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The Red Mist
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Legio XII

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The World Eaters Legion




The Red Mist







Lead by the ferocious Ferox the Red, the 33rd Company of the World Eaters, known as "The Red Mist", were participants in the purging of the Choral City, and the Cleansing of Ariggata. Focusing on Mechanized warfare. The 33rd are known for the ability to close the gap to close combat with astonishing speed, thus earning them the respect of their fellow brothers in arms.

Ferox "The Red"

He was granted the title "Red" after being a part of the marine detachment that was present when Lorgar made his comment "Why don't you just paint your armor red?", after seeing how bloody the World Eaters repeatedly got. . Finally giving into the Butchers nails completely on Armatura, he now seeks to destroy any who resist him, with a particular hatred for Ultramarines.

Early actions by Ferox were in the Helix Cluster of the Australis Ultima Sector during the Great Crusade. He began by leading a relatively small Expeditionary fleet into the system to follow up on the promising reports from a Rogue Trader by the name Stropedius Alentos who had curiously gone quiet.

Ferox is renowned for his speed, something which has gained him great respect in the fighting pits of the World Eaters. His lightning fast reflexes allow him to often slay a much more powerful foe before they even have the chance to react, thereby cutting the head off the snake, and allowing the body to wither and die.


A leftover from the Original War Hounds Legion before Angron, Lahrke is a psyker. Part of the brotherhood that helps to locate Angron when he is lost to the Nails, he is the youngest of the Psykers, and also, the last as Angron has forbidden any further inductees.

While most of the legions Psykers are shunned, Lahrke and Ferox maintain a special, if odd, relationship.

Lahrke gained the respect of Ferox when fighting him in the pits. Normally not a visitor, Lahrke went down to them after a strange dream he had, where he saw what he believed was "The ending of our Father beneath great wings". It was here that he was challenged by Ferox, who was having a particularly successful night in the pits. Due to Lahrkes ability to sense the future, he was able to best Ferox, multiple times. This lead to Ferox requesting Lahrkes presence in the 33rd, and eventual service on Ferox's War Council.

Lahrke is routinely called upon by Ferox for his council. No just because of his Foresight, but also because Ferox has learned to respect his judgement as Lahrke has saved countless World Eater lives. Repeatedly sensing ambushes, and guiding the 33rd around them. Lahrke has enabled them to recover their strength, and maintain combat effectiveness far longer than most World Eater Companies.

The 33rd Company

A large, and strangely dispersed company. Lead elements of the force were present in the Alentos System Pacification during the Crusade as well as action in the Choral City on Istvaan. Forces inside Alentos helped to purge Xenos and renegade human elements, and then quickly declared for the Warmaster when news of Horus' treachery arrived.

In traditional World Eaters fashion, the 33rd eschew ranged weaponry and charge right into the heart of the enemy formation. A tactic which has gained them many bloody victories, but also a few crushing defeats. Favoring mechanized warfare, the only ranged weaponry they posses is that which is mounted upon their vehicles by default, and thus used to suppress the foe while the tactical marines get into close combat.

The Cleansing of Ariggata

Elements of the 33rd were present for The Cleansing of Ariggata, notably, the final assault on the Fortress where the Ultramarines delayed their own assault. As a result casualties for the 33rd were 62%, crippling the company. During the thickest of the fighting for the breach Ferox sustained shrapnel wounds to his face, and neck, destroying his helmet, and forcing him to ditch it. Losing communication proved deadly for more Marines of the 33rd, as he did not receive the communication about an incoming supporting bombardment, and as such, took even more casualties they could not afford. Vowing to never forgive the XIIIth for their abandonment, of his men, Ferox has held a personal vendetta against the Ultramarines ever since.

Afterwards the 33rd was sent to the Alentos system as a "breather" operation, to allow them time to heal, and regrow their numbers as best as any World Eaters Combat Company can be expected to.

Pacification of the Alentos System

Named after the Rogue Trader who discovered the System, Stropedius Alentos. This system was deemed "passively hostile" by Administratum officials who misinterpreted the fragmented reports received by the Rogue Trader before his demise.

As such, Angron sent Ferox with his depleted 33rd into the system to cleanse it. Starting with the planet named "Aethos".

Fighting for Aethos

Initially the World Eaters dropped a small force of Tactical Marines, and Rampagers that were personally lead by Ferox, to assess the planet. Quickly encountering an Eldar scouting force, the two quickly joined battle. The Eldar gained a quick advantage by utilizing the space station in orbit, and tearing a hole in the center of their formation. Rapidly surrounding them, the Eldar cut down all World Eaters, and Ferox only survived by being buried under the bodies of the dead. This lead to more legions being called in to help begin complete and utter conquest.

Rallying after the humiliating defeat at the hands of the Eldar. Ferox quickly established a Quick Reaction force and proceeded to drive on towards a Xenos rallying point. Intent on reinforcing the station in geosynchronous Orbit, the World Eaters received support from the XIII legion and were able to utterly annihilate and destroy the Foul Xenos Space Port.

