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Matvei's 2980th Grand Company
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Legio IV

Legio Name:

The Iron Warriors Legion




Earth Eaters







War Smith Matvei is of of Olympian decent and has never been anything but a pure blood Iron Warrior. Matvei studied the Iron Lords teachings his entire life, while also testing his own ability to create and dismantle. During his studies, Matvei favoured the esoteric writings of theorems, arts and the histories of conquered worlds. He cared more for the ancient philosophies of the conquered civilisations of Imperium rather then their mechanical wonders, but it was a heady time of exploration for him as he was a tool utilised by his Father. He would burry himself in studies whenever he got the chance. Matvei got along well with his fellow Seige Breaker as they all shared a love of learning, and a hunger to know new things. Matvei is a reflection of his father Perturabo whom the natural ebb and flow of friendship did not came easily. His friendship was not easily achieved, but his loyalty, once won, was as unbreakable as the hardest iron. He would follow his Father to the Eye of Terror and back.

125th Expeditionary Fleet

Matvei along with the majority of his brothers were in the 125th Expeditionary Fleet, into which Perturabo drew the bulk of his Legion's strength, their Fathers force quickly became the battering ram of the Great Crusade. It was through these long years of warfare that his metal had been tested and found him as hard as iron. He ascended through the ranks quickly never being held in the same position to long once he had obtained the skills and exceeded proficiency for that role. Tactical Mrine, Sergeant, Tech Marine, Praevian then Seige Breaker to name a few. He believed that the best way to utilise any tool is to have a first hand knowledge on how they should be used.Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Combat Reports for L-IV-2980


Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
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The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→


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