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Sosius's Raiders
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Sosius's Raiders

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Legio XII

Legio Name:

The World Eaters Legion




Sosius's Raiders 11th World Eaters







The 11th Company of World Eaters came into favor with Angron with there assault on the spaceport on Artimus Prime. A world being defended by Space Wolfs and small number of Dark Angels.

Angron lead the assault on the first defenses. He stalk the battle field looking for foe worthy to battle. He fire a passing shot at the Wolf world, Before charging in members of the 13th great company that had re-enforced the position. Tactical squad of the 11th was already locked in combat with them and another Space Wolf squad, after a quick combat the 2 Wolf squads lay dying. Angron turns his attention to the Wolf Lord just as land raider places 2 lascanon shoots into wolf lord.

Sosius personally lead is company veterans into battle. and was responssble for removing several wolf squads from the field of battle. Along this Sergeant Maritius leader of the Tactical squad that was part of the multi squad assault Angron joined.

Sosius, became the commander of the 11th company after the Battle of Atrimus Prime. Trivas came on this by chance as he was the only senior commander of the 11th still left alive after the battle.

Currently the 11th company of World Eaters has been assigned duty to support the Tempestus Bellum of the Sons of Horus in a remote subsector.

During the battle for the ore processing center with elements of the Blood angels Sosius was listed among the dead after the battle. He has proven to be hard to kill, and recovered from the battle field after Blood Angels having to with draw, to support the crumbling flank of the loyalist.

Sosius sent his second in command to handle the push through Knox pass. Aled was glad to take the glory of pushing through the loyalist at knox pass. He thought he was a better leader than Sosius. Sosius informed Aled Iron Hand Armored company was pushing up the far side of the pass and it appears they would get bogged down going through the militia with drawing from the pass. Little did Aled know that Sosius had not give him a complete intelligence of the situation. ALed first in countered Blood Angels in the pass and was promptly push back. ALed was able to regroup what remained of his force and defended a key position near the top of the pass. While waiting for resupply, Iron Hands armored column moved up to assault Aled's position near the top of the pass. The lightning assault of the Iron Hands wipe out all of Aled's force except for 1 heavy support team, that withdrew under the cover of darkness.

Combat Reports for L-XII-0595


Battle for Kenuc
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Baatle for Kenuc system started on Kenuc Alpha, with several skirmish around a manufactorium, ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility

Dark Angels Company "Walkers of the Black Spiral" (L-I-3539) vs. T-CUST-6140 custodes of Nemesis Wardens part of Nemesis Strike group. The Angels had arrived and secured a R&D station on Kenuc ..→

Kenuc Alpha K'Chun mines and ore processing

Major engagement at House K'Chun mines and processing facilities.

As more forces from both sides of conflict are drawn in to the Kenuc system, the battles seems to rage at key points controlled by ..→

Kenuc Alpha the defense of Knox pass

Iron Hands, Blood Angels, and Mechanicum defended Knox pass to prevent the traitor forces an easy advance into the hard of the holdings of House K'Chun. The House K'Chun Militia had fractured half ..→

Kenuc Alpha the push for House K'Chun

The Sons of Dorn, where sent to prevent traitor forces from advancing from the ore processing plant, towards the major holdings of House K'Chun. The Imperial Fists tried tied to hold Sosius's ..→