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When Night falls, Angels Rise


Legio IX

Legio Name:

The Blood Angels Legion




The Steel Angels







The Steel Angels, the 243rd, are a company of the IXth that takes pride in the tasks that other companies of the legion shun or look down on. They are the tool that Sanguinius turns to when the standard tactics or methods are not enough. Whilst they are still fully capable of the traditional rapid assaults that the IXth are famed for. They are also conversant with heavy artillery, siege breaking and the dark arts of the destroyer. By taking on these roles, that bring little glory and much unrecognised work, they embody the self-sacrifice that is a key component of their primarch. Much reduced after Signis Prime, the chapter was prioritised for reinforcements once it became clear that Terra was the prime target of the traitors. The Steel Angels would go on to play a key role in the defence of Terra; their jetbikes and jumpack equipped troops joining the White Scars in the attack on Lion's Gate space-port.

At the time of Signis Prime the 243rd was commanded by Captain Eremiel.

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Praetor: Captain Eremiel

Eremiel is noted for riding into war mounted on his favoured Scimitar jetbike. Accompanied by his trusted command squad, few can stand before their charge. However as befits the commander of the 131st he also has a suit of Cataphracti terminator armour within his personal armoury, for when the work gets truly brutal. Eremiel is a native of the icy wastes of northern Baal.

Centurion: Master of Signal Amanceo

Centurion Amanceo is the master of signal, and therefore the master of artillery for the 131st. His expertise in bombardment has turned many a battle in the favour of the IXth. A veteran of Terra, he is a close confident of Eremiel and a key factor in the development of the Steel Angel's current specialisation.

Combat Reports for L-IX-2431


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