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88th Grand Battalion

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Legio IV

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The Iron Warriors Legion




The 88th




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The 88th Grand Battalion, usually referred to as simply The 88th, are exceptionally loyal Iron Warriors, and serve Perturabo's wishes. Their ranks are constantly replaced; attrition and constant fighting taking the toll on the battalion. But they hold strong and continue to accomplish missions in the only way the Iron Warriors know how.

Notable Heroes & Leaders

  • Warsmith Kanok - Cold and Calculating, Kanok has overseen the 88th Grand Battalion since it's inception. Typical for a Praetor of the Iron Warriors, he is brutal and uncaring, sending those under his command to where they are needed most. A veteran of countless campaigns, and a champion of as many battles. His tactical acumen now focuses on distributing the forces of the 88th from on board the Dunraven, the mobile command centre for the 88th.
  • Warsmith Drachmor - Once a decorated Forge Lord of the 91st Grand Battalion, but after a devastating battle against an Iron Hands Chapter, Drachmor and half a dozen other Iron Warriors were the only ones to walk away. Folding the marines into the 88th, Drachmor is in charge of maintaining the mechanised forces of the 88th.
  • Siege Breaker Seknon - Ruthless and willing to do anything to break the enemy, body, soul and mind. Seknon is well known for his willingness to utilise every tool at his disposal, even relishing in the use of truly terrifying weapons such as phosphex and rad phage.
  • Delegatus Elyrus - Elyrus is the youngest in the command circle of the 88th, but his tactical acumen and skill in melee has seen him earn the respect of those who serve under him. He drives the Iron Warriors forward, inspiring them to march fearlessly towards the enemy under a hail of bolter fire.
  • Vigilator Garanux - Garanux, sneaky and callous, he delights in nothing more than a well laid ambush on an unexpecting enemy. He constantly tinkers and improves his bolter, his pride and joy, looking down the sights at an enemy before letting loose a well placed bolt shell.
  • Chaplain Fardel - Master of the Flame and leader of Fardel's Flamers. A ruthless support squad who all share Fardel's relish for the chance to burn their enemies.
  • Chaplain Bakhar - Bakhar drives those under his command forth with stern silence and barely contained fury. He rarely speaks, but when he does, his voice rings robotically after suffering life threatening wounds to his throat. The repairs resulting in his throat being replaced with intricate cybernetics.
  • Force Commander Kaznok - Kaznok was an aspiring Iron Warrior of the 29th Grand Battalion when he fell in battle. But he wasn't slain, he climbed to his feet, lost and left to die. Finding his way to a nearby Imperial Penal Colony, the war that had ravaged much of the planet had left the Penal Colony lacking leadership. Until he set foot through the door and set himself up as the leader of the force. Uncaring to those beneath his command, after a few decades he managed to make contact with the 88th, and offered the services of the entire penal colony for anything that Kanok required them for.

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