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105th Grand Battalion

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Unidentified marine of squad Orestes


Legio IV

Legio Name:

The Iron Warriors Legion




The 105th Grand Battalion







One of the many vessels to come from the shipyards of Olympia, the Truth of Logic has been a part of the 105th Grand Battalion for nearly a decade, being commanded by Warsmith Kobol the entire time. Designed for planetary assault, the Truth of Logic boasts numerous launch bays to facilitate the rapid deployment of troops from orbit, as well as various powerful cannons to provide support once the initial landing forces are deployed. Kobol has also ensured that his ship has large enough cargo holds to hold any hardware that his forces can salvage.

Before the Heresy, the 105th Grand Battalion were operating as the main military might of the 2345th Expeditionary Fleet, pushing deep into the Northern Fringe of the galaxy. The Battalion became self-sufficient out of necessity, forming close ties with the attached Mechanicum delegation and Imperial Army regiments that made up the 2345th. When their primarch ordered their return, the soldiers were pleased with an opportunity to rest and resupply, only to be immediately deployed onto Istvaan V.

Following the battle on Istvaan V, the 105th Grand Battalion has split, with certain elements being left behind to take part in clean up operations whilst the rest followed the main IVth Legion fleet to Phall. Despite his orders, Kobol is unwilling to spend more time rooting out meager handfuls of survivors than absolutely necessary, and has already made preparations to move on from the system.

Current Commander

Warsmith Kobol is the Captain of the battleship The Truth of Logic, and an Olympian by birth. Quiet and competent, he has risen through the ranks of his Legion thanks to fortune as much as thanks to his skills. He has proven himself an able starship commander, specializing in boarding assaults. This came about from his penchant to treat enemy ships as more fortresses to fall beneath the hammer that is the IVth.

Notable Characters

Siege Breaker Cython

Born of Olympia, Cython always preferred construction to destruction. Born to a family of architects, he was nevertheless called upon to serve the IVth Legion, and proved himself worthy of ascension. Even when he became a marine, Cython preferred more scholarly pursuits, spending large amounts of time studying various literary works as well as mathematical theorems, building upon his architectural knowledge. Kobol saw the warrior's talent at identifying weak points in fortifications, and assigned him to the Truth of Logic's assault forces, trusting him to direct the offense whenever the Warsmith was unavailable.

Cython stands ready to deploy to Istvaan V upon the location of the main force of surviving loyalists.

Moritat Idris

One of the few terrans left within the ranks of the 10th, Idris once served in the assault contingent of the Truth of Logic before his poor leadership during the taking of the xeno vessel known as the Scarred Star resulted in his squad failing their objective to take the bridge. He alone survived, dragging his half functioning body back to the boarding craft to await aid. As punishment, Kobol appointed him as the company's Moritat, tasked with stalking the corridors of enemy ships and wiping out any targets of opportunity. Further, his armour was marked with honor emblems to make him a priority target for enemies, making him also a distraction during boarding actions.

During the dropsite massacre, Idris was tasked with holding one of the outlying bunkers making up the Iron Warriors defences, classified as Outpost T34, when it came under attack by a splinter group of the Salamander's 2nd Company. Though he managed to slay the enemy commander, the vengeful cataphracts of the Salamanders levelled the building he had taken cover in. Buried in the rubble for two days, he was finally dug out by Kobol and Janus when they arrived with forces to investigate what had happened.

He is currently on assignment on the plains of Istvaan V.

Primaris Medicae Janus

A warrior who was inducted into the Legion at the same time as Kobol, Janus undertook apothecary training soon after becoming a full marine. His talent in the field of medicine and surgery was soon recognized, and he often found himself assigned to honor guard units. Thanks to his talents, he and those he served alongside managed to survive time and time again, until he was finally rewarded with the position of Primaris Medicae. Recently, Janus was 'gifted' with a suit of Terminator armour by the Emperors Children in return for the safe return of their geneseed that he had harvested upon the plains of Istvaan V.

Janus is currently stationed aboard the Truth of Logic, performing his duties as part of the 105th Grand Battalion's Apothecarion.

Famous Battles

No records are available at this time.

Slate of Organization and Equipment

Command Staff

105th Grand Battalion, led by Warsmith Kobol. Commands the battleship The Truth of Logic.

Forum of Consuls on board the Truth of Logic

Delegatus Aldor (Commander of the 1st Grand Company. Captain of the Ironwrought)

Centurion Axiom (Commander of the 2nd Grand Company)

Siege Breaker Cython (Commander of the 3rd Grand Company)

Vigilator Haskell (Commander of the 9th Grand Company)

Master of Signal Bertrand Konnig

Chaplain Deesel

Librarian Escher

Champion Ferite

Forge Lord Godel

Moritat Idris

Primaris Medicae Janus

Praevian Cotlin

Veteran Detachment under command of Kobol

The Logic Guard - Honour guard.

The Hammer - Tartaros equipped terminators.

The Anvil - Cataphract equipped terminators.

Units assigned to the command of Siege Breaker Cython

Squad Orestes – Twenty man breacher squad.

Squad Salmoneus – Ten man breacher squad.

Squad Minos – Ten man breacher squad.

Units assigned to Centurion Axiom

Squad Iolaus – Twenty man tactical squad.

Squad Draco – Ten man support squad.

Squad Lyceus – Twenty man Tactical squad.

Units assigned to Vigilator Haskell

Squad Autolycus – Recon squad equipped with shotguns.

Squad Solan – Seeker squad.

Squad Borias – Recon squad equipped with sniper rifles.

The Armory, overseen by Forge Lord Godel

Contemptor Dreadnoughts (Iphicles, Mabon, Momus, Bahadur).

Variety of drop pods and boarding craft.

Variety of troop carriers and tanks.

Malcador Assault Tanks.

Apothecarion, overseen by Primaris Medicae Janus

Apothecary Jason

Apothecary Deon

Mechanicum Auxiliaries

Formation Djinn - Thallax Cohort

House Yorickson Auxiliaries

House Yorickson Men-At-Arms

House Yorickson Knights

Fortification Blueprints

Wall of Martyrs

Combat Reports for L-IV-3533


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