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1st Battalion, 3rd Chapter / 1st Grand Company "The Obstinate"

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Legio XIV

Legio Name:

The Death Guard Legion




The Obstinate







The honour roll of 3rd Chapter can be traced back to Barbarus and the discovery of Mortarion. Formed of Barbarus stock, the Chapter is fiercely loyal to their primarch. Blooded in the trenches of Istvaan 3 and further shaped in the crucible of Istvaan 5, 3rd Chapter stands as willing instruments of Mortarions will.

Notable hero's

First Captain Calas Typhon

Captain Sargos Grev

First Sergeant Gerrak Mann-Suen
Sergeant Mann-Suen leads 3rd Chapters 1st squad, a position he holds through a stubborn refusal to die. Mann-Suen often leads his squad into the teeth of the enemy fire, trusting in the endurance of the Death Guard to carry the day. During an operation to disrupt the Imperial Fist supply lines on Cambrius Minor, Mann-Suen and a demi-squad of 1st squad took grievous losses after a teleporter mishap placed them directly in the path of an Imperial Fist Typhon. Only Mann-Suen and 2 other members of his squad were recovered. The squad is currently off active duty being reconstituted.

Sergeant Gur Ishhme
Sergeant Ishhme leads 3rd Chapters 2nd squad. He resents Mann-Suen’s seniority in the 3rd Chapter, and seeks battlefield glory for his squad to prove their superiority. Ishhme led the forlorn hope that broke the loyalist Iron Warriors lines during the battle for Cambrius Minor. During the Agif Prime incident he led the counter attack on the 6th Legions drop assault, forcing the collapse of the Wolves right flank even as Mortarion and Russ battled in the centre.

Famous battles

Cleansing of Ibsen
Purging of Lupus 4
Battle for Cambrius Minor
Agif Prime Incident

Combat Reports for L-XIV-1175


Agif Prime: A Galaxy in Flames
AGIF Ribbon.jpg 866.008.M31 Agif Prime Unresolved
Battle for Cambrius Minor
Battle for Cambrius Minor Ribbon.jpg 819.006.M31 Cambrius Minor Traitor

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan V, Systems have been declaring outright for either ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.4 - Siege of Geigenhive 617.008.M31 Trugoy Traitor


Following the death of Ferrus Manus on the black sands of the Urgall Depression, information and whispers of the Geigenhive on Trugoy first got back to Warmaster's ears. ..→

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