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13th Company "Imperatoris Fortuna"
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Centurion Camexilius

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Legio XIII

Legio Name:

The Ultramarines Legion




The "Imperatoris Fortuna"







Legion: XIII Ultramarines Name: 13th Company Nickname: The Emperor's Fortunate Specialism: Arrowhead Assaults Fleet: Retribution Fleet [Carthago] Praetor: Felix Otho

Like many Chapters and Companies within the Legiones Astartes, the company affectionately dubbed the Imperatoris Fortuna can trace its origins back to Terra, though has naturally shifted its Recruitment and Replenishment Tithe-Sources to include Macragge, Armatura and seven other worlds in the Five Hundred realms. Even so, the company still hosts a notable percentage of Terran veterans, including its Praetor and the majority of the ranking brothers.

The company earned its current cognomen "Imperatoris Fortuna" (Emperor's Fortunate) early in the Great Crusade for inexplicable timing and apparent luck, not to mention being the 13th company of the 13th chapter, in the 13th legion. The Company would often arrive to aid beleaguered brothers at the last moment managing to avoid catastrophes, traps and other misfortunes through sheer happenstance. The Companies apparent penchant for inexplicable fortune is most apparent during the Calth massacre. Despite being summoned to Calth, the company ended up stranded at a combined mustering point between Terra and Calth due to erratic warp activity. This made it impossible for any aid to reach the besieged forces during the Massacre that followed. Naturally this has left the company at high strength Post-Calth, a fact many Humans and even some Astartes have called a stroke of luck. Yet to many in the company, the fact they could not be at Calth to fight alongside their brothers when they should have been, is a deep dishonor and a constant shadow looming over the company's morale. The very name of the company in light of these events blurs the line between apt recognition and cruel jest.

The "Fortunate" went on after the Calth massacre to hunt down and engage Word Bearer forces in several small conflicts before being absorbed into Retribution Fleet Carthago, where-in it was supplemented by additional Ultramarines assets. The 13th, bolstered by elements of the 102nd (Veteran) company and the Thraxian Armoured Battalion, was granted seniority over the fighting forces, culminating in the appointment of Captain Felix Otho as the Legatus. While attached to the fleet, the company had been hunting even larger Word Bearers threats, however, with the Heresy now at full momentum and the fleet finding itself caught between the intermittent calls of the Warmaster-Apparent Dorn and Primarch Guilliman's conflicting orders to return to Terra and Macragge respectively, the fleet has stalled in the Cambrius Sub-Sector only to find itself caught in the growing struggle for the sector itself.

Vengeance for the Five Hundred Worlds! - Common post-Calth battle cry.

047.007.M31 Inferno Campaign Phase 1 Stalled in the Cambrius Sub-sector, the "Fortuna" became involved in the initial battles for the Inferno system. The concentration of Legion forces led to overall command of loyalist troops to be given to the Ordo Reductor command structure present in the system. Praetor Otho was selected (among other legion representatives) to be among the command staff during the duration of Phase 1 of the campaign, replaced by Centurion Camexilius for the second phase.

The "Fortuna" engaged in numerous battles and were a major contributor to loyalist victories during the first half of Phase 1, securing several beachheads on the planet Inferno for the future of the campaign and routing many traitor forces soon after. In the latter half of Phase 1, the traitor forces had rallied around the arrival of additional veteran forces from neighboring sub-sectors, leading to a series of crushing blows to the loyalists on Inferno and subsequently driving them off the planet entirely. However, the efforts of the "Fortuna" are notable, suffering only minor losses during this period and inflicting crippling damage to numerous traitor forces. The efforts of the "Fortuna" were likely a large contributing factor in preventing the Loyalist forces from being eliminated entirely.

"This is not a question of fighting for our Lord Guilliman or fighting for Terra. We are fighting to save this whole Galaxy from the betrayal of the Warmaster and his lapdog brothers, and in defense of all that is most sacred to man. This is no war of domination or imperial aggrandizement or material gain; no war to shut any of the myriad Xenos race out of infesting our rightful place within our beloved galaxy. It is a war, viewed in its inherent quality to establish on impregnable rocks, the rights of the Imperial truth, and it is a war, to prove our unbreakable will and loyalty to the father of mankind. We must eradicate any and all traitors. We must prevail! For the Emperor!" - Legatus Felix Otho, 13th company of the XIII Legion, retribution Fleet Carthago. Vox transmission to advanced fleet battlegroups before the start of the Inferno Campaign.

063.008.M31 Rallying of Trugoy The "Fortuna" were one of many loyalist battlegroups who recieved the call for assistance from beleaguered loyalist forces in the Trogoy system, however as they were still operating relatively unscathed from the first phase of the Inferno campaign and battle conditions seemed to be lessening in the area, a task force of Retribution Fleet Carthago was dispatched, led by Preator Otho to help bolster the loyalists before the final Traitor push. Arriving in system alongside companies of various loyalist legions, the "Fortuna" rapidly moved to halt traitor advances on several key locations in the system.

The company strike force attended a surgical assault on traitor auxilia and mechanicum units on the planet Impasse and was successful at stopping those forces from pushing into the underground facilities that appeared to be their goal. Task achieved and intel on the facilities lacking, the "Fortuna" departed impasse, leaving the remaining duties to other loyalist forces.

Arriving on the Machine world of Grox, the 13th engaged an iron warrior artillery detachment hounding loyalist forces further into the forges. Victory was swift and the efforts aided loyalist forces to secure dormant warhound class titans locked in the forge.

It was at this point the system capitol, Trugoy itself fell into open revolt. The threat of destabilization and Daemonic incursion too great, the "Fortuna" operated in tandem with a dark angels orbital strike group to eliminate the a sizable traitor force on the planet. Occupying and using the Capitol's fortress as bait, the "Fortuna" drew the traitor forces to the wall, allowing a dark angel orbital insertion to arrive in their back lines. Pressed between the two forces, the Loyalists proved victorious, driving much of the fight out of the traitors.

With the Traitor forces crippled, elements of the 13th were dispatched to the still traitor held orbital facility "Nestro". The strike force, led personally by Otho, proved particularly efficient in the confines of the station, rapidly carrying out their mission and defeating the traitor forces present. Shortly after returning to the fleet elements from Nestro, loyalist high command signaled a system wide victory. The traitors were regrouping around the still held Nestro, however, seeing as the system was largely secured, the "Fortuna" fleet elements began the translation back to the Inferno system.

090.008.M31 Inferno Campaign Phase 2 Following the resounding victory in the Trugoy system, Legatus Otho dispatched Retribution Fleet Carthago to aid in the ongoing conflict in the Inferno system. During translation through the warp, unusual storms harried the vessels and the fleet exited the empyrean in the Inferno system months after the intended arrival time. The situation in the system was already dire, living up to their name, the Fortuna had been spared the cataclysmic losses inflicted upon loyalist forces in the system, though this was also another source of bitter luck that Fortuna have endured. Feeling the guilt of uncontrollable events preventing them from aiding friendly forces during the months they had been gone, the fleet was deployed accross the entire inferno system, elements of the Fortuna being deployed in support to beleaguered loyalist forces in all theaters in the system. Whilst the assistance was invaluable, with the Fortuna fighting traitor forces to a standstill in many engagements, the tide of battle was too far gone to be shifted overall. The Inferno Officio Administratum declared the system lost to the traitors and with the fighting escalating around the last holdouts of loyalist resistance in the system, Legatus Otho ordered all combat elements to prepare for full retreat, Retribution Fleet Carthago extracting any friendly legion assets.

The last bastion of Loyalist resistance was on Inferno itself, an enormous battle erupted between both factions at the bastion's walls whilst task forces engaged in the bowels of a spacehulk that had translated into the system at the climax of the conflict. Fighting on the planet was furious, traitor forces taking crippling losses at the Bastion walls. Despite the system wide defeat, victory over the bulk of the traitor ground assets on Inferno seemed imminent. Unfortunately, the loyalist forces failed to wrest control of the spacehulk from the traitors and, in a moment of reckless abandon, the traitors directed its drive plumes to send the hulk careening into Inferno itself. All forces and indeed the planet itself were lost in the reactor detonation.

The Fortuna were mauled by this event, losing sizable amounts of its manpower and assets. The Traitor forces still in orbit, high from their indiscriminant victory had begun moving to engage the remaining loyalist fleet assets. Unable to see a path to victory, Legatus Otho commanded Carthago to return to the 500 worlds.

589.008.M31 Reorganisation at Parmenio Practically crippled from the losses sustained during the destruction of Inferno, Retribution Fleet Carthago returned to the 500 worlds and eventually ended up positioned in orbit of Parmenio. Here, the Fortuna begun the process of re-organisation and reinforcement of its numbers. With the Heresy in full swing, this process proved time consuming, with elements of the Forutna being dispatched throughout the 500 worlds periodically as impromptu trainers of the next waves of Astartes recruits for the XIII legion.

Eventually, the Fortuna were officially restructured and considered to be "at strength" (despite being notably smaller than their previous numbers) and Legatus Otho was tasked with taking the Fortuna back to the Trugoy system.

617.008.M31 The Siege of Geigenhive During the long absence the Fortuna had taken in the 500 worlds, the Trugoy system had fallen into unbridled chaos. Planetary governors had turned against the Imperium, traitors had launched new assaults and had persecuted a new campaign of dominion over the system.

Legatus Otho determined that the escalating Siege of the Giegenhive on Trugoy proper was the most pressing conflict that needed to be interceded upon. [Continued...]


The forces of the Imperatoris Fortuna consist of a relatively large portion of combined arms detachments.

The 13th company are in fact accompanied by several specialist companies from the Ultramarines Legions, boltering their numbers and disposition with super heavy class chassis, additional veteran and terminator units and even a selection of non-legion detachments, including militia and Knights. Being the largest and most senior company, the 13th are the defacto command unit for the Ultramarine affiliated units assigned to Retribution Fleet Carthago.

Organisational Hierarchy


L-XIII-1313 Combined Arms Company

HQ - Praetor Felix Otho

Support Staff - Company Champion Camexilius

Infantry Division - 80 Tactical Marines 40 Tactical Support Marines 40 Assault Marines

An example order of battle for a 13th company strike force

Noteworthy Individuals

- Felix Salvius Otho: Captain of the 13th Company, Otho was overseeing the 13th company's resupply when the massacre at Calth took place. In the months that followed and the 13th was joined by other company assets with Retribution Fleet Carthago he was appointed temporary Legatus of the Ultramarine's fighting strength present in the fleet. Felix is a Terran born veteran, expert swordsman and cunning orator. He favours powerful assault tactics, often making extensive use of his elite units and heavy armour to smash through and disperse enemy battle lines. The absence of the 13th company during the Calth Massacre hangs over Felix heavily and has on more than one occasion lead to complete commitment to destroying Word Bearer forces whenever they appear, well beyond the necessary. A sword fighter at heart, Felix often leads from the front, almost always eschewing the additional protection of Tactical Dreadnought Armour in favour of the additional mobility provided by a Jump Pack to charge into battle alongside the Company's assault squads.

Pict-capture of Praetor Otho during the Rallying of Trugoy, wearing the Mantle of Ultramaar

I was once born in a world given to disorder, our cradle, our homeworld. I was raised up above the masses by the greatest man in the history of mankind to serve a truth: the Imperial Truth. Humanity must be united and compliant, a mighty Imperium, a bastion against the alien and the corrupt. For two hundred years I have served, from the Grey Legions to the Battle-Kings of Ultramar. Today, I have seen the Truth shattered. Now there is only retribution. Retribution for rebels, traitors and heretics who have torn asunder the Great Works. Arise my brothers, my kin of the Five Hundred and beyond. Arise and unleash the Thirteenth's Retribution! - Legatus Otho

- Sadatio Novom: Sadatio is rough, hot headed and very noticeably displays habits picked up during combined campaigns between the 13th and World Eaters. His more savage tendencies have earned him ire among many of his brothers causing him to be a loner. His ruthless battle style and continued conflicts with certain brothers within the company eventually led to his censure and relegation to the position of Moritat. Despite appearances, Sadatio is still apparently loyal to his Emperor and Legion. Even though he lacks the trust of his battle brothers, he has yet to show any real acts of treacherous defiance, even accepting his punishment with humility and self awareness. His World Eaters ties, brotherly conflicts and outsider status have the Chaplains keeping a close eye on him, often deferring to Consul-Chaplain Livius in any resolutions regarding Sadatio's rebukes.

- Camexilus Dignitas

Combat Reports for L-XIII-1313


Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
Breaking Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→

Inferno Campaign
Inferno Campaign Ribbon.jpg 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved
The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Breaking of Centrumeh Gate~Ep.1 - ACT of Heresy: Westarnes 058.009.M31 Westarnes Traitor

Being the seat of the Imperial presence in the System and the governing force of the entire Sub-Sector, Westarnes should have been a bastion of strength and the central core of any defensive ..→

Inferno Campaign~Battle at Autur 047.007.M31 Inferno Unresolved


--047.007.M31 - Planet: Inferno-- --Campaign Phase: ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Grox 063.008.M31 Grox Loyalist

A Forgotten Legacy


Before the conflict had truly begun the Loyalist forces had sent an advance scouting fleet into the Truogy system to source resources and ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Impasse 063.008.M31 Impasse Loyalist

Dark Experiments

Impasse 1.jpg

The Retlaxi Mechanicum were tasked some time ago by Horus to begin construction of an underground research laboratory in order to research ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Nestro 063.008.M31 Nestro Loyalist

Battles in the Void

Nestro ACT 1.jpg

Deploying the vast majority of their forces and fleet to Trugoy to take advantage of the protection provided by the planets ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Trugoy 063.008.M31 Trugoy Loyalist

The Corruption of Office

Trugoy 2.jpg

Although the Governor of Trugoy was quick to reaffirm his loyalty to the Emperor, it was a hollow pledge indeed; resentful at ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.4 - Siege of Geigenhive 617.008.M31 Trugoy Traitor


Following the death of Ferrus Manus on the black sands of the Urgall Depression, information and whispers of the Geigenhive on Trugoy first got back to Warmaster's ears. ..→