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Legio IX

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The Blood Angels Legion




Flavius's Felix







Flavius's Felix were famed during the early stages of the crusade for their alpha strike tactics. Acquiring the nickname Falvius's Felix from their Preator's name Flavius, and Felix from the ancient Terran language, Felix meaning happiness and fortunate, the L-IX-7098 often found to be happy and fortunate in the thick of close combat. Striking with meticulous precision, and preferring to rout the enemy through a quick, bloody and decisive close quarters campaign, rather than a slow and grudging siege affair. They strongly favoured the use of drop pods and deep strike units. Often recognising and favouring their leaders who exceled in combat. Unlike some of their fellow brother chapters, the legionnaires were always encouraged to prove themselves in combat and hone their skills in the art of warfare, before concerning themselves a clean and well polished appearance. Although the L-IX-7098 preferred to attack as the best form of defense, some of the ancient Martian technology for siege and defense warfare has been maintained, kept ready incase the situation would arise. Never shying away from a fellow battle brother, the L-IX-7098 would welcome allies during a campaign, forming strong bonds with elements from the Salamanders and White Scars legions. However also working with the Mechanicum and other forces of the Emperor's crusade when needed.

Combat Reports for L-IX-7098


The Liberation of Fuschal
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Prelude to War

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