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Imperial Fists Void assault company

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Legio VII

Legio Name:

The Imperial Fists Legion




The Unbroken







The First Void assault company are the hardened remnants of an Imperial Fists Household reduced to approximately company size during the battle of Phall. Midway during the savage void battle the Household's battle barge was destroyed by the Iron Warriors, leaving the Household's surviving members made up mainly of boarding Marines trapped in desperate battle aboard Iron Warrior ships. When the order to withdraw was given, some of the survivors were able to escape aboard other Imperial Fist boarding craft, while others sold their lives as dearly as possible - unable to escape. In the aftermath of the withdrawal the surviving boarding teams were formed into an ad hoc company. Due to the specialist nature of the survivors, the company soon found itself as a niche capability within the Imperial Fists, gaining unsurpassed experience in void warfare and forlorn hope style assaults.

leaders of First Void Assault Company

Praetor Arminius is a seasoned Terran veteran who has served the Legion since the final days of the unification wars, his career has been a long and proud one. During the pacification of the Cheraut System Arminius was personally cited by Rogal Dorn after the battle of Altura.During the assault of the citadel of Altura the Primarch witnessed Arminius lead his Breacher team in a forlorn hope assault to regain the initiative of the struggling Imperial Fists assault. Arminius ordered his squad into the opportune breach and repelled repeated attempts to defend the breach by a determined enemy and prevented the deployment of enemy heavy weapons until a talon of the Legion's contemptors could arrive and exploit the breach into the enemy citadel. Arminius was the sole survivor of his Breacher team, from this point on his reputation as a hardened survivor was cemented. After Phall Alexis Polux promoted Arminius to Master of the First void assault company.

Primus Medicae Varand was Chief apothecary aboard the Tribune during the battle of Phall. During the dying stages of the battle Varand took part in the taking of the Contrador. Varand's quick action aboard the Contrador saved the life of critically injured Alexis Polux and was pivitol in taking the bridge of the iron Warrior vessel. Varand was assigned to the First Void assault company due to his expertise as an apothecary dealing with the injuries and high casualty rate inherent with void warfare. Due to the attrition of officers in the company, Varand was promoted to second in command of the Company, an uncommon honor for an Apothacary. Varand is the trusted companion of Arminius and the two share a bond only forged in the fiercest fires of conflict and shared hardship, the pair can always be found side by side in the thickest combat.

Combat Reports for L-VII-3460


Battle for Cambrius Minor
Battle for Cambrius Minor Ribbon.jpg 819.006.M31 Cambrius Minor Traitor

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan V, Systems have been declaring outright for either ..→

Inferno Campaign
Inferno Campaign Ribbon.jpg 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved
The Burning of Scandus Prime
Scandus bar.png 790.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Emperors dreams and hope are in ruin, his trust proved false, and his brightest son fallen to ..→

The Lincon Heresy
Lincon Ribbon.jpg

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan III and the galaxy plunged into civil war, confusion ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Inferno Campaign~Battle at Autur 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved


--047.007.M31 - Planet: Inferno-- --Campaign Phase: ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Grox 063.008.M31 Grox Loyalist

A Forgotten Legacy


Before the conflict had truly begun the Loyalist forces had sent an advance scouting fleet into the Truogy system to source resources and ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Impasse 063.008.M31 Impasse Loyalist

Dark Experiments

Impasse 1.jpg

The Retlaxi Mechanicum were tasked some time ago by Horus to begin construction of an underground research laboratory in order to research ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Nestro 063.008.M31 Nestro Loyalist

Battles in the Void

Nestro ACT 1.jpg

Deploying the vast majority of their forces and fleet to Trugoy to take advantage of the protection provided by the planets ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Trugoy 063.008.M31 Trugoy Loyalist

The Corruption of Office

Trugoy 2.jpg

Although the Governor of Trugoy was quick to reaffirm his loyalty to the Emperor, it was a hollow pledge indeed; resentful at ..→

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