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2828th Battalion - Imperial Fists - Jack Norman

Legio VII.png
Sergent of the 2nd company, 2828th Battalion


Legio VII

Legio Name:

The Imperial Fists Legion









The 2828th is currently under the command of Lucius L. Lucullus, an eager young commander who prides himself on leaving each newly compliant world with solid defences and an army worthy of The Emperor's service. His short life on Brundisium (before being inducted into the Legiones Astartes) was spent in a military academy, where he excelled in engineering and history.

Lucius still maintains a mechanicum cohort as part of his army, just as the last defenders of Brundisium once did. The 2828th have been seen using veteran squads in a Mastodon heavy assault transport to deliver decapitation blows. Lucius is currently in the process of preparing his breacher squads and mechanicum forces for the upcoming battles.

History of the 2828th

The 2828th was formed during the 10th Expedition Fleet's push into the Messapii System. Brundisium, the capital planet of the local system, was predominately a methane and gold mining facility, as well as boasting the largest shipyards in the system. The inhabitants utilized 'Dumb AI' to do most of the dangerous or laborious work, allowing the residents to command them from safety. The colonists of Brundisium were a strong noble people who sought knowledge and peace. When the 10th Expedition fleet arrived, diplomatic talks started off well. The stern stoic nature of the Imperium's agents, these Imperial Fists, caused diplomatic relations to slowly deteriorate. War soon broke out.

The once robot workers were quickly adapted to carry devastating heavy weaponry. Losses rose quickly on both sides. Until the sudden malfunction of the main hive's reactor detonating in an atomic fireball taking the entire hive with it. The surrounding methane mines, now fueled by venting oxygen, erupted in a great ball of fire nearly splitting the planet in two. The fighting immediately stopped as evacuate orders were spread around on both sides.

Of these survivors, the Imperial Fists drew a large intake of any male who may take the gene-seed. Over three battalions were drawn from this world. The first of them were to be names the 2828th, in honor of the 28th company who all died in the atomic blast from the main reactor. The repetition of the lost company's designation is of Brundisium tradition of, 'for in their passing, and with their memory, we shall strike twice as hard.'

It is reported that 2 billion of the 3 billion residents of Brundisium lost their lives, the rest settled on other planets in the system. The mechanicum pillaged what they could from the remnants of Brundisium, making great use of the STCs in their orbital ship yards. These new ships supplied to the 2828th as well as her sister battalions.

The 2828th and her sister battalions caught up with the 10th expedition, and were under the tutilage of the Expidition leader and his Chapters. The 2828th went through as many Praetors as years went by, each one wanted glory more than anything, these commanders were older than what is preferred when creating an Astartes, too much of the former self is set in stone to be fully removed by the psychic conditioning. These careless follies into combat saw the ranks of the 2828th decline severely; Lucius now stood out among his brothers as a true leader. His time in the military academy had taught him well, and it was obvious that he was suitable for command. His first action as Praetor was in a meeting with the Battalion's sister commanders.

It was decided the sister battalions would retain one chapter of veterans, taking all the new recruits from each newly compliant world. All other marines, who were themselves from Brundisium, would be transferred to the 2828th to maintain a full army of Brundisians, worthy of carrying the legacy of the 28th.

Combat Reports for L-VII-2828


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