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Night Lords 88th Company "The Terror of Aeschylrai"
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Legio VIII

Legio Name:

The Night Lords Legion




The Terror of Aeschylrai







The 88th Company of the Night Lords is led by Formidine and were given their name after the Aeschylrai Campaign. It was originally given by an Officer of the Solar Aulixa, after he visited one of the many fire pits the 88th company threw their victims into. Specialising in Terror Assaults, The Terror of Aeschylrai have a number of units outfited for this style of warfare including a higher number than normal of Terror Marine squads than other companies.

During the Baylonian Insurrection, the 88th Company was deployed in support of traitors, found in the thick of combat sustaining heavy losses at the hands of the loyalists especially the Imperial Fists causing Formidine to have to beat a number of challenges to his command of the 88th. During the campaign one marine stood out and became Formidine Right Hand. He became known as Count Desperatio and was charged with boarding operations.

Combat Reports for L-VIII-3108


Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png


Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 2 158.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Using their holdings on Dur-Kazit as a staging point the Traitors were the first to strike out in a renewed attempt to seize territory after a brief respite fractured by sporadic strike force ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 4 292.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Even with a number of covert strikes against Dur-Kazit written off as failures, the Loyalist command pushed ahead with the all out assault against the Traitors territories on the Fortress World. ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 7 464.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Whether it was the failed attempt to cripple each others ships or a planned change of tactics, the Traitors were no longer willing to play the same game. Entering a new phase of the Campaign the ..→

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