards Lincon Secundus was the infamous Gloriana Class Battleship, The Conqueror, who ..→

The battle for Perimeter Fort Delta Foxtrot 682.007.M31 Ark'alask Septimus Loyalist

The sound of Volkite and Bolters fire could be heard in the distance as Captain Jericho Mayanor of the Imperial Fists 4th Company readied his men for the attack on the traitors still holding out ..→

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