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Clan Aiolos, The Iron Tenth
Per ferrum et vires

Battle for Cambrius Minor Ribbon.jpgInferno Campaign Ribbon.jpg


Legio X

Legio Name:

The Iron Hands Legion




Clan Aiolos







Iron Father Hecatur Mori was appointed commander of those of Clan Aiolos designated L-X-2575, sent to Mezoa during the latter stages of the Great Crusade as an honor guard and garrison force for the adepts of this world. It was here that Kal Drath received his rank of forge lord. Clan Aiolos has close ties to the Forgeworld of Mezoa and shares the honored position of having a small portion of its strength integrated into the Taghmata of this world. This force is routinely rotated to ensure that all members of the Clan are well versed in the operationg strictures of the Mezoan Taghmata and allows the two forces to operate closely together when on Campaign. in return for this the Forgelords of Mezoa have integrated a force of Legio Cybernetica constructs into Clan Aiolos under the command of Magos Herrera.

It was during the transit from the Cyclops Cluster to rendevous at Istvaan that they learnt of the subsequent death of Lord Ferrus where upon Hecatur vowed to hunt the traitors to the end of the galaxy. He was able to enlist the help of Legate Autox Confortare of the 12th Frankish Solar Auxilia to help bring destruction upon those who had fled to the Cambrius Sub-sector along with a Knight detachment from House Vyronii.

Clan Aiolos Order of Battle


Iron Father Hecatur Mori

Forge Lord Kal Drath

Master of Signal Narovi Hal

Praevion Alexos Nor


Clave Nikias - 10 Gorgon Termintaors

Clave Ikaros - 10 Legion Breacher Siege Space Marines

Clave Yorgos - 10 Legion Tactical Space Marines

Clave Alexios - 10 Legion Tactical Space Marines

Clave Eliud - 10 Legion Tactical Support Space Marines

Clave Makedon - 10 Legion Heavy Support Space Marines


1 Glaive Super-heavy Special Weapons Tank

1 Cereberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

1 Spartan Assault Tank

2 Land Raider Proteus

2 Sicaran Battle Tanks

1 Sicaran Venator

3 Predator Tanks

4 Rhinos

1 Whirlwind Scorpius

1 Storm Eagle

Legio Cybernetica

Magos Herrera

Techpriest Auxilia

Thallax Cohort

Castellax Battle-automata Maniple

Vorax Battle-automata Maniple

Thanatar Siege-automata Maniple

Questoris Knight Magaera - Grand Order of Hermetika

Questoris Knight Styrix - Grand Order of Hermetika

Knight House Vyronii

Questoris Knight Errant

Questoris Knight Paladin

12th Frankish Solar Auxilia

Legate Commander Autox Confortare

Command Squad

Tercio Lasrifle Section

Velartis Storm Section

Flamer Section

Medusa Siege Artillary Battery

Leman Russ Support Squadron

Combat Reports for L-X-2575


Battle for Cambrius Minor
Battle for Cambrius Minor Ribbon.jpg 819.006.M31 Cambrius Minor Traitor

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan V, Systems have been declaring outright for either ..→

Inferno Campaign
Inferno Campaign Ribbon.jpg 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Battle of Tertius Hive 759.006.M31 Cambrius Traitor

Death Guard and Emperors Children where ambushed by Ultramarine Strike force and remnants of Iron Hands Legion. Iron Hands flanking manouver was delayed due to unspecified enviromental factors ..→

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