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Clan Kaargul 13th Order "Hammers of Medusa"
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Legio X

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The Iron Hands Legion




Hammers of Medusa




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Clan Kaargul, 13th Order- The Hammers of Medusa can trace their history back to the unification wars fighting alongside the Emperors of mankind. Raised alongside the rest of their legion from the warlike culture of Old Albia. The recruits were chosen from those that showed the greatest mechanical aptitude, a trait that continued right up to today, with its members handpicked by Belledeus Tades himself.

Unlike most tank detachments that are assigned to assist the massed infantry as the battle dictates, the Hammers of Medusa have their own dedicated infantry specifically trained for the role with any member being able to command a tank if the need arises, leading them to be the most lethal tank Order in the entire legion. This effectiveness has granted them significant favor in the eyes of the Primarch and are the Order that he and his Morlocks call on should an armoured escort be required.

The Hammers of Medusa make significant use of Rad and Phosphex weaponry and have more Legion Destroyer squads than any other Clan, a tradition carried down though the Clan from the Unification Wars where they first learnt there deadly craft. Unlike other Clans who rely on the legion techmarines to affect repairs on its vehicles. Every legionnaire in the order is expected to do its own repairs. Due to the nature of their missions they have an extremely close relationship with the Mechanicum and its Forge World Echorix. The Hammers of Medusa are expected to have at least a company in rotating garrison on Echorix not only to help repel invaders but also to hone their skills in the repair maintenance and operation of their vehicles. In return the Planets Legio Cybernetica Cohort XXIII have joined the Clan Fleet to expand their knowledge and gather resources.

The members of the Hammers of Medusa have a secret that they dare not reveal to their fellow legionnaires they have chosen to eschew the Emperors doctrine of the Imperial Truth and are avid followers of the Cult Mechanicum. As such they regard internment into a dreadnought chassis the ultimate reward however it also comes with the reallocation to another clan company as The Hammers of Medusa way of warfare does not suit the lumbering advance of Dreadnoughts

Great Crusade

The current Iron Father of the Hammers of Medusa and Commander of Medusa’s Anvil is Belladeus Tades a man of dark renown, often thought of a mechanical prodigy and one of the greatest mechanical minds outside of the Mechanicum. As a child his mechanical ability was noticed by the recruiters from the Legiones Astartes, such was his mechanical acumen that even while undergoing implantation to become an Astartes his training as a techmarine began with the local medusan techpriests. Soon after being raised to full Astartes status he began to rise through the ranks as one of the most prominent Forgelords in the Clan, and following the death of the clans Iron Father, Tades was chosen by his peers to be chosen as the new Iron Father and Commander Nowhere was the uniquely close relationship between Iron Hands and the Legio Cybernetica shown more than in the Hammers of Medusa. This relationship is so close that it is difficult to determine where the clan stops and the mechanicum begins, with Legionaries fighting along side the hulking automata of the Cybernetica cohorts. When Ferrus Manus made the decision to create a specialized technology recovery clan and automata control, he personally asked Tades and the ‘ Hammers’ to take on the responsibility of hunting down STCs at all costs, and oversee the running of the legions many Automata. One of the STCs found by Tades and his clan was that of the indomitus pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour that the Gorgon Pattern Armour was based upon. Before the onset of the Horus Heresy, Tades and the Hammers were in the Trugoy Sector tracking down rumours of a forgeworld with vast underground Forges and STC components. Once all hell and broken loose and he learned of the death of his Primarch he vowed to track down any and all technology that could provide a means to the resurrection of his Lord even if it means turning on his own brothers.

Clan Assets

Clan Command

Primarch- Ferrus Manus "The Gorgon"

Iron Father- Belledeus Tades

Forge Father- Grimallus Tameon

Forge Father- Pallaron Viris

Legion Pravian- Hasius Testus

Siege Breaker- Ralos Texus

1 Damocles Command Rhino

Legionary Assets

Honour Guard- 4 Cataphractii Pattern Terminators

Clave Alpha- 9 Gorgon Pattern Terminators

Clave Beta- 10 Tactical Marines

Clave Gamma- 10 Tactical Marines

Clave Delta- 10 Tactical Marines

Clave Epsilon- 10 Volkite Culverins Heavy Support Marines

Clave Zeta- 10 Medusan Immortals

Clave Eta- 10 Medusan Immortals

Clave Theta- 10 Legion Destroyers

Clave Iota- 10 Legion Seekers

Clave Kappa- 10 Heavy Support Marines

Clave Lambda- 10 Meltagun Marines

Clave Mu- 3 Quad Mortar Rapier Batteries

Armoured Assets

2 Legion Fellblade Super Heavy Tanks

1 Legion Glaive

Beta 1- Rhino Armoured Carrier

Gamma 1- Rhino Armoured Carrier

Alpha 1- Phobos Pattern Landraider

1 Demolisher Cannon Vindicator

1 Sicaran Venator

1 Sicaran Battle

Aerial Support

1 Lightning Strike Fighter

Combat Reports for L-X-0376


Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
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Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→


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