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Jame's White Scars
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Legio V

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The White Scars Legion










The Ukhel Salkhi Brotherhood found themselves on the fringes of the galaxy as the Heresy broke out along with many other segments of the 5th.

Lead by recently promoted Kahn Saikhan Mori, the brotherhood had been campaigning on the very fringes of the known galaxy and was largely self dependent. This had meant that the Mechanicum had not been able to resupply the Brotherhood for many years. As a result, many of the Brotherhood still sport older marks of armour and their warmachines, whilst giving the appearance of hard wear and tare, have been meticulously maintained mechanically. The Brotherhood was more focused on their campaign than maintenance of mere aesthetics.

When the Brotherhood received word of the Heresy they were wary at first and unwilling to declare allegiance to either the Loyalist or Traitor forces, instead wishing to first investigate the nature of the events unfolding across the galaxy. The 5th was known for its amicable ties with both the Thousand Sons and the turncoat Warmaster's own leagion, the Sons of Horus and as such it proved very difficult for the Brotherhood to choose where to ultimately side. Many had believed that a legion with characteristics such as the 5th would have sided with the traitors. However, Loyalty to the Imperial Truth and the Emperor prevailed. This was especially the case within the Brotherhood, with Kahn Mori setting aside his personal relationships with the traitor legions and instead holding with his trust in science, logic and rationality.

Having worked closely in previous campaigns with the Thousand Sons legion in the same sections of the galaxy, the declaration of loyalty to the Emperor lead to immediate clashes between the once close legions. However the bond between the two legions still showed as encounters to this point have not been acts of all out aggression, rather encounters and skirmishes over tactically important areas of the galaxy, with neither legion wishing to truly harm the other.

Combat Reports for L-V-5860


Second Compliance of Corabie
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The Second Compliance of Corabie

With the arrival of the Imperial forces through the Warp ..→

The Tomb of Galahad
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Prelude to War

Sometime before the Heresy erupted throughout the Imperium, Crusade Fleet ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 1

As if by mutual agreement the initial attempts of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces on Corabie to secure territory and resources for their respective host hives concentrated on the Dilari ..→

Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 2

Withdrawing from the Dilari Wastelands early, foreseeing their defeat in that area, the Loyalists instead regrouped and made an early sprint for an area which had caught their attention; The Sultor ..→

The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy

As the final salvos from the Traitors fleet crippled the remaining Loyalists cruisers covering the main forces retreat the hooded Watcher began to move. Sliding past the lifeless bodies of hundreds ..→