Breaking out from this costly victory. Ferox was contacted by forces of the Mechanicum who wished to gather samples from the Xenos to better understand them, in order to kill them easier. They pushed out together and were able to track down retreating Xenos forces who once again, were utterly annihilated under the blades of Ferox. Although wounded heavily in the battle from heavy weapons fire, Ferox recovered, and continued to prosecute the war.

Shortly afterwards, Ferox lead the 33rd in an assault on the main space station for the planet. Ravaging Eldar forces on the station, he hacked his way through and gained an early lead on the station. Securing the main weapons battery on it for Imperial use, and cementing Imperial control of Aethos.

Cleansing of Metum

Learning from his error on Aethos, Ferox ordered a massive all out assault on Metum, not waiting to discover if the planet might be friendly. As far as the 33rd were concerned, the entire system of Alentos was hostile, and now the blood would flow.

Beginning with an initial drop, Ferox's 33rd was lead personally by Angron onto the surface where a bloody landing zone was carved out of the dense vegetation. Smashing aside harrying Eldar forces, Ferox then retook command, and chased their forces down amid the ruins of an ancient city that had long been overgrown.

Shortly afterwards, reports came in of additional eldar reinforcements arriving on the highlands of the planet. Ferox reacted quickly, ordering a full scale rapid assault with jet bikes, recently arrived from a fresh wave of XIIth legion reinforcements, and a Leviathan. Ferox engaged this force, and personally battered their final elements into bloody ruin.

Conquering of Tenebris

The fighting on this planet was utterly lethal. Ferox made the wise decision to requisition Typhon Heavy Siege Tanks from the legions motor pool, which devastated Xenos forces on the planet. The tanks massive cannon shredded Xenos bodies, and vehicles alike, all while absorbing massive amounts of return fire.

Utilizing this enabled Ferox to drive himself, and other legion elements forward to engage and destroy the distracted Xenos. Thus, quickly securing Tenebris in the name of the Crusade.

Securing of Alentos Hope

Scans by the Imperial fleet revealed a long lost branch of humanity, stranded on the planet. Crusade forces reached out to them, and sent messages. Hoping to conquer the planet without incident.

Imperial diplomats were executed publicly and the videos were sent back as a warning. They would not join the Imperium, no matter the cost. Welcome news indeed, to the 33rd.

Rapid insertion of legion forces via drop pod quickly ensured a solid, and secure foot hold. These renegade humans had never seen such strange devices, nor such strange humans before. The 33rd quickly engaged, and slaughtered initial counter attacks from the planet. The 33rd, drunk from victory, and the blood of so many foes, rapidly advanced, and destroyed the remaining armies with little effort. Alentos Hope was back in the fold of the Imperium.

Combat Reports for L-XII-2726


Imperial Search....No Result


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Alentos System Pacification~Breakout from Zau-Aef 137.009.M31 Aethos Imperial

Screeching warning icons in his helmet display brought Ferox back to consciousness. +Helmet seal status: compromised Internal power source: compromised Void integrity: compromised Life support: ..→

Alentos System Pacification~Landing on Metum 271.009.M31 Metum Imperial

Angron picked himself up from the pile of dead eldar bodies around him. He surveyed the scene as a Knight of House Makabius walked past him with its thundering foot steps.

Smashed Eldar craft lay ..→

Alentos System Pacification~Planetfall on Tenebris 521.009.M31 Tenebris Imperial

Pulling his glaive free of the foul dead Xenos body, Ferox deactivated his weapon with a hiss of energy and boiling blood. He surveyed the scene before him. This damned Xenos had contested him so ..→

Alentos System Pacification~Ravaging of Eldar Reinforcements 315.009.M31 Metum Imperial

A burning jet bike, the last of squad Hotel, screamed past Ferox and smashed into the Harlequin troop, pulverizing several. "Squad Tango! Redirect your fire into sector Zulu. Repeat! Squad Tango, ..→

Alentos System Pacification~Ravaging of Space Station Primus 148.009.M31 Aethos Imperial

"Stand by for impact" said Ferox over internal helmet vox traffic. With a howling screech, and a spine shattering lurch, the boarding torpedo slammed into the Xenos space station. A heart beat later ..→

Alentos System Pacification~Securing a foothold on Metum 310.009.M31 Metum Imperial

+Begin transmission+ +Break out successful. Beginning main drive on planet. Eldar forces are in retreat. Will attempt to run them down. For the emperor!+

Eldar forces were forced back after ..→

Alentos System Pacification~The futility of Defiance 712.009.M31 Alentos Hope Imperial

"Humanity must return to the fold. It is the only way. It has been foretold by the Emperor." -Lorgar Aurelian after the pacification of Alentos Hope.

Burning of Space Port Zau-Aef 003.007.M31 Aethos Imperial

The blood boiled and hissed off the edge of Ferox's power glaive as he withdrew it from the filthy Xeno's corpse. He could feel the dual pounding of his twin hearts. His blood rushing through his ..→

Initial scouting party on Aethos 1 February 2017 003.007.M31 Aethos Xenos

++ Praetor Tribune - 33rd Company - "The Red Mist" ++ Initial landing party was wiped out by xenos forces. Despite dropping in a leviathan to reinforce the scouts, the Eldar quickly overran them, ..→

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