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12th Great Company
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Legio VI

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The Space Wolves Legion




The Twelth Great Company of Jarl Edric Vaettassen








In the dim, half-forgotten times before the Great Crusade, the VI Legion Astartes began their long and proud history. Even before they were adopted by their gene-sire, the mighty and cunning Primarch Leman Russ, the warriors of the VI were a fearsome and unique fighting force, selected for the most ferocious actions and most desperate missions where failure could not be contemplated.

The Legionaries of the VI were originally organised into the newly-emerged Emperor's Regiments of proto-Astartes, the gene-crafted superhumans designed and bred to retake firstly Terra, the Sol System and ultimately to reclaim the human colonies lost during old night. Perhaps lesser individually in brute strength than the Thunder Warriors who preceded them, but most assuredly mightier both in warcraft and guile, the newly created proto-Astartes were the next step in humanity's development; their role was not simply to fight, but to think, to command and to eventually govern.

During the latter years of the Unification Wars, the new breed of Astartes saw their first actions. Organised into twenty Regiments referred to by simple low-gothic numerals, each quickly developed their own characteristics and unique fighting styles, defined by the very genes the Emperor had designed for them. Some Regiments, like the VII, specialised in defense; others, like the IX and the XII, were feared for their phenomenal close-quarters fighting. The VI Regiment quickly grew into their own role, that of elite stormtroopers; oftentimes, the VI would be tasked with delivering a lightning-fast raid to the most heavily defended of foes to effect the pinpoint elimination of strategic targets.

After the culmination of the Unification Wars on Terra, the Regiments were reorganised into the twenty Legion Astartes, a formalisation of the rather more ad-hoc Regiments from the early years of their formation. Despite the Emperor's insistance that the Legions be internally sub-divided into 'chapters' of roughly-equal numbers, the headstrong VI Legion strayed from orthodoxy, and instead organised their newly-formed Legion into thirteen Great Companies, based more on the structure of the Nordyk fighting forces of antiquity. This peculiarity aside, the VI Legion were in all other ways fiercely loyal. To an outsider they may appear savage and brutish, but this carefully crafted persona masks the truth; the VI Legion are highly intelligent, cunning warriors with a mastery of tactics, strategy and wargear every bit the equal of any of the more so-called cultured Legions.


Of the thirteen Great Comanies, the Terran veterans of the Unification Wars were organised into the Twelth Great Company of the VI Legion. These grizzled proto-Astartes warriors are the battle-hardened survivors of some of the most appallingly ferocious battles in human history, and so are rightly revered within the ranks of the Astartes as living legends. During their illustrious history, the veterans of the VI were able to call upon battle tactics honed during the pacification of Terra and the subsequent reclaiming of the Sol System. In particular, their experiences and successes in ship-to-ship boarding actions made the Twelth Company veterans of the VI Legion a specialist in these types of missions.

One particular campaign of note in which the veterans of the VI were involved was the re-taking of the Pr'Kin Driveworks Complex on the moon of Kallysto, the second-largest satellite of Jupiter. The Driveworks were the possession of the Pr'Kin clan, a fierce and proud family who governed the Driveworks independant of all other controlling influences. During old night and the unification eras, the Pr'Kin clan had grown rich by building plasma cores and ion-drives for spacecraft of all types, and for all sides involved in the millenia-spanning conflicts that had scarred the Sol System. To the nascent Empire of Man, led by the newly-announced Emperor, the means to explore space was a prime requirement, and so possession of the Driveworks became a high priority. After repeated ambassadorial fleets had been summarily destroyed even as they made orbit around the moon of Kallyst, the Emperor realised that diplomacy would not win over the Pr'Kin clan as it had done with the Mechanicum of Mars.

A more direct approach was called for.

The task fell to the VI Legion. The Emperor's brief was simple; to wrest possession of the Driveworks from the Pr'Kin clan, at a minimum of collateral damage to the factoriums and manufacturies. The VI understood immediately that a straightforward invasion of the complex would become a protracted and bloody affair against the well armed, elite mercenary army which the Pr'Kin employed for defence. Instead, the VI executed a lightning offensive to isolate and eliminate the ruling clan's command structure before their mercenary defenders even realised an assault was underway.

First, the Legionaries of the VI attacked the communications relay station that fed constant realtime data to the nerve centres of the Pr'Kin facility. Inserting via converted asteroid-mining drills, the proto-Astartes disgorged from their makeshift transports even as the clamping jaws of the archives bit deep into the ferrocrete walls of the comma centre. Moving stealthily, the Legionaries infiltrated the servitor-manned base, wary of the possibility of detection and alarm-raising by the dull-witted but omnipresent cyborgs. Quickly the warriors of the VI located the mainframe cogitator at the heart of the comms base. Placing time-lagged melta bombs around the vast computational engine, the Astartes stole away as silently as they had arrived. As the claws of their transports retracted from the walls, a violent, seismic thud radiated from the datacore and the whole comms base crumpled. The first phase of the plan was complete.

Having silenced the Pr'Kins only means of wide-area communications, the VI next launched a decapitation strike against the command centre of the mercenary defence forces. Located in a geostationary plate in low orbit around Kallysto, the star fort bristled with heavy calibre ship-killing armaments to rival the heaviest battle cruisers in the Sol System. This time, no subterfuge would hide the attack; instead, the VI Legion launched a textbook close-quarters assault on the mercenaries' floating fortress. First, the warships of the VI Legion battlegroup cruised into view of the defence plate from high anchor beyond neighbouring Ganymede and immediately began to unload massive broadsides of fire against their mercenary foes. The star fort launched a retaliatory barrage that tore two Imperial vessels apart in silent reactor breaches of rupturing nuclear fire, but those were acceptable losses as the VI closed the distance between themselves and their quarry. A third warship was left a drifting, lifeless carcass as the Imperials weathered the mercenaries' storm of fire, but soon the gap had been reduced to a scant handful of miles, and the remaining three Astartes ships launched a flurry of boarding torpedoes in an assault that had become a signature trademark of VI Legion warfare.

Wave after wave of the Imperial assault craft were cut down by short-range blizzards of fire. The first waves of boarding torpedoes were unmanned, and acted solely as chaff to waste the enemy's supply of munitions. These empty craft were voided by the dozen, but ever more came upon the beleaguered battle station, and these latter waves were manned by the elite veterans of the VI. A few tense minutes after their ballistic assault had begun, the first boarding torpedoes made their thundering impacts with the tortured hull of the star fort. The industrial drill-heads of the assault craft whirred into hydraulic action and they tore great rents in the weakened hull plates of the orbital stronghold. In moments, the boarding torpedoes had bored through the pierced outer hull-plates and the veteran VI Legion warriors swarmed out of their transports and into the maze of corridors inside.

As soon as they had penetrated the platform's hull, the Legion veterans began to enact the first phase of their plan. Moving swiftly, the first wave of Astartes secured a defensive ring around their boarding positions, spewing forth a blazing torrent of fire toward the vanguard of the defending mercenary warriors. Next, the Legionnaires opened a gap in their post-human cordon and a small but deadly unit of Astartes rushed the mercenary lines, unleashing the controlled ferocity for which the VI were to become legendary for. In a visceral growl of revving chainsabres, the Pr'Kin defenders in the front line were cut down, mercilessly but emotionlessly.

There was no red mist, nor savage brutality; the enemy were in the way, and they were efficiently eliminated. This would ever be the way the VI would conduct their warcraft.

With a beach-head secured upon the defensive platform, the warriors of the VI pushed hard to remove the command structure of the Pr'Kin defence forces. Ruthlessly dispatching any pockets of mercenary resistance on their way, the VI veterans made their way toward the bridge of the Pr'Kin starfort. Arriving there unannounced having previously destroyed the comms systems, the veterans blew open the durasteel bulkhead doors with retina-burning flashes of melta fire before storming the command deck in a ferocious, unrelenting hail of bolter shells.

Panic erupted thoughout the command deck; reserves were called for in desperate shouts, but those voices were silenced forever in growling sweeps of the proto-Astartes' chainsabres. In less than a minute, the bridge had been violently and permanently quieted. The deck plates dripped gore and ran slick with blood, but the warriors of the VI did not revel in the slaughter; instead, the company's sergeants respected their enemies with chainsabre salutes, while the Astartes medicae auxilia gently closed the eyelids of the eviscerated dead, for there was no malice when the VI fought, no hatred toward their foes; instead, simply an iron-willed sense of duty to their overlord, the Emperor of Mankind.

With the comms centre destroyed and the command structure of their mercenary defenders neutralised, the final task was to bring the Pr'Kin clan to heel. This time, a single warrior would suffice. As gifted in the arts of diplomacy as he was in warcraft, Captain Edric Vaettassen was a shining example of what the proto-Astartes should one day aspire to become; heroes, planetary governors, administrators and peerless warriors. A far cry from the simple, thuggish brutality and low cunning of the Thunder Warriors the Astartes had been gene-crafted to supersede.

Vaettassen activated a stud on the wrist-control of his artificer-fashioned exo-armour, and spoke into it in the guttural strains of his native Nordyk tongue. At the other end of the comm-link was a Magos of the newly-allied Mechanicum of Mars. At Vaettassen's command, the Magos initiated a short range teleport hop which shifted the VI Captain, molecule by molecule, into the audience chamber of the Pr'Kin's tallest hab-spire.

As Vaettassen materialised, he found that the Pr'Kin clan elders were already there, huddled in the shadows at the edge of the opulently decorated chamber. The elders looked fearful, and with good reason. The post-human warrior, in his towering exo-plate, loomed menacingly over the frail Pr'Kin clans-men.

Vaettassen spread his arms wide, and spoke to the gathered elders. His words were of unification and a possible brotherhood with Terra, underpinned all the while by the unspoken but obvious subtext of immediate, life-ending violence if this discourse did not end in a way deemed satisfactory to the neo-Imperial regime. The Pr'Kin clan, proud though they had always been, were at their hearts pragmatic businessmen, and so a hastily-negotiated accord was arranged. The Driveworks would remain the possession of the Pr'Kin clan, but a suitable and sizeable tithe of wealth and technological secrets would be paid to the Emperor, in exchange for His protection and leadership. In addition, a garrison of warriors from the VI Legion would take up permanent station on Kallysto.

In this way, if the tithe were ever to be forgotten, then there would always be a wolf at the door...

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