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Clan Kaargul 12th Order "Gorgon's Anvil"

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Legio X

Legio Name:

The Iron Hands Legion




"Gorgon's Anvil"








The Death of Ferrus Manus took its toll on the 12th Order of the Clan Kaargul, just as it had for the rest of the 10th Legion. With the Heresy burning in full force on numerous worlds, the Gorgon's Anvil sought revenge wherever they could. Any system that reported strong Traitor presence could expect a contingent from the 12th Order to arrive promptly, exacting their retribution on their foes.

With most of their armored might destroyed in earlier engagements of the Heresy, the 12th Order turned to their massed forces of infantry (already beginning to augment themselves with cybernetics) to bear the brunt of the fighting. Almost fanatical in their hatred of their foes, members of the 12th Order began using cybernetic augmetics purely to decrease the recovery times of their wounded, so that they could reenter the fray as soon as possible. This led to close ties with the Mechanicum, whom helped supply and maintain the augmetics.

These ties were often tenuous at best, however, as the fey nature of the Mechanicum (especially during the dark times of the Mars Schism) led to the Mechanicum turning on the 12th Order with little provocation. At other times, the 12th found themselves at odds with the Mechanicum over the acquisition of technologies or reliquaries that could not fall into the hands of the Traitors.

The Patersworld Conflict

Arriving in the Golloch Cluster, the Gorgon's Anvil wasted little time joining the conflict. With reports streaming out from the beleaguered Patersworld, the 12th Order saw ample opportunity to strike at their occupied foes. INFORMATION STILL PROCESSING

Ways of War

The 12th Order utilizes massed infantry in conjunction with Dreadnought chassis to produce solid gun lines that advance forward mercilessly, under the cover of man portable artillery (such as the Quad Mortar Rapier carriage). Although many of their veterans were killed at Istvaan, the 12th Order maintains a sizable cadre of veteran warriors, many of which were forged in the fierce fighting following the death of Ferrus Manus. Almost fanatical in their hatred of the betrayers, they often will close to melee ranges to engage their foes on the most personal level. To help maintain high combat effectiveness, this order boasts a high ratio of Apothecaries embedded into tactical units, as well as a number of technologically-adept Captains, Techmarines, and Forge Fathers that facilitate and maintain cybernetic augmetics.

(In game terms, this is reflected by using the Company of Bitter Iron ROW, with high numbers of Tactical squads, Medusan Immortals, Apothecaries, and Dreadnoughts. This force is always led by a Forge Lord.)

Combat Reports for L-X-0412


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