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Night Lords 53rd Company "The Storm Hunters"
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Legio VIII

Legio Name:

The Night Lords Legion




The Storm Hunters




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Led by Karuc Stormhunter, Lord of the Tempest, the 53rd Company of the Night Lords Legion specialises in mobile armoured strikes, orbital shock assaults and fleet boarding actions. They also make judicious use of specialist squads for target designation and softening of fortified positions before their assaults.

The company gets its name and Karuc his title from the low orbit manoeuvres their ships perform before launching an orbital assault. The ships in the assault fleet will fly in close formation and enter the target planet's upper atmosphere. If performed correctly this will affect the local weather patterns and cause a massive storm cell to form. The Night Lords will then launch drop pods and landing craft, appearing out of the storm wreathed in lightning and heralded by thunder.

Before the Night Haunter

Prior to the rediscovery of their Primarch, the 53rd company was led by Virtan Gol, a cruel taskmaster and strict disciplinarian. Gol gained a dark reputation within the fledgling legion for his harsh punishments for the most minor of infractions, such neuro-scourging for failing to meet marksmanship targets and flagellation for failing to respond to vox checks within his prescribed 3 second intervals. Though he was deeply unpopular with his men, the 53rd company was known for its tight squad discipline.

Combat Reports for L-VIII-0025


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