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VIIIth Legion Night Lords, XIII chapter, 2nd battalion, 5th company. "Clan Skorpious"
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Legio VIII

Legio Name:

The Night Lords Legion




Clan Skorpious







The 5th Company of the Night Lords' 13th Chapter - 2nd Battalion is, as one might gleam from such a title, a company of little renown. While they have taken part in successful campaigns as part of the Emperor's Great Crusade and after having gone renegade, little is known about them otherwise outside their own chapter and outside the inner circle of the Kyroptera. And they like to keep it that way. While part of the Great Crusade, they pursued their engagements as the Lord of the Night so desired; by sowing fear and seeds of distrust amongst unloyal populaces, the core form of warfare all Night Lords became masters of. This would make the population compliant and fearful of retribution from all corners of the Imperium.

When the massacre at Isstvan V took place, the company began to divide. While some adhered to their "safe" orders, others went out of their way to herd their brothers from the Iron Hands into "safety" away from the betrayal at hand. Only to disappear at the opportune moment and strike while these small groups of Iron Hands were disoriented. There was of course casualties on both sides, however, the Company managed to limp away from Isstvan to rejoin their Legion in pursuing other targets.

During the Thramas Crusade, they had been censured multiple times by other companies as they went after what they thought were the better targets, picking off weak prey as they saw fit and woe bestrode any members from the shattered Iron Hands that stumbled into their path. The 5th Company were known to lash out at their brethren if pushed too much into compliance with the rest of their legion. It's for this reason the bulk of the company wears the stained red gauntlets of those marked for death, and that barely any other Night Lords will assist them in their own endeavours. While, prior to the Thramas Crusade, they had been happily taking direct orders from those higher up in the legion; their new Captain, Var Sohrel, clearly had a different agenda. It was noted, however, when Sevatar gave the legion clearance to do what they saw fit (at the end of the Thramas Crusade) Var Sohrel was amongst the first to take his company away. It was Var Sohrels' desire to officially adopt the name given to them as a jibe prior to Isstvaan, Clan Skorpious.

The Scorpion's Sting

The current leader of Clan Skorpious, Var Sohrel, was once a member of some nobile household on Nostramo. At least, that is what he claims. Whatever the case truly is, his ambition has known no bounds and due to his thirst for power and murder he soon enough found himself becoming a member of the Attramentar, the elite of the legion and allowing him the choice of whom to serve. Like others within the Attramentar, including the Contekar, he would only serve those he deemed worthy of his skills and it didn't take him long to find someone he deemed worthy. The Captain of the 5th Company within the 2nd Battalion of the 13th Chapter fit the bill perfectly, and if he wasn't the right choice...well Var was particularly keen on his own command...

For a time, he was right, the Captain was quite the capable commander. Engagement after engagement Var Sohrels' bloodlust was sated and he revelled in the fear and disquiet sown by those in his company. However things were about to change. The censuring of the legion made things difficult for all and Var, amongst many others, chafed at the idea of being held accountable for doing what they had done until this point. His Captain began to question certain orders, claiming survival as the core reason and, while admirable it may seem, Var couldn't help but smell the reek of cowardice upon his commander.

Combat Reports for L-VIII-4355


Echorix Campaign
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Global Heresy: The Stilling of Bharteth
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Prelude to War

To accurately document how this desperate conflict started is difficult to ..→


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Echorix Campaign~Phase 2