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17th Company's Warp Hunters

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Legio XIII

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The Ultramarines Legion










Since the fall of Calth the use of the Warp as a weapon to destroy the Ultima Sector has only grown. The 17th company decided to dedicate forces to fight the wielders of the warp. The company paid a steep price in blood to learn how to better combat this threat. While the 17th Company proper regularly utilizes local auxiliary forces, the Warp hunters found it worth while to ensure non enhanced humans are not on the field.

Gnaeus Theil inherited command due to early attrition and the Warp hunters are fortunate to have him at the helm. Gnaeus was considered destined to be a simple line officer, and not popular with the higher echelons of command. When the Hunters were sent into a hive city to investigate a freak plague outbreak the local populace fell on the company and they were beginning to be buried in a mass of rotting flesh. After having exhausted their ammunition to hold back the tide enemy marines arrived. The death guard drove the horde before them and Gnaeus' first tactical squad was like a rock breaking the wave. While within the Legion Gnaeus was not considered a master duelist, but as the Death Guard clashed with his squad; Gnaeus' gladius made short work of three enemy sergeants in duels. Even with his personal success, his unit was reduced to nothing. As the battle ebbed and Gnaeus recovered his breath an enemy squad with great scythes trudged forward along with a great bell wielder.

Reporting the situation up the chain Gnaeus made a tactical withdrawal and ceded ground. The Captain at the time charged in to fill the gap with his body guard of Suzerains. While Captain Cato danced with the doom bringers Gnaeus took stock of what remained of the Loyalist forces. There remained nothing but a humming land speeder, whos occupants had been ripped out. Calling to the larger companies forces in orbit via the on board communications his call was answered by the destroyers. He was informed that they are authorized should Gnaeus' mission fail to commit an orbital bombardment. No direct support would be forthcoming. With nothing to do but fight and die, Gnaeus ran back to join the fray. All the Suzerains were down, but the flag was planted deep in the ground. The bell holder and a single terminator was all that remained of the enemy, though 2-1 they were going to make short work of the Captain. Cato appeared to be sluggish beyond being tired. A heavy fog was spilling out from the bell and climbing up the Captains armor. As Gnaeus rejoined the unit the smoke dissipated, as if his very presence drove it back. With renewed vigor, Cato destroyed the terminator before he could compete his harvest of Ultramarines. Gnaeus was too late to truly save his Captain though, and he was laid low by the Death Guard Plague Champion. Taking up his captains broadsword he squared his shoulders towards the foe. The enemy champion took a step back. Unsure of what to make of the otherwise unremarkable figure before him. Yet his usual warp craft ability had left him. Still much larger, and in better armor the enemy more confidently lunged forward, hoping to make quick work of this anathema.

Gnaeus was familiar with stave duels from the fighting cages. While not having one himself, he recalled his favorite disarming trick. The Death guard held the scythe right hand under, and left hand over. With a dash of finesse he slipped his blade down into the air between the hands and drove down and hard to his right. Levering off the terminator's left hand, the sword lopped both off simultaneously. The enemy champion was still in a full charge, and even though his scythe swing will never land, in an effort to disarm the enemy Gneaus was going to get fully smashed by the charge. The paragon blade was knocked from his hands, and as they both scrambled to their feet, the Death Guard came to grips with his predicament. With the Death Guard standing over the Paragon blade to make sure Gneaus could not recover such a mighty weapon they both we still for a moment. Looking around for a replacement Gneaus spotted the Legatine Axes used by the Suzerains. Picking up a pair he turned just in time to dive out of the way of the charging terminator. Covered in his comrades gore Gnaeus returned to his feet again. Determined to finish the conflict threw one of the axes and embedded it into the terminators chest. Before the Ultramarine could make a final strike, the Terminator wrapped him in a bear hug and began to squeeze. Left arm pinned to his chest Gnaeus heard it snap and crumble, as his ribs began to crack, armor giving way. His right arm was raised to strike when he was grabbed, and while he could not get a full swing in, Gneaus choked up on the handle and began making short chops at the shoulder of the terminator. Before his organs began popping the left arm of the terminator sluffed away. Gnaeus fell to the ground, and the Death Guard stumbled. Oozing blood and mucus profusely. Both having useless left arms the terminator regained his composure and charged again. Stepping to the side Gnaeus chopped down deep into the passing leg mid calf. The speed of the terminator ripped the blade out from his one good hand, and the wounded beast fell. Now on the correct side where the Paragon Blade was, Gnaeus picked up his chapter relic and moved towards the terminator struggling to stand back up. Gneaus exhausted and broken, drove the blade into the disgusting stump where the arm used to be and pushed it through the two struggling hearts.

He made his way back to the speeder to call up to command that the battle was won, and there was no need for bombardment. He collapsed and held tightly to Cato's blade, as he saw a Storm Bird descend from the heavens to collect the survivors.

Rebuilding the warp hunters Gnaeus has consulted with the silent sisterhood as to what happened and they informed him he is what is called a blank. While most will harbor an innate unexplainable dislike for him at the best of times, he is an ideal opponent to Chaos. As the sisters are only interested in female blanks, they offered to report any intel of male blanks in the sector to Gnaeus. While Unable to build a company, or even a whole squad of such people in any reasonable length of time, any such resource is invaluable to the Warp Hunters.

Combat Reports for L-XIII-1776


Global Heresy: The Stilling of Bharteth
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Prelude to War

